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14 Easy And Effective Tips To Last Longer In Bed [Men only]

Want to know how to last longer in bed? Read this. There are three things that men pride themselves in when sexuality is involved.

Penis size, stamina and strength, and ability to last long in bed. Although studies have proven that women are not really as crazed by penis size as the world believes, and the penis size tales are mostly told by marketers who want to sell their products and the porn industry where females drop their jaws when well hung guys drop their shorts.

Women would not mind a good size though, and a lot of them even complain about pains of sex when a guy’s package starts to cause damage.

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14 Easy And Effective Tips To Last Longer In Bed [Men only]
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Basically, these things are subject to individual preferences, but there is one aspect that surely gives a cause for concern.

Whether you have a big penis or an averaged sized tool, or even if it is on the small side, it does not change the way a woman feels when a man cannot last long enough to satisfy a woman, studies have shown.

If a woman can pleasure herself with jusy a finger or a small dildo, then maybe you shouldn’t feel all that bad about the size of your weenie.

However, even when she pleasures herself with a finger, it takes some time before she climaxes. This means that for the finger to do its job, it has to stay in there long enough till she is satisfied.

In most men, an orgasm causes the penis to go soft, and the shame and anxiety might make it even more difficult to get it up once more.

So you have this one opportunity to do your thing and do it well, how do you make sure you stay in there long enough so that she is equally satisfied? Let’s look at some tips.

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Tips to Last Longer in Bed:

1. Slow it Down

While you might have watched porn a lot, and have noticed how the actors thrust in and out at the speed of light, it really isn’t something you should make a habit of, especially if you are already experiencing early ejaculation.

Most women prefer sensual sex and rhythmic movement, where you have the chance to explore their bodies. You can use this to your advantage. Play the sex expert, who knows every nook and cranny of the female body.

Explore and make it pleasurable for the both pf you. But then, you cannot go slow every time… Sometimes, you might feel the need to be more aggressive.

The trick to interchange speeds. Take some fast strokes and then settle for sone slower ones. Then go fast again, and calm down. You can take seven fast strokes and nine slow strokes.

2. Fore Play and In play

I coined this terms myself because that is how I see it. Fore play helps your partner get ready for sex. If you have premature ejaculation issues, then you should try to treat your partner to the deliciousness of foreplay. When she is extremely excited, she would be on the brink of orgasm.

By the time you slide your shaft in, she won’t be able to keep track of time. She most likely would have her orgasm even before yours, and even if you release early, you would have satisfied her already.

Then there is in play. While you thrust into her, intermittently bring your shaft out when you feel that pressure rising and run its tip along the aides of her labia.

She will still be feeling immense pleasure and won’t even feel the fact that you are no longer thrusting. Then slide in again and keep going.

Also learn to play with every part of her body while you thrust. This gives you the opportunity to stop sliding without even her knowledge.

3. Exercise your PC Muscles

Your PC muscles are located at the base of your penis. Try stopping your urine one day qhen ypu go to take a pee. That muscle that you contract and helps you atop your urine is your PC muscle.

Now when you are not urinating, try contracting that muscle again. Doing 15 repetitions of this in 3 sets daily can help ypu strengthen your PC muscles. This gives you more control over your ejaculation.

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4. Bursting a But Before Sex

Usually, the firat ejaculations would come quicker than the next. This means that most men last longer in the second round. Masturbating before sex can help you release this quick cum, and your first sex round would be longer.

5. Condom

Using condoms not only protects you and prevents undated pregnancy, it also helps you last longer in bed because the latex material acts as a middle man between the penis and the vagina. The sensitivity is lower and therefore the urge to cum comes later than it normally would.

6. Lubrication

Lubrication helps smooth sliding into the vagina, especially when the vagina is quite tight and the penis is on the big side. Lubrication also reduces sensitivity and therefore lowers the urge to release.

7. Kill the Anxiety and Excitement

Anxiety and excitement are two no-nos when lasting longer in bed is concerned. Anxiety about your penis size or your duration in bed can actually make you release quicker.

Also excitement about having sex can make you throw your load a lot faster. Forget about the fact that she has the most amazing butt in the world. Just concentrate on the job at hand.

8. Manual Stops

These are methods that can help you send back a rising orgasm. The first I would advise is gripping the base of your penis.

This has a miraculous way of sending back the urge. Just form a ring with your thumb and fore finger around the base of your shaft. The second method is to grip the base of your penis head.

This also sends back the urge. Finally, you can squeeze the perineum, which is the spot between your anus and testicles. As you thrust, you can stylishly squeeze this or push a finger to that spot which should feel like the tip of a nose.

9. Focus on Your Partner’s Pleasure

By focusing on your partner achieving multiple orgasm, you rarely would have time to think about your own excitement. This can make you last longer.

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10. Switch Styles

Remaining in one position increases your chances of releasing quickly. Switch positions every now and then. It is not bad to switch styles and later return to your former position.

11. Viagra

Viagra does not only help with erectile dysfunction, it also helps to keep you going. Users of Viagra last longer in bed. The wonderful blue pill has a lot of tricks up its sleeves.

12. Vegetarian Diet

Research have shown that vegetarians have more stamina than meat eaters. Vegetarian diet keeps you healthier and helps your body functions work properly and better. It is no surprise that your sex life will also benefit from this.

13. Perpendicular Sex Positions

Spooning and other similar sex positions help you last longer because the most sensitive parts of your penis are not frequently engaged in action. This helps you last longer.

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14. Light Penetration

Light penetration means you should not go too deep with each thrust. This makes sex more fun and also makes you last longer. You can take nine light thrusts and two deep thrusts.

That way, she is constantly anticipating your deep thrusts. It becomes something like a game, but a pleasurable one. Make it rhythmic.

There you have it. These methods work better than the conventional distraction methods. Some people always try to take their minds off the sex, but in most cases, all this does is to make you neglect your partner’s reactions and feelings. The sex won’t be sensual since your mind is not there. Follow these and have an amazing sex life.

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