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6 Ways to Make Quick Money in Nigeria

You want to make money fast? If yes, see the 6 Ways to Make Quick Money in Nigeria. We live in a country where the economic situation hardly favours anyone, except for some of those with big bucks. In consequence, this raises the need to make more money to keep body and soul together. So don’t be surprised or wonder why people walk fast or drive fast, they are all in a hurry to go make a living.

The aim of this article is to explore some ways through which money can be made easily in contrast to what most boring 9 to 5 jobs pay at the end of the month. No offense to people with such jobs but I do wonder how they cope, especially when the job pays stipends. Now for those people who explore other methods to make money or would like to but don’t know where or how to start, this is for you.

Before I proceed, however, please note that not all the tips here are legal ways of making money. Whatever you do with the information here is up to you, and whatever you get from it, is also yours to bear.

How to Make Quick Money in Nigeria

1. Get part-time jobs: Part-time jobs tend to pay better than regular full-time ones, and they even offer more free time for the worker in between shifts.

Some people do as many as 3 different jobs a day and get paid more after 2 weeks or a month, depending on contractual agreements.

So instead of working full-time as a receptionist at a hotel with little pay, you can be a salesperson in the first half of the day and a nanny in the second. Or you could opt for other job placements that suit your tastes or qualifications.

2. Sell a body part: This has become a very reliable and pretty easy way to make not just quick money but more money.

Body parts such as the kidney, plasma, hair, etc, sell for astounding prices. The only difficult aspect of this endeavour is finding a buyer.

However, from no experience at all, I can tell you to try out a hospital first. You may likely find someone in need of a body part there or you could liaise with one of the hospital attendants to notify you whenever they get such a patient.

Prices for body parts vary depending on your bargaining power and how much the buyer is worth.

In other news, I also know that sperm sale is becoming serious business. You may want to look into that too.

3. Get a sugar mummy/daddy: Sugar mummies and daddies are largely known to be givers, and rewarders of good labour in Nigeria.

If you can get yourself one your money problems may just be over. To be eligible you might first need to tush yourself up in terms of fashion, appearance, physique, etc.

Having an African figure 8 physique is a plus for ladies, and being handsome and muscular is a plus for guys. To get a sugar mummy or daddy, you may need to attend events where some of these people show up.

At such events, feel free to show yourself and be on the lookout for anyone who fancies your package.

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4. Freelance: Freelancing has grown so much that it is fast becoming a perfect alternative to regular jobs. Usually, when people hear about freelancing, the first thing that comes to mind is content developing, but that is just one field out of many others.

A freelancer could be a graphic designer, a programmer, an editor, a reporter, a social media manager, a reviewer of books, movies, politics; and so much more.

Being a freelancer means you are not committed to any one employment. It means that you are contracted to as many people that require your services.

In a day, a freelancer can work for 3 different companies or institutions and make quick money off them. But a full-time employee with the same skills will work all day (and sometimes all night) only to get paid (stipends) at the end of the month.

How much a freelancer earns varies, and it depends on how versatile, skilful, and quick he is to attend to tasks.

5. Sell fairly used items: I remember when I was younger, sometimes when I and my siblings were seriously broke, we would just look for one scrap around the house to sell.

We made money off it all the time. It is only ignorance that can make one to not see the value of items or properties that are still good but worn out because they are not used.

It would interest you to know that these things can be sold in exchange for money. That fridge and the gas in it can be sold, the newspapers stacked in a room can be sold too, even empty plastic and breakable bottles, you name them. It is high time those things stopped occupying space for nothing. Dispose them and get something in return.

6: Sports betting: Many people have become over-night millionaires thanks to this game many consider to be a game of chance.

Whether it is a game of chance or strategy, the fact that it can get you quick money is undisputed. Some of the chief reasons why most people lose more than they gain from sports betting are…1. Accumulating a lot of games:

I see that as greed which almost always shoots the bettor in the foot;

  • a. Betting high amounts: Some bettors tend to stake more money meanwhile they don’t have enough, so when they lose it becomes a huge loss.
  • b. Momentary drive: Most bettors are also inclined to bet more without really thinking especially after winning a small bet.

They feel like they can win more so they bet more and lose it all. But don’t be dismayed, you can make clean money from this by being calculative, making adequate research, and staking moderate amounts.

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Making quick money may be the turn around of your money woes, opt for any of these options and make a change.

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