How to Ask a Nigerian Girl Out and Get a “YES” Response Always

Are you looking for the most effective ways to  ask a Nigeria girl out and have a positive response? If yes, we have interviewed over 20 playboys and they have leaked their secretes how to best do it.

Among different tribes of the world, Nigerian girls proves to be the hardest to convince during toast. They will not agree for you until you kneel and beg. They prove to be so stubborn as if they will not enjoy the relationship.

But there are ways to make this very easy. We did a research and compiled how to toast a Nigerian girl and get her at first attempt. That guide has helped a lot of people to find their dream dates.

O!Yes, see the tips on how to ask a Nigerian girl out here. Please note that you might not get a 100% response in all of your approach. Your success rate depends on a lot of things – your appearance, your relationship history, your confidence, your speaking skills and your pocket.


No 1 Tips  to Ask a Nigerian Girl Out – Be Real

If you want to ask a Nigerian girl out, you have to be as real as possible. Go straight to the point ans ask for what you are looking for. Don’t leave the matter at hand to talk about something else. Once you start beating about the bush, she will definitely take you as a fool.

Example: Discussion between you and Jane

You: Hi – my Name is Gideon and you?
Jane: I’m Jane
You: You bear such a nice name and you are smart too
Jane: Haha! Thanks
You: Can we possibly meet somewhere for an important discussion?
Jane: No! But what is it all about?
You: Just a date… hope you don’t mind? Please!
Jane: Ok no problem

What out for the second question after the name request. If she refuse to sit out with you, go ahead to ask for her contact. It could be WhataApp number, Facebook name or any way you can reach out to her.

Some guys will make mistakes to ask irrelevant questions – what did you eat? How old are you? Can we talk? All these questions may irritate the girl and make her to nurture bad feelings against you.

Sometimes, depending on the scenario, she might be too busy to sit out with you.  In this case, offer her an options to choose her own convenient time and location for the date. If you have your complimentary card, do well to give it to her. Treat her with utmost respect because that’s what they really need at this time.

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No 2 Tips  to Ask a Nigerian Girl Out – Be Emotional Intelligent

Being emotionally intelligent is your ability to understand and manage both your emotion and the emotion of the person you are relating with.

One of the best way to achieve this is to quickly find out what the girl really cares about. Sometimes, it’s not something really serious.

See this conversation…

Example: Discussion between you and Jane

You: Hi – my Name is Gideon and you?
Jane: I’m Jane
You: You bear such a nice name and you are smart too
Jane: Haha! Thanks
You: It;s like you like eating indomie?
Jane: sure! how do you know?
You: I know, I’m your spirit lover! I like indomie too and I am heading over to Mr.Biggs. I want you to join me there.
Jane: Ok no problem

Here, you have assumed to know what she cares for and now you are playing into her tune. Even though you refuse following you, you will be able to get her attention which could lead to something bigger.

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No 3 Tips  to Ask a Nigerian Girl Out – Be Generous

It is an obvious fact that mot Nigerian girls like money and surprise gift. So, having known this, ask her out after presenting a gift to her. It may not be something very costly but it should be valuable.  You can buy a wrist watch, shimi dress, bikini, sanitary pads, phones etc.

Present these gift in a surprising manner.

See this conversation…

You: Hi – my Name is Gideon and you?
Jane: I’m Jane
You: You bear such a nice name and you are smart too
Jane: Haha! Thanks
You: I’ve been watching you before now and I decided to buy this surprise package from Konga online store for you.
Jane: No! But I don’t even know you.
You: I know, but it’s a token from my heart to you. I’m no stranger
Jane: Ok no problem thanks
You: can we possible meet somewhere
Jane: Sure

This is the power if gift. It enhances acceptance without much ado. Many guys in workplace have used this strategies to marry their co-workers.

No 3 Tips  to Ask a Nigerian Girl Out – Dress Well

No girl on earth likes an ugly guy. Even if you are ugly, make sure that your pocket is fine. Many people believe that dressing makes a man and it’s true.

Dress well and look elegant before you even try to talk to her. Give her the reason to consider you out of 100 other guys out there.

Package yourself well and appear like one of the handsome guy out there.

See this conversation…

Example: Discussion between you and Jane

You: Hi – my Name is Gideon and you?
Jane: I’m Jane
You: You bear such a nice name and you are smart too
Jane: Haha! Thanks. You TOO
This is called reverse compliments. Meaning that she also like the way you look. From here, any other good response can be expected from further conversation between you and her. Don’t be a slob while trying to ask a Nigerian out. They will definitely snub you.

More strategies to ask a Nigerian girl out are coming your way. I will be updating this page once I have them. So, consider subscribing to our newsletter and bookmark this page for reference purposes.

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Your thoughts!

You may have other ideas to ask a Nigerian girl out that are not listed here. Pls share the strategy that works for you in the comments section below.

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