Afro-pop music legend 2Baba calls on Africans to value themselves

A musical legend in the country, who goes by the name, Innocent Idibia, and popularly known and called 2Face, has called on Africans to always value themselves.

The Afro-pop legend, who is fondly called ‘2Baba’, made the call when he observed how the people Africa regarded and esteemed themselves. He expressed dissatisfaction over how Africans embraced their heritage, as well as, how they value themselves.

2face Idibia, According to the ‘Gaga Shuffle’ crooner, it is high time Africans began to place a high value on their race because they have been living a fake life for many years.

After Rivers election conundrum “Who are we? What’s our true history? What has made us not to believe in our own things? Why do we think black is not beautiful? Why don’t we value African things unless it’s validated by non-Africans? Is what we practice our true religion? We need to un-wash brainwashed Africa.

“It’s never too late to start; we need a serious repackaging of our educational system in Africa; a massive re-orientation of our mindset, our values, religion, history, reward/award system. Blaming and all that has to stop. How do we move forward? Solutions”, he said.

However, having come under serious attacks perhaps, for sharing his deep thoughts, 2face maintained that, in 2019, he may not really have time for anything or time anyone that would want to influence or pose as bad energy to him.

Hear him; “No time for bad energy this year, no time for anybody that wants to claim they are holy on top of my pain. If I say something that you are uncomfortable with please kindly say yours that you feel is correct. Life is too simple like that,” 2face concluded.

Source: vangiardngr.com

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