Father of slain girl yet to recover from shock of daughter’s death by police bullet

Following the demise of one Ms Adaobi Ifeanyi, a 20-year-old girl, who was killed by a policeman while she returned from a nightclub with her boyfriend, Emmanuel Akomafuwa, on Saturday, the father of the deceased, Mr. Ifeanyi Ojide, has found it difficult to come in terms with reality.

“I was in great shock on that Saturday morning, when people called to inform me that my daughter had been shot by some policemen. Till this moment, I am yet to recover from the shock.” Late Adaobi’s father said while relating his last moment with her daughter.

“My last moment with Ada, as she was fondly called, was on Friday evening, a day before she was killed. I left her with her siblings at home before going out.  We had only talked briefly about how she was preparing for her exams before I left home. I thought it was a lie when I was informed the next day that she had been killed.

“She was a very calm and obedient girl, never troublesome. She was intelligent and performed very well in her secondary school. All I want is justice. The police should not allow this case to die off without justice being done. Cases like this have always been swept under the carpet, but, I know the current Inspector-General of Police is a good man, I know he won’t allow the killers of my daughter go scot-free without facing the law”, he said, according to the Vanguard reports.

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Joseph Athanasius

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