Lagos-Oshogbo bound free train ride delays due to train derailment

Most passengers were somehow disappointed at the Nigerian Railway Corporation exit point in Iddo terminus, Lagos, as the train derailment caused delayed of Lagos-Oshogbo bound free train ride, which was to move 10:00 am on Friday morning.

The Lagos-Oshogbo bound free train service, according to the Vanguard reports, is offered by the Osun state government.

Reports have it that, the delay was caused by a train shunting with a Lagos-Kano bound train, which was to leave lddo by 12 noon on Friday. The Lagos-Oshogbo bound free train service which was to depart by 10.00am went to shunt, “overtake” the Lagos-Kano bound, but derailed in the process.

However, the Lagos District Superintendent DS of NRC, confirmed that the derailment, he also said that the corporation was on top of the situation.

”As you can see, we are on top of it and very soon the train will depart to Osogbo. We are working hard to ensure the restoration of the line to allow the two trains to depart. The incidents happened at 9:45 am and very soon they will embark on its journey,” he said. According to him, there will be stops to pick passengers at Agege, Agbado, ljoko, Kajola and Abeokuta and other areas are Erumu, Iwo, Ede and Oshogbo.

Mr Sunday Oyelowo, a Civil Servant, told newsmen that he was excited that the new administration in Osun has continued with the gesture of free train rides during major celebrations. Oyelowo said the railway officials had assured the travellers that the derailed train would be restored to its tracks for people to commence their trips for the Easter festival.

Another passenger, Mrs Tomilola Adebayi told newsmen that the early slit derailment would not hinder her journey as the NRC officials had given assurance of restoration. “We have been told that the derailed train will be restored very soon that’s why we are here and happy to start the journey,” she said.

According to the Vanguard reports the problem was sorted and the Lagos-Oshogbo bound free train ride eventually moved at about 12.35pm on Friday.

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