Prices of food Stuff Relatively Stable, Despite Impending Easter festivity

In view of the Easter celebration, prices of items are relatively stable, foodstuff, such as tomatoes, and pepper and rice among other foodstuffs. The revelation came alive when some journalists visited most markets in Lagos state.

 A survey by journalists, as reported by Vanguard, at Mile 12, Oke Odo, Oyingbo and Iddo markets revealed that a basket of tomatoes sells for between N3,500 to N5,000, and depends on the freshness and the species of the tomato.

Accordingly, 50-kilogramme basket of red pepper, that is, tatashe goes for N6,000 as against N6,500 it sold previously, more so, 50kg Chilli pepper that, is, atarodo cost N5,000 from its old price of N6,500.

Interesting too, a jute bag of onion, however, rose to N15,000 from its former price of N14, 400, and a 50 kg bag of rice ranges between N15,000 to N18,500 depending on the brand.

A kilogramme of frozen chicken goes for N1,200, frozen turkey cost N1,300, while the price of a live chicken cost between N2,000 to N5, 000.

The survey also had it that, five litres of palm-oil goes for between N1500 to N1700, and five litres vegetable oil cost N2500, while a paint measure of garri goes for N350. The price of a medium-sized yam tuber has also increased from N300 to between N400 and N500.

Some traders attributed the price increase to the season and transportation. Alhaji Haruna Mohammed, Leader of  Mile 12 Traders Association, told journalists that the price of perishable food items, especially tomatoes was relatively cheap and stable despite the fact that it was their off-season.

“This time last year, a basket of tomatoes was sold for N10, 000, but this year, people are benefiting from reduced price due to high cultivation by farmers,” he said.

Mohammed urged the government to continue with its various interventions programmes in agriculture to make prices of food items in the country affordable and available in the market.

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Joseph Athanasius

Joseph Athanasius is a Public Affairs Commentator and News Writer at InfoGuide Nigeria News.

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