Those who are working for clean money are not complaining” P.A to President fires back at Omotola

In the presidential election that took place in February 2019, President Buhari and Prof. Yemi Osibanjo won a second term in office as president and vice-president respectively. During their first term in office, many complained about the leadership of the country and how it affected every aspect of the country including the economy. The fact that the president had left the country to attend to his health in the United Kingdom for over 100 days did not help in relieving many of their fears.

Now, that the incumbent leaders are to carry on with power for the next four years, there are still a lot of people that are not comfortable with their leadership. One of those is veteran actress and producer, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde who took to her twitter account yesterday to criticise the president and the vice-president. She tweeted:

“The Country Under your watch is Hellish! @ProfOsinbanjo @MBuhari @NGRPresident The lack of Money in circulation, Now coupled with the Continuous Assault n Killing by Uniformed men’ll make this Country Implode!!! It’s Unbearable! Do something! Insecurity! Fear n Desperation everywhere.”

The reasoning behind the actress’ tweet was not lost on a lot of people as any could understand why she felt the way she felt. It wasn’t but a few days ago when musician, Ruggedman took to twitter to share that a young lady and man had been shot by the police in Ajegunle. Unfortunately, the young lady had died on the spot while the young man had been rushed to the hospital and was fighting for his life.

Celebrities are not exempt from this treatment as well as Tinsel actor, Gideon Okeke had gone on his Instagram a few months ago to share his experience in the hands of some police officers who had harassed him along the Lekki-Epe Expressway.

Nigerians have pleaded with the government to intervene and stop the police brutality happening against innocent civilians but so far, there hasn’t been much change. Omotola has been one of the latest celebrity voices to speak up against it. This triggered a response by Bashir Ahmad, the personal assistant to the president on new media to respond to the actress via his twitter account where he tweeted:

“Madam Omotola, those who are working for CLEAN money are not complaining and will never refer our dear country as ‘hellish.’ In Kano State alone, from 2015 to 2018, no fewer than200 medium and small scale rice milling centres emerged. For that, billons circulated among millions.”

This sparked a discourse on twitter that caused ‘Omotola’ to trend with many having their opinions on what Omotola stated and the response she was given by a representative of the federal government. Some came to her defence for the implication made by Bashir Ahmad that the actress does not make her money legitimately.

“It’s actually sad that you constantly show naivety and lack of touch with reality just because you have a room to your self in the villa. Insinuating that Omotla, one of Nigeria’s most successful film makers makes dirty money, even for you is just filth for your mouth.” – @realdanielemeka

“And can you tell us your life history Mr. Clean money. If not for Buhari and his quota system who is @BashirAhmad when you were wearing nappies, Omotola was already swimming in millions from making movies. And what has your clean money done to reduce the Almajiris in Kano? – @Donteewrites

“I don’t care how anyone interpreted Omotola’s tweet really. I am all for calling out the govt on insecurity, economy, killings, police brutality etc. But let’s not lump everything together because, celebrity. ‘There is money in circulation’ is pedestrian talk.’

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