4 Things About Nigeria That You Can Only Learn If You Live There

As a traveler, you may find it difficult to understand the culture of a place, as you are more concerned about seeing, visiting and taking pictures at each corner of the streets. It's obvious that travelers have other priorities than taking a full immersion in the culture of the place where they are having a vacation.

It's actually only when you move to a foreign country, that you can really begin to understand that place's culture, way of life, local people's habits and much more. And, what's nice, these are things that you can only learn on the spot. Yeah, you have to be there, live there on your every day in order to become part of that place and understand it in full.

Important Features About Nigeria And Nigerians

It's out of doubt that a lot of people consider Africa to be a big country. The truth is that Africa is a continent that is made of several countries. And each country has its own traditions, history, language, and people who are definitely not the same all through Africa.

We should learn to make distinctions among African countries. Nigeria is one of the most advanced countries in Africa – you might know that wealthy investors from overseas are spending tons of money in renewing the country's infrastructures, first and foremost the transportation and telecommunication industries.

There are also emerging professional categories that are booming during the latest years – this is a sign that Nigerian people are working hard to make their country stand out in the international scenery.

Things To Learn By Living In Nigeria

If you come from a western country, let's say from the US, you may feel a little confused about Nigeria as there are a lot of things that are completely different from what is normal for you. For example, do you know that finding a good locksmith in Nigeria is way more complicated than in the US? Well, it is. Although the country is going through a serious renewal, there are still so many things that need to be improved. In the US, you can easily call locksmiths locator and get the best locksmith assistance for the best price in the marketplace. But when in Nigeria, things are different as you can't have a large variety of locksmith companies at an easy reach as you can have in the US.

Anyway, let's see here a bunch of relevant features about Nigeria and Nigerians that you can only get to know if you live there:

  1. PeopleNigerian children
    The population of Nigeria is very large. Consider that about 1 out of 7 black people are from Nigeria or have Nigerian origins. When you are there, you are literally shocked by how crowded the main cities actually are. Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria and the 4th metropolis in the world. Another feature of Nigerian people is that it counts a large portion of young people, which means that the future of the country is expected to grow positively.

  2. Religion
    Like many places in the world, you can find people belonging to different religious groups and beliefs. Muslims and Christians are the two main religions in the country living along with other 250 ethnic groups having own religion. You can find entire villages where people are Muslims close to other villages where people are Christians – this is a cause of the political instability of Nigeria as these groups are often involved in local conflicts.

  3. Economy
    The Nigerian economy is becoming one of the strongest on this side of the planet. As we mentioned before, there are important investments coming from foreign investors. For example, Chinese investors are working on the airline transportation segment, which is today completely new, efficient and one of the most advanced in the world. However, unemployment is still a national problem. If you move to live in Nigeria and you can earn $10 per week, you will be able to afford a pretty decent quality of life, as living costs are reasonably lower than in the US.

  4. Language
    You may expect that all Nigerians can understand each other… after all most countries have one official language. Well, things in Nigeria are different and just because people are fluent in the same language doesn't assure any of them to communicate in a smooth way. Consider also that there are many low-educated people who can't speak English. And even though you meet a Nigerian who can speak English, you will have serious problems understanding him or her because of a different accent.

So, before to move to Nigeria for a while, make sure to gather information about the country, housing and getting around places – for all the rest, you'll have a lot to learn on your everyday!


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