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How to Start Advert / Social Media Consulting Business in Nigeria

In this age of information technology, I feel so disgusted when I hear people complain of lack of jobs in Nigeria. Why will you even look for a job when you can create a lucrative job for yourself? Did I hear you say you are looking for a job? Even if you found a well-paying job, how much are they paying you? Is the money enough to sponsor your vacation in Dubai? Can you send your child abroad to study with your current salary? If your answer is no, then you need to become an Advert / Social media consultant here in Nigeria.

Advert / Social Media Consulting business is a new business concept that you can use to make at least N10,000 every day working few hours or at home. My name is Ifiokobong Ibanga, the founder of and I made it in life working for myself. With that lifestyle, I have all the time to do anything for myself.

In this ebook, I will show you how to get started in this business without the need for a huge capital to get started. I have personally made a good amount of income from this business for some time now. Other smart people are making it big in this business and I am here to share with you how it works.


Nigeria has over 15 million registered businesses already registered and documented by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Outside the registered ones, there are over 30 million additional businesses not registered or documented. So many new businesses are springing up every day; ranging from hairdressing salon, restaurants, pharmacies, supermarkets, microfinance banks, and so on… If you conduct research on the street you are living right now, you will discover at least 100 business places around you.

If you think thoroughly, you will discover that all these businesses have one thing in common… they need customers. Without customers to patronize them, they’ll be out of business pretty soon. That is simple.

And you know what? Most of these businesses spring up without a solid plan on how they’ll get customers. Most business managers lack marketing skills that could help them find new leads for their business. Some businesses, after launch, depend solely on walk-in customers. That means such businesses are automatically limited to people living in the area who see the business premises daily.

Another interesting marketing fact in that not everyone who sees your business will patronize you. The is because they might not see the need to buy your product or service until they’re told (marketed).

Without potential customers to buy their goods or patronise their services, such businesses will not have enough profit, hence fold up or go bankrupt.

And here’s the real deal…you can make money by giving customers to them. I know you are now asking me, how can I do that? Read more and discover how you will do it.

I will share with you how I did it, and how other smart consultants are doing it. It’s a very simple strategy. You don’t need huge investment capital, high education, or advanced skills to do this business.

So let’s get it started!

Who is a Consultant? 

A consultant is a professional who provides expert advice in a particular area such as security, management, education, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing, finance, engineering, science or any of many other specialized fields.

Don’t be afraid… You don’t need any professional certificate or higher degree to do this business. In fact, you don’t need a university education to become an Advert / Social Media Consultant. Of course, like in most cases, higher education, as well as professional certifications, would be an added advantage.

As an Advert / Social Media Consultant, your duty is to find customers for these businesses. And you can do this without any huge investment capital or plenty of education.

Are you ready to become a consultant? If yes, read on…

Things You Need to Become an Advert / Social Media Consultant 

As I said earlier… this is the simplest business to start.

Here is what you need to get started:

  1. Smartphone (with internet)
  2. Exercise book (note pad)
  3. Pen

Have you seen the things you need? Do you have them? If yes, let proceed and get started.

Remember, as an Advert / Social Media Consultant, your primary duty is to find customers for businesses. And there’s money in this business.

How to Make Make Money being an Advert / Social Media Consultant (Case Studies)

I told you earlier in this post that you can make up to N10,000 every day working as an Advert / Social media consultant.

As an Advert / Social Media Consultant, you are a business yourself. You simply make money when you bring customers to other businesses.

I will explain this using only three (3) case studies.

Case Study 1 – Miss Chika (Sand Supplier)

Chika is an NCE graduate from Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe, Anambra State. Professionally, she is a trained teacher but she is now making N45,000 every day from sand supplying business. Note: she does not own the sand, she does not involve in sand dredging business, she doesn’t even know anything about dredging business. And you might want to ask, how did she do this? Well, According to what she told us, all that she did was get the contacts of popular sand suppliers, visit them and tell them she will bring buyers to them. As a good marketer that she is, she got a better deal that allows her to make at least N1000 profit per 15 tons of sand. After that, she goes around building project sites every day asking for sand supply opportunities. Once she eventually gets sand supplying contract based on her own financial terms, she now places a call to the suppliers to bring the sand, Once the sand is supplied, she collects the money from the buyer and pays the supplier. The remaining money is her profit. As a middle lady, she makes not less than 40 supplies every day, totaling a profit of N45,000 every day running this business.

Case Study 2 – Miss Gloria (Fashion Slay Queen)

Another case study is one Miss Gloria, who studied Linguistics at the University of Abuja. She is this type of girls on social media we call “Slay Queens”. With a killer figure and beautiful face, everyone seeing her posts on Instagram will think she’s into runs or ashawo work, but looking deep into the comments section of her pictures, you’ll discover she is making a lot of money from fashion products from different brands. Gloria is a smart lady, believe me! You might want to ask, how did she do it? Well, it’s a very straightforward strategy. When we contacted her, she told us that she’s a fashion blogger (only on Instagram). She goes into top boutiques in her area here in Abuja, asks the owners to allow her partner with them as their private model (smart move). Once accepted, she will now wear some of their fine and newest arrivals, apply some make-up, take pictures, edit them, and post on Instagram. On her Instagram page, she poses as a fashion designer/seller. Once her fans need any of the clothing she advertises, she will then collect the clothing from the boutique and sell to them at any rate, making a profit. Apart from clothing, she also advertises and sells other fashion products such as eyelashes, shoes, necklaces, earrings, bangles, hairs (natural and artificial), eyelashes, etc. According to her, she has at least 10 orders every day with a daily profit margin between N15,000 to N20,000.

Case Study 3 – Mr. Haruna (Radio/TV/Online Advert Agent)

Mr. Haruna is a father of 8 with two wives. He was a banker, that is until he was sacked three years ago because he couldn’t meet the so-called target set by his bank. Soon after, he ventured into the advertising business. Believe me, Mr. Haruna is now living well with his family with accumulated properties and savings. The next question would be: how did he do it? Well, when we contacted him, he told us that he started by visiting all the radio and TV stations in his home state of Kaduna, persuaded them to agree on advert rates on his own terms. He also contacted top websites like and ask for their advert rate. After that, he also contacted various business owners asking them to advertise their products or services either on radio, TV or websites. Once they agreed to advertise through him, he then collected the money and place the advert on their behalf. The difference between the money paid by the business owners (his clients) and the media became his gain. Some of the radio / TV stations offered him mouth-watering commissions when he brought in advertisers. According to him, he currently makes at least N15,000 daily as profit.

Have you finished reading the above real-life case studies? Do you now understand what Advert / Social Media consultancy business all about? My brothers and sisters, this is big business. Trust me, you will not need any paid job if you join this business.

How to Start Advert / Social Media Consulting Business 

I believe you have started to understand this business and how it works. The gist is this… There are so many businesses in Nigeria. And more new businesses are springing up every day. All these businesses need customers to buy their products or hire their services. You can take advantage of this, giving customers to businesses and making a lot of money for yourself. Live the kind of life you have been dreaming of. Travel around the world, eat the type of food you want, have good medical care when you need it and so on…

See the steps to get started below:

1. Choose a Business Niche / Business Area:

This is the first thing you have to do.

From the case studies above, you can see that Miss Chika chose to supply sand, Miss Gloria chose fashion products, while Mr. Haruna focused on Radio/TV/Online media adverts.

There are literally thousands of business areas you can venture into and stand out as an Advert / Social Media Consultant.

Make sure you choose a business area you can do better in.

2. Contact Service Providers (Business owners)

After choosing your preferred business niche, the next thing is to contact top service providers (Business owners) in your niche. Tell them that you want to partner with them by bringing in customers to buy their products or hire their services. Get the price list of their products and services. Bargain some percentage you’ll get after selling the products or services. Once you secure a nice deal with them, you are good to go. Next would be the 3rd step.

3. Find Customers (Buyers)

Now, you have gotten a glimpse of the profit you’ll make when you sell that product or service. The next thing is to find buyers. This is the aspect most business owners are lacking (marketing). Do it for them and make some money. There are so many ways to find buyers;

  1. Word of mouth advert – free
  2. Announce in worship places (Church/Mosque) – free
  3. Facebook Post – free
  4. Facebook page – free
  5. Instagram – free
  6. Blog post – free
  7. Bulk SMS – affordable
  8. Business cards – affordable
  9. Flyers / Handbills – affordable
  10. Posters – affordable

Tips to Succeed! 

Every business in this world needs commitment, patient and hard work. Remember, by being an Advert / Social Media Consultant, you are your own boss. You will be working without supervision. So you have to be serious about it. The more you work, the more you gain.

Join our Special Training Session on this Business. 

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