3 ways to Check If a Domain Name or Site is Banned by Adsense

At the end of this article, you will learn the 3 ways to check if a domain name or site is banned by Adsense Program. The knowledge of how to check if a site is banned by AdSense is a very important when buying websites or domain names if you will want to make money from Adsense. But some of my readers may be wondering, “What is an AdSense?”

Well, AdSense is a program designed by American I.T. giant Google in 2003 that allow publishers in Google network of content sites to serve text, graphics, video, and advertisement.

The advertisement generates revenues for the owners of the websites either by per-click or per-impression basis.

AdSense is a program which displays Google advertisements on websites and earns revenues from hits generated by the traffic for the Google search engines.

It is a hassle-free way to make money online – monetizing your website. But for you to make money from Google AdSense, you have to know how it works and make sure your website generates a sizable amount of traffic.

It is the most popular advertising tool on the Internet. It pays you when a genuine reader visits your website.

This is known as PPC (Pay Per Click). Each click pays differently depending on how much the advertiser is paying Google.

AdSense team ensures that publisher’s websites will be optimized with high CPC (Cost-Per-Click).You will need to chose a profitable blogging niche before you apply for Adsense


Why Are Domain Banned by Adsense

Some bloggers often get banned by AdSense for reasons one of which is irrelevance of web contents, invalid clicks, hiding contents behind ads, encouraging visitors to click on your ad, etc. It’s important to know sites that been banned especially if you wish to buy from someone. But how do I check if a site is banned by AdSense?


#1. AdSense Blacklist Check

This is a quick way to check if a site has been banned by AdSense team. It can also check for sites that are still active on AdSense and available on searchengine.com. This is done by typing the URL of the site into the search bar and clicking on submit. In a few seconds, you will get a response detailing whether the site has been banned by AdSense or not. This method is very easy way of checking if a site is banned by AdSense. If the site has been banned, you will get a reply like: Unfortunately, yourdomain.com is currently not allowed to display AdSense Ads and is BANNED from Google AdSense.

But if it is active, you will get a message that reads: Congratulations, infoguidenigeria.com currently has pages indexed by Google.com; therefore infoguidenigeria.com is Not Banned from the Google Search Engines.

It is used to check for domains banned from both Google Search and Google AdSense. So this method achieves two goals.


#2. Google AdSense Sandbox

This is a tool developed by Amit Agarwal from Digital Inspiration which allows users check the status of their AdSense account.

Just like the usual method, just input the URL in the textbox provided and click on “Preview Ads,” to show all the AdSense advertisements for your website. It also enables users check whether or not their AdSense has been banned.

This is achieved by putting the URL of the website and searching it. If the response is blank, it means the user has been banned from using Google AdSense. So, this is another method that a user or a website intending buyer can use to check if a site is banned by AdSense team.

Visit here http://ctrlq.org/sandbox/


#3. Visit Bannedchecksite.com

This is a platform for checking the status of a website on AdSense. This tool will display Google ads per country for any keywords or webpages.

You can filter it further by using your country. If the tool fails to display ads for particular keywords or web domain name, then it doesn’t exist in AdSense program.

This is another tool that can be used to check if a site is banned by AdSense program or not.

Visit here http://bannedchecksite.com/


Before you Go…

The methods discussed above are used to check if a site is banned by AdSense.

Unfortunately, more and more sites are getting banned from using Google AdSense.

It is advisable that you check the domain name you wish to buy to ensure it has not been banned by Google AdSense team.

This is because if you are banned from AdSense, the ban cannot be easily lifted.

Yes, it is difficult. If you have been banned by Google AdSense team, you may want to try out some alternatives like Revenue Hits (available on www.revenuehits.com), Adversal (available on www.adversal.com), Infolinks (get it at www.infolinks.com), PopAds (available on www.popads.com), etc. it is noteworthy to say that care must be taken so that you are not banned from AdSense by sticking to all the necessary terms of conditions of using the tool because – like we observed earlier- it is still the most popular marketing tool on the Internet.

Therefore, before you buy that blog or website, make sure you check its Google AdSense status. Hope this helps. Share if you like it.

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