Firearms And Safety – Your Guide In 8 Rules For 2019

Either you use firearms for hunting or you have to handle them for job purposes, you have to pay big attention to safety. You already know that firearms are a major cause of death among American people, so all you need to do is to keep our practical and quick guide for reference as to safety and security.

A 360-Degree List Of Tips For Everyone

You may think that you are enough experienced and that firearms don’t hide a secret to your deep knowledge… anyway, we’ve prepared the following guide for everyone, ranging from first-time beginners and even experienced people like you.


When handling a firearm, make sure that the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction, that is away from people, animals or things that you don’t want to destroy. Accidental shots are actually more frequent than you may think. Make it a habit to know where the muzzle of your firearm is pointing at all times, so you will easily avoid fatal accidents.

If you are not using your gun, unload it and keep it in a safe place away from children’s reach or from pets’ reach. If you want to keep your gun at home, it’s your responsibility to prevent any sort of accident, so make sure that children or other family members can’t access the place where you keep your gun.

Many people trust their weapon’s safety (which is mostly a mechanical device preventing the gun shooting by accident). It’s for sure a good thing to have a safety device built in the gun, but remember that it can’t replace your good sense and personal responsibility anyway. So, when you handle your gun, be as careful as you can. For example, never touch the trigger if you don’t want to shoot at that moment or never place the gun in a place where other people may though it. Finally, make sure that your gun doesn’t fall on the ground which may cause accidental shooting.

Before to shoot a gun, make sure that your target is in your sight. If the target moves too fast or changes positions, it’s safer to give up shooting. In fact, once a gun fires, you lose control over the direction and speed of the shot. Many hunters died after such accidents during hunting sessions with friends. So, make sure that you can’t injure anyone or kill anyone, including animals (there are severe punishments everywhere in the States).


Each firearm needs appropriate ammunition. You can’t substitute a gun’s ammunition anyway or you will cause serious injuries to people around you and even to yourself. When you go to buy ammunition make sure to exactly know the brand and model of your firearm. In the instruction manual you will find specific guidelines about how to load and unload your weapon, so keep the instruction always at an easy reach when you have to do these actions.

It may happen that your gun doesn’t fire as you pull the trigger. If this happens, orient the gun’s muzzle in a safe direction and unload the gun. Then, check if anything is wrong and load it again. While you do these actions, keep your face away from the breach and make sure that nobody is there around you. Check on the instruction manual if you can’t fix the problem yourself.

The correct equipment is essential when shooting. You should wear eye shooting glasses and ear protection every time that you go out for shooting. Protecting eyes is essential to avoid any dust to alternate your vision skills during shooting, while ear protection keeps your ears safe from shooting noise. Moreover, if you go shooting in the woods, make sure to wear appropriate boots and trousers. If it’s wintertime, you should wear a jacket which is enough comfortable and warm.

Passionate people might even think to alternate their weapons to “create” a unique and personal new firearm. Forget it immediately! You may cause a disaster. In fact, firearms work on a complex mechanism that is designed by an expert to work only under appropriate conditions. If you change something in your weapon, you can make it dangerous for yourself first and for the others.

It’s always recommended to keep weapons in a safety lock box or even invest in a sturdy safe. Make the key inaccessible to children or others and make sure that the key unlocks them without any hiccups. If you see that the key doesn’t work properly, you need a lock replacement service by a qualified locksmith from ABC Locksmiths – an emerging and appreciated locksmith company in the US.

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