Fish Farming; How To Start The Business In Nigeria

Fish farming has, and will continue to be one of the most profitable types of farming in Nigeria. Most people already know this and have started to tap into its vast resources.

Some others who know this and intend to get into the business are constrained by the knowledge required to guarantee a good start-up. Well, if you are one of such individuals, compiled here are what you need to make it happen.

But first, it is important to point out why fish farming is a business anyone intending to start an establishment should consider.

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Fish Farming; How To Start The Business In Nigeria
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Benefits of Fish Farming:

1. Daily Consumption

What I mean by this is, it sells more than other kinds of meat in the market, and perhaps this is because it is packed with essential nutrients.

It may also be because it is not harmful to the body like red meat or there are really no diseases associated with fish. So the more people consume fish, the more likely you are going to make a fortune selling it to them, even in a competitive environment. And this is done on daily basis.

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2. Lucrativeness

Unlike some other businesses, fish farming does not only reward your efforts during a relatively short time but also rewards big. Yes, as long as everything is planned well and the plan followed adroitly, you should be on your way to hitting it big.

3. Not Hazardous

This type of farming is not harmful to the environment. To this end, it can be set up anywhere without any iota of fear of hazards or environmental agencies knocking on your door every now and then.

So for people that like their business to be close to their homes, you got it. The whole thing can be constructed in your compound.

4. Omega-3 fatty acids

It would interest you to know that the body does not produce this nutrient that nourishes the body. But guess what…fish has it in tons and almost everyone knows this.

The average Nigerian may not know what it entails but they know there’s something special about fish. Hence, more people prefer fish to other kinds of meat. In other words, they prefer what you are selling.

5. Price

In addition to its quality, fish is also relatively cheaper than meat. Owing to this, almost everyone can participate in the consumption of the delicacy. This also translates to more customers/consumers for you.

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Now let’s see the things you need to start the business:

1. Land

Obviously, this is the first thing to think about because without it as the foundation, every other thing would have no bearing.

Depending on the capacity you have in mind, get a land that is apt for the job. A small start up should not require more than a half plot of land, but a bigger one may take one or more plots. It all depends on what you want. Also feel free to get any location since rearing fish is not hazardous.

2. Ponds

Yet again, the number of ponds to construct depends on how big your investment is. Be sure to get people with expertise and experience to construct ponds that can safely accommodate the fishes.

Every detail should be paid attention to and nothing taken for granted. For example, the size, height, width, and even water level of the ponds should be considered.

3. Borehole

Do this for two reasons: to supply water at intervals to the ponds, and to supply water that is favourable for the survival of the fishes. Chemically treated water poses a threat to fishes so opt for a borehole which is not tainted with any harmful substance.

4. Tank

Now that you have a borehole, you should also get a tank which will be connected to the ponds for the purpose of supplying water to them.

You can also call it the water reservoir tank. Ensure that there is always water in it, and that the water in the ponds is changed at different times.

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5. Help

Not just extra hands who understand the business pretty well, also get help for yourself. Even if you have people working for you, it is good to understand the way things work yourself, it may just come in handy.

Now you know how to start the business, don’t hesitate if it sounds like a good idea to you. To be on a safe side, it would help to get a consultant to hold your hand and guide you every step of the way.

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