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How To Create A Good Online Profile

Creating a good online profile in today’s world is as good as creating a good profile in the real world. Whether you are an individual or a business, there is need for you to create a reputable online profile because many things happen online and people may love to get some facts about you or your business, just by simply checking out your online profile.

In this article, I would be stating how you can create a good online profile that attracts potential employers, clients or even customers.

How To Create A Good Online Profile
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This guide would give you the tips on how you could have a very good online profile.

How To Create A Good Online Profile:

1. Have A Good Profile Picture.

2. Write A Brief Description Of Your Expertise Online.

3. Leave Good Comments On Posts That Are Related To Your Niche.

4. Properly State Your Profession On Professionals Websites.

5. Do Not Give Hate Speech Online.

6. Have A Mature Email Address.

7. Your Contact Should Be Available And Properly Designated.

8. Scan All Your Images And Ensure There Are No Buts.

1. Have A Good Profile Picture

There is a saying that a picture expresses a thousand words, which means that with a professional looking picture in your profile on any social media platform or your personal website, you would likely attract anyone who needs your services.

For example, you cannot be an IT professional and your profile picture contains you and your dog, no one would really take you serious.

They would feel you were just joking in your bio, even if you had the full qualifications.
So you just have to know that a good profile picture plays a big role in making you have a good online profile.

2. Write A Brief Description Of Your Expertise Online

Many people usually feel shy writing their qualifications online, but the funny question I would ask is that, why did they acquire such qualifications in the first place?

Is it not for the world to know how qualified they are?
No matter how brief you describe your expertise, it would be sufficient enough for employers, customers and clients to know what you can offer.

3. Leave Good Comments On Posts That Are Related To Your Niche

As a person who wants to have a good online profile, it would be wise for you to politely respond to questions that other people in your niche ask.

Let’s say you are an IT professional, a fellow IT professional may be asking how to fix a bug online, when you give a good reply, you would be respected and if there be any opportunities, you would be the first to be contacted because those are the kind of people employers are looking for.
People who can be problem solvers online are hot cakes for employers and clients.

4. Properly State Your Profession On Professionals Websites

Did you know you can take advantage of professional social media platforms like LinkedIn? There are millions of various people with various professions on LinkedIn and it would be wise to optimize your profile in case any employer happens to look for a person with your kind of qualifications.

Since the world now relies on information from the internet, you can quickly be employed by anyone who needs your services.

There is no point hoarding any positive information about your career, it is even something of pride to display your skills online.

5. Do Not Give Hate Speech Online

Whether it is on a social media platform or an online news platform that allows comments, it would be wise to swallow your hate speech and let things pass on than for you to drop a negative comment about a personality or just anything that is not healthy.

You shouldn’t drop negative comments because in the future someone may just harvest it and you may feel bad about it.

In case you had at one time or the other given a hate speech, you should try to delete such, in order for you not to get implicated, because no one would like to work with someone who uses words carelessly.

6. Have A Mature Email Address

In case you don’t know, anyone that would type in your email address would definitely try to pronounce it, so if your email address is “” as common as that is, it could terminate an appointment, and this even applies to a resume and Curriculum Vitae (CV).

That’s why you would see many people saying “but I have all the qualifications and everything is intact, why was I denied the appointment?” you have to check out your email address name.

So, in order for you to have a good online profile, you would need an email address with a good name.

7. Your Contact Should Be Available And Properly Designated

You should know that if all about you “online” is ok, someone can be urged to contact you as soon as possible for a job, but in a case where you didn’t drop your phone number and email address in your bio, it may be difficult for you to be contacted.

So, in creating a good online profile you shouldn’t neglect your contact details at the designated areas.

8. Scan All Your Images And Ensure There Are No Buts

Maybe a few years ago, you were the social type who just takes pictures at almost any point in time and quickly upload it on social media you may just be at risk of exposing some sensitive pictures.

Let me take for instance, you took a picture while swimming and you uploaded it online, to your family members and friends it’s a normal thing but to a potential employer who is seeking for employees that are qualified and responsible and you happen to have all the qualifications, that singular image may disqualify you, because to him you are exposing sensitive parts of your body.

With this example I have given above you must have seen a good reason for you to scan your pictures and ensure there are no pictures that could deny you your employment or job opportunity.

I hope these points listed here have enlightened you on how you can create a good online profile, just simply follow them as they are simple things you can possibly do that would help you have a good online profile.

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