How to Start Bottle Water Business in Nigeria

The business of bottled water is great business to invest in. The business entails packing and storing water in plastic and in some cases glass for people to buy and consume. The water used can be mineral or spring water.

There are various sizes and shapes of bottles that can be used to suit and meet the numerous needs and tastes of the public.

Why Should You Start Bottle Water Business ?

There are various reasons why the business of bottled water will be a great business to start and establish and they include the following:

(1) Water Demand is High

There is the saying that water is life. Water is a product that is very important to the existence of people and life. People are always thirsty and need water to drink and therefore can not do without buying water.

There are drinks and juices which still need to be made with the aid of water but none can replace water as an important drink for life.

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People these days are more aware of the need and importance to live a healthy and fulfilling life and therefore watch the type of water they drink and consume. There are a lot of dangers associated with drinking water that is not clean and safe as this can lead to lot of diseases like typhoid which can lead to serious health challenges for people.

People are more inclined to buy bottled water that is seen and considered safe and reduce their health problems.


Today in Nigeria there is more awareness of the need to keep the environment safe and clean. In Nigeria for example people buy a lot of sachet water known as “pure water” which is a fast moving product.

Pure water sells a lot due to the fact that it is a far cheaper source of packaged water. Because people purchase it a lot and dispose the sachets discriminately, this leads to the degradation and messing up of the environment.

Due to these problems affecting the environment, there have been talks that the government for some years has been thinking of the idea of placing a ban on sachet water because of the harm they are causing the environment and making it untidy.

If this is eventually done, it will lead to massive upward surge in the purchase of bottled water which is considered safer than pure water, leading to more profit in the business.

(2) The Weather is Always Hot

Water sells through out the year, but in tropical regions and hot countries like Nigeria they are sure to sell more. Nigeria has two major seasons the dry and wet season.

The wet season has a lot of rains and the weather is cool but also in this period people still need to drink water as it is very essential.

In the dry season, we have a lot of heat and dryness which makes people consume water a lot causing a rise in the demand for the product.

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What Do You Need to Start Bottle Water Business in Nigeria?

(1) Business Registration

You will need to register the business and get the necessary approval from the relevant authorities.

Nigeria and other countries take the issue of water business in general and bottled water in particular very serious as it concerns life. For this reason you will need to meet some laid down rules and regulations that are specified for this type of business.

(2) Register with NAFDAC: In Nigeria the organization in charge for inspecting and making sure requirements for this type of business are met is known as NAFDAC (National agency for food and drug administration and control).

It will be good for you on your part to know the requirements to be able to implement them.

(3) Choose a Good Business Location

There are those that believe that location for this type of business does not really matter, but it will be good to get your building in a good location.

Get an area that is close to your customers such as residential areas, offices and hotels and restaurants. Also make sure you get a place that is very spacious and separate the administration areas from the production areas as this is a requirement.

Also the place should be clean, tidy and neat as to make the production process go well and smoothly.

(4) Buy Relevant Equipment

The following equipment will be needed for the business


(5) Employ Workers

You will need to get people to work with you when you start and especially when the business grows and expands. It is better you get people who are experienced but if that is not possible whoever you get will have to be trained.

(5) Buy Power Generating Set

Due to the poor power supply in the country, this will be a major requirement to able to give power for the business to operate.

(6) Buy Van(s) for Distribution

When the need for distributing and delivering the products to your customers arises you will need a means of transportation, vans should be bought.

This is a good business to do, you can advertise the business by giving out flyers within your business environment and networking.

Also make sure you do a good feasibility report and have a good customer service.

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