Human Capital Innovation Secret for Prosperous Nigerians and Nigeria

“Human Capital Innovation Secret for Prosperous Nigerians and Nigeria” This is a guest submission by IJIGBAN OKETA. The National Coordinator Arise Nigeria Global Mission. Contact detail is at the end of the article. 

What Nigeria is urgently in need of is Human Capital Innovation system for human and national transformation which shall deliver justice, rule of law, peaceful co-existence and good governance, value re-orientation and effective leadership etc.

Human capital is a set of general knowledge of life or times; principles of nature or the supernatural as a way of life to enhance human and material development. Human capital development is not all about building of schools, colleges, universities and institutions etc as many people have erroneously concluded.

This study and research since 2015 has lead us, my Team to the discovery and development of a human capital development system called the Universal System of Leadership (USLS) as a need and responsibility of everyone who desires a better life and nation as well as to succeed better personally.

The Universal System of Leadership Service is the greatest time innovation of the 21st Century for personal and national transformation. A National education and adoption of the USLS can turn Nigeria/Nigeria into the desire prosperous nation and people within just 2-3.

The Need to Focus on the Right Solution

For the avoidance of doubt, let me stress that focusing on the wrong solutions or perception will not help Nigeria or Nigerians as it has always been. Now you may know that:

1. The solution is not purely in technical or technological innovations. The world is not currently in short supply of technology and there are many good technologies and innovations that cannot be afforded by many people today. Also there are many technologies which are being tailored to destroy mankind in millions and also destroy the universe within few hours than can be made/repair in thousands of years.

2. The true solution is not when everyone is able to attend a formal school. It is true that if everyone could get a school grade today that they world will instantly become better. Are there not many who are in and out of schools but do not have jobs? Have some educated fellows not killed themselves or killed others? So that’s not the grand problem or solution;

3. The solution is not when everyone has enough money or equal amount of money to acquire all their needs or desire. Having enough money is not the prove of success and money is not always enough and certainly there will always be difference in the amount of money people hold per time and no economy can provide such equality;

4. The solution is not just in protesting or having yourself killed because you want to create forceful change or rebelling against a constituted authority. God is not interested in your death so that our nation or the world will be restored;

5. The solution is not in building more or large/beautiful religious houses for the entire world or nations to visit or such that we can all go there to pray/worship; We have enough believers in God already to seek and anchor divine solution(s); We are not like Sodom and Gomorrah where the last quota of 10 righteous persons could not be found for the interlocutory injunction for the angles to stay execution;

6. The solution is not when all those who are of age are able to marry; get married or are bearing children; the fact is that the world is not in need of married people or children to become better or for the hard times to become less severe; I hope you know; calm down;

7. The solution is not in having one currency; military or universal president over the entire world; that is a direct form of human tyranny and satanic oppressive tendency. It is not what the hard times need to become lightened upon mankind or for human transformation


The absence of the above is not the real reason the times became so hard in the first place. And it is not the presence of any or all the above that would make the hard times lighten or lead mankind into the next phase of human and universal transformation (the Emerging New Millennium).

We may invest in infrastructure without investing in the people.

Understanding/Deploying the Universal System of Leadership (USLS)

The USLS is the core solution focusing you and us together- i.e building a great people with a shared goal of human and national transformation. Today, most people including the Governments may be doing their best but truly their best is becoming very ineffective or not good enough hence the need for this great innovation. It is a collective effort and responsibility of everyone (old or young; Muslim or Christian) etc who desires to succeed further and better and also for a better/prosperous Nigeria.

The solution to Nigeria is in Nigeria with Nigerians who are willing to adopt innovative solutions to life according to the times we live in. The USLS is proudly Nigerian; let us value our innovations and judiciously use what we have by first making our people great with this innovation, if not all the foreign aids or loans in the world will not help us become the best we should be.

The Universal System of Leadership Service (USLS) will not only make Nigerians the most valuable people on the universe but certainly launch Nigeria into the new destination of the world; the Nigerianization of Africa and the Africanization of world.  The world shall be called Nigeria.

Find out More on public exposition on the greatest human capital innovation of the 21st century; the Universal System of Leadership System Service, please call

Tel: 0703738414, 09076821115


Grand Innovator of the Universal System of Leadership Service (USLS) & Convener: National Prayer Crusade for Divine Intervention in Nigeria  

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