Nigeria’s Startups Are Beating the Odds

You would think that Nigeria is the last place on Earth to be called a proper tech hub. As it turns out, there’s quite a bit that determines the Silicon Vale nature of this African country. For starters, the young population is usually linked to quite a bit of creativity.

Young people are not quite set in their ways and they want to push the boundaries of what is known. Can anyone really blame them? We don’t think so. And so, Nigeria’s startups are all there to help everyone who is looking to invest a lot of capital.

Even without capital, Nigeria’s startups are actually beating the odds.

A Lot of Educated Young People

If there is one thing about Nigeria’s startups, that is that they tap into a low of smart people. Believe it or not, there are armies of capable programmers and IT specialists in Nigeria. The Internet has made it super simple for anyone to just go ahead and pick a trade.

Plain and simple, people are studying while holding down other jobs. And then the IT industry allows them to get quickly promoted throughout their social status and enjoy a very good return on the two or so years really helps them improve their quality of life.

Nigeria’s Startups Are Beating the Odds

But guess what, it’s not a matter of improving your life in the short-term, like a good job you know you are only going to hold for a fair bit before it all blows up in your face, the bubble bursts and you no longer have anything else to do.

No, Nigeria’s young people are investing in themselves through rigorous studying and it’s paying off.

A Huge Market

Nigeria is a huge market. Are you not quite sure about that? Well, you better be, because there are around 190 million people living in the country and this means that a lot of these people are potential customers. Stimulating the economy should definitely come on top of people’s priorities and it is definitely something that young entrepreneurs are fixed on.

There are all sorts of creative ideas in Nigeria. You could be looking for a serviceman to help you with locksmithing or plumbing, and surely there is already a platform that offers you an opportunity to look some of the best handymen out there.

Not sure where to start? For more information click here and you will get access to some of the finest handymen out there. Yes, the IT industry can really get a lot of things done for you – whatever the original industry that is being boosted by IT.

Opportunity to Influence Others

One thing that Nigeria can be proud of is the country’s IT acumen. That’s great not only because the domestic market is very strong, but also because it’s very easy to see how people can actually influence the region as a whole.

Africa is a world on its own and while it’s been ignored by foreign investment, this has taught everyone an important lesson – they have to be their own guides in life. This is quite possible and there is a quick way to achieve it.

Influencing the region and the countries around Nigeria would bring the country positive experiences, such as business networks, new partners, and far more importantly – fresh business opportunities.

Not least of all, Nigeria will take the front seat in creating opportunities for others. Savvy in IT could actually help the country develop innovative start-ups and more. As things stand, Nigeria can exceed in IT, but later on, the country would be able to leverage a highly-educated population and help everyone focus on overcoming the challenges that mother nature poses.

Not least of these challenges is global warming, supply scarcity such as water and food, and others. Nigeria needs to move quicker and sooner than many other countries. Water supply is getting worse as it’s contaminated and we are all exposed to a growing number of not so tasty and good sources of water.

And so, Nigeria knows it’s alone and it doesn’t actually get over-confident in relying on political and trade alliances. This may seem a bit of a lonely business, but it has helped the Nigerian start-up culture flourish.

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