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Personal Details in Resume: Examples and Things to Avoid

Everyone looking for work wants to make a good impression on their prospective employer. Your CV and the way you present yourself in it are the most crucial factors in determining your job success. You need to understand certain fundamental concepts regarding the resume-writing process in order to make a potential employer want to learn more about you and hire you right away. For instance, you will discover right away which personal information in a resume is pertinent and which you should omit from the record.

Your resume, also known as your CV (curriculum vitae), is what a potential employer looks at first. So, if you’re keen to create a good impression and land this job, your resume needs to be interesting and solely highlight your best qualities. When writing a CV, you may occasionally wonder, “Do I need to include personal information on my resume?” You do, but you must still filter the information you post there. We care just as much about you getting your dream job as you do, so we’ve put together some helpful advice about personal information in resumes and how to incorporate it. Personal Details in Resume: Examples and Things to Avoid

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Personal Details in Resume: Examples and Things to Avoid
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Personal details in a resume: what to include?

Everyone wants their resume to be distinctive to an employer in a positive way and stick out among hundreds of others. However, not everyone is aware of how to do it correctly, particularly if they are applying for their first job ever and have never written a resume before. Sometimes people reveal too much personal information to the point that their resume resembles a profile on a dating website. The individual’s resume must reflect them as a professional and demonstrate their depth of knowledge and experience. You must persuade the person in charge of hiring you that you are the ideal applicant for the position and that they should set up the interview in order to speak with you in person. Therefore, it’s critical to understand which details about oneself to provide and which to omit. Information Guide Nigeria

So, the following are some instances of resume personal information that would be very appreciated to include and would be crucial to your job application process:

  • Name. The name on your CV is obviously the most crucial section because an employer wants to know how to address you. As a result, you must emphasize the significance of your name by writing it on the top page in larger letters than everything else. To ensure that the name is the first thing a recruiter sees, center the name and make the letters bold. Some people have lengthy names that contain many surnames and middle names. In this situation, it would generally be appropriate to only write your first name, last name, and possibly a middle name instead of your whole name. Making your name big and obvious on your CV makes sense because it’s a crucial tool for selling yourself to an employer.
  • Address. Your current address, which must be included in the CV, is another crucial piece of information. There are many advantages to including your address because it shows your company that you are reliable. No one wants to work with someone who has a high likelihood of leaving in a few months, so finding people who are stationed somewhere permanently and aren’t constantly moving around will become advantageous for a company. Additionally, if you reside close to the location of employment, that could be a plus in your application. 20 Best Women Slippers and their Prices in Nigeria
  • Call-in number. If a recruiter wants to set up an interview with you soon, they must get in touch with you. This indicates that including your phone number on your resume is essential. The person in charge of hiring you will want to speak with you briefly, hear your voice, and learn about your expectations for the position. You should always double-check your resume’s phone number entry to make sure you wrote it accurately because typos can occur. Additionally, you should include information in your resume about any specific times when it is best not to call you and when you can receive calls.

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  • Address for email. You must include this additional crucial piece of personal information in your resume if you want to improve your chances of being hired. When using an email account, there are some rules to follow. You must first provide your personal email address rather than your business email. Aside from that, you must pay particular attention to your username, which must always be professional and ideally contain only your complete name and possibly a couple of numbers that could be your birth date. Avoid using a bunch of strange letters, numbers, or silly internet nicknames. The email address with a name like “supersmileycoolgirl@gmail.com” or “jdsdjsdj93238@gmail.com” should not be included. Instead, “marysmith1990@gmail.com” would be a perfect email address for the employment résumé. Although having a working email address is not essential, it can nevertheless leave an impression on a recruiter and demonstrate your responsibility and commitment to your work.
  • Other contact information Recruiters may request access to your social media accounts occasionally to determine whether you have a solid reputation. If you’re going to give the other contacts your Facebook profile, feel free to do so as long as it doesn’t contain any offensive posts or photographs. For instance, you should throw away those pictures of you and your pals from your most recent vacation if you intend to apply for a job at a reputable company.
  • profile on LinkedIn. Although it is not required, more and more job seekers are adding links to their LinkedIn profiles to improve their prospects. This website makes it very easy to build a strong portfolio for yourself, where you can include some extra details about your background and qualifications as an insurance.
  • Positive facts about you that are applicable to the position. If your employment involves driving, for instance, you would wish to emphasize that you have a spotless driving record. You can also provide a link to the website you worked on if you are looking for a position as a web designer. Don’t mention anything that might be unrelated to what you are about to perform, though, unless your job specifically needs it. This will help you look better. Saying that you took dance classes as a teenager would probably not be appropriate if you were applying for work as a programmer

For a higher chance of landing the job of your dreams, you should think about including those things in your resume. However, this is merely the beginning. You need to be aware of things that it is highly discouraged for you to include in your resume. These can have an impact on your prospects of joining this business.

Which personal details you should not include?

Never forget to maintain a professional demeanor. Many people make the error of disclosing a little bit too much personal information and fail to remember that this is a working document and that not everything you say may be pertinent to the position. Here are a few things you should never include in your resume.

Photograph. Yes, including your photo on a resume is a widespread practice in several parts of the world. However, anti-discrimination rules that ensure that a person is not evaluated just on the basis of their appearance but also their professional abilities have recently been recognized in English-speaking nations. Nigeria also has anti-discrimination laws intended to safeguard employees. Instead of a CV, you might upload a professional-looking photo to your LinkedIn page.

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The birthdate. The fight against age discrimination is also addressed by the statutes stated above. An applicant’s age has no bearing on their professional abilities. Depending on the role, companies would occasionally favor older or younger candidates, but there are now rules prohibiting this injustice everywhere in the world. As a result, it is now unlawful to include this information on your CV because it may cause issues for a potential employer.

Location of birth Your birthplace shouldn’t matter to a potential job. The fact that you are here and prepared to start working on this project because you think you have what it takes to succeed in it is all that matters.

Status of marriage. It’s another factor that can lead an employer to treat you unfairly. Some employers have differing views on married and single persons and favor one group over the other. Due to anti-discrimination legislation, people no longer list their marital status on a résumé and instead place a greater emphasis on showcasing their professional abilities.

Status of the union. It’s an additional element that might influence an employer to treat you unjustly. Certain employers have varying opinions on married and single people and prefer one group over the other. Anti-discrimination laws have made it illegal to disclose someone’s marital status on a resume, so instead, people now focus more on exhibiting their professional skills.

Nationality. In the past, nationality played a significant role in the prejudice that occurred. People have frequently experienced job rejection as a result of this factor. This means that because you are no longer required to list your citizenship on a resume, you can focus all of your attention on outlining your best accomplishments and experiences. Including nationality in your application is only appropriate if you are looking for a position with a specific government agency whose positions are only open to native inhabitants of that country. However, it is typically strongly encouraged to leave out nationality.

Gender. In the past, it was customary to include your gender on your résumé along with other personal information. Recently, though, this tradition has disappeared and is no longer very widespread. Though it is often extremely obvious, it is now against the law for an employer to inquire about a person’s gender. To understand that someone named “Lucy” is a female and someone named “Jonathan” is a guy, for instance, does not require much thought. It does not accomplish anything for yet another reason. However, if a specific gender is desired by the company and the gender of the applicant cannot be determined from the name, you can include some hints, such as the prefixes “Mr,” “Mrs,” or “Miss.” However, it is typically not necessary, particularly when a recruiter is searching for a professional regardless of gender.

present-day pay. This shouldn’t be on the CV because an employer will base your pay on your professional qualifications and how well-suited they believe you are for the position. The majority of the time, they won’t give a damn about your previous employer’s pay.

the current salary. Because an employer will base your wage on your professional credentials and how well-suited they believe you are for the position, this shouldn’t be on the CV. They frequently don’t care how much you were paid by your former employer.

Details and personal circumstances. We occasionally have gaps in our employment history. You could mention the periods when you weren’t employed, but it is not necessary to go into detail about the causes of your unemployment and your activities at that time. You can just state “personal circumstances,” but it’s not a good idea to write a lengthy essay describing why you were unemployed. During an interview, a recruiter may inquire further if they are interested. 20 Best Men’s Slippers in Nigeria and their Prices

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Each exam’s results. Over the course of our lives, we have taken numerous tests, but not all of them are pertinent. You have the option to submit details about your most significant tests, which demonstrate your expertise in the field you’re ready to work in. For instance, if you are seeking a position as an English teacher, you can mention the grade you received on your university or graduation exam in English so that a potential employer can see that you have a strong command of the language. However, nobody will care about every grade you ever received.

Simply unimportant things Of course, an employer doesn’t need to be aware of your dog’s name, what you have for breakfast, or whether you have a lovely face. You’d be astonished to learn that some people actually make lists like this when asking why finding a job is so challenging.

The reasons why you should not include these things in your resume are mostly the following: they are outdated, discriminatory, or not interesting to employers.

The samples of personal details in the resume

It is only normal to want to look at a sample when you are looking for work. Even yet, writing a CV is still made simpler when you have a good example to follow in front of you. In order to make the process of creating your resume much easier, we have produced a collection of personal information resume samples for you that includes samples and templates for many professions. NYSC Portal

A graphic designer’s resume You are a gifted person who takes pleasure in building websites and other internet projects. You have a ton of experience in this field as well. Maybe creating your own CV left you feeling a little lost. You now have access to a fantastic graphic designer resume sample, so you won’t need to worry about writing your own.

CV for a cashier. Another well-liked position among young people and older people is cashier, where personal qualities such as attention to detail, adaptability, and dedication are more important than years of experience. You currently have the opportunity to fill out the cashier resume sample. JAMB Portal

Teacher resume. People who have some in-depth knowledge in a specific area and are ready to share it with students. A good teacher, however, needs to have a lot of high professional and personal skills to be able to pass their knowledge effectively. This means that you should list all of your strongest qualities on the teacher resume sample that you submit to your potential boss.

Resume for a sales manager The salesperson must be energetic and perform well in order to bring in a good amount of money for the business. If you are certain that you are the best candidate for the job, you can fill out the sales manager resume sample and look at the information you need to include.

Nurse Resume. If you have a degree in medicine and are applying for a job at the local hospital, being a nurse could be a good trampoline for your career. That is why it is essential to learn which facts to include in your resume. The nurse resume sample will help you out with it.

Resume for retail. Numerous establishments constantly require fresh retail employees. You should also put together a functional resume that highlights all of your best abilities if you want to job in retail. Consequently, you can use the retail resume sample as inspiration for your own.

A retail resume. Numerous businesses are continually looking for new retail personnel. If you want to work in retail, you should also create a functional resume that shows all of your strongest skills. So you may create your own, utilize the retail resume example as a model.

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CV for a chef. A talented chef should be able to manage the staff, keep an eye on the kitchen, and do a variety of other duties in addition to making delicious dishes. If you are a skilled chef, there are many restaurants looking for you, thus the chef resume sample will be helpful to you.

CV for a social worker. A social worker is responsible for handling a broad range of duties. Most of them have to do with helping patients who suffer from various complications and supporting them emotionally. Social workers must be fully committed to their work and give it their all. If you are certain that you can accomplish this, look at the sample social worker resume and write your own.Romantic Love Messages

There are many more popular vocations than the ones we’ve included. You’re in luck because practically every job offers a sample resume online that you can use. There are numerous career-specific pointers on how to write a strong CV and grab an employer’s attention. Each one provides expert guidance on how to create a CV for the position you are interested in. Good Morning Love Message

Your resume’s personal information matters more than you might think. Never undervalue the significance of writing an outstanding CV. It serves as your “face” in the professional world and is a factor that employers will consider. Don’t wait; take control of your future by obtaining the needed permission from your ideal employer. We will support you every step of the way!


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