Shopping List of Baby things to Buy in Nigeria and Prices

The article contains full list of baby things to buy in Nigeria, where to buy them and their prices. Are you expecting a baby soon? If yes, then take a closer look at this specially prepared shopping list of baby items in Nigeria for your new born baby and their prices.

Here we write about baby things to buy during pregnancy or baby things to buy before delivery. This article also contains baby things to buy in other countries apart from Nigeria. Our emphasis was Nigerian so that we can quote the prices.

Most expectant mothers, especially the first-timers, often struggle brainstorming on baby items to buy before delivery to to take care of themselves and their kid(s) after delivery.

This baby items list will help you to stay organized and well prepared before the eventful day. It will also help you to know the financial implications of the awaiting prince or princes. It will also act as a source of inspiration to know new baby gifts ideas if you want to give a surprise baby gifts to your friend and relative.

There are quite a number of baby items to buy if you don’t already have some. For most first timers, you may need to budget a significant amount for this purpose.

Although there are many baby things list to buy when you are expecting a baby, we have listed the most essential ones for you in this post and their respective prices. There are various baby things to prepare before delivery. These are what to buy before baby is born checklist as well as things baby needs after birth.

We also included baby items pictures to help you to better understand the features of what you really need. This post will serve at the ultimate baby items checklist. You should save this page and use it while you buy them.

The good thing these days in that you can sit at your home and order your baby things online from top online stores such as Konga, Jumia or Amazon and receive your goods right at your doorstep using shoptomydoor services.

You can buy your baby products from Amazon and ship it to Nigeria. See: How to Buy Goods at Amazon and Ship to Nigeria Using Shoptomydoor

Please note that these baby things prices listed here are just estimates an may change according to time, season and even at purchasing points.

Shopping List baby things to buy in Nigeria and Prices

Here we go…

A. list of baby things to buy before birth.

Here are things to buy before baby arrives checklist; Most of the things are personal things you will need and a pregnant woman during labor as well as items you will use to take care of yourself and the kid immediately after delivery. You should definitely need to go with these items to the hospital.

  1.  Toilet tissue paper – Buy from Jumia
  2. Soaps (Medicated and Toilet soaps) – from Jumia
  3. Disinfectants – Buy 1 Litre Detol from Jumia
  4. Dusting Powder and body powder – Buy from Jumia
  5. Towel (Face towel) – Buy from Jumia
  6. Detergents – Buy from Jumia
  7. Diapers – Buy from Jumia
  8. Baby cloths (unisex unless you know the sex of your unborn baby). Buy in pairs if your are expecting a twin. – Buy from Jumia

Details are listed below…

Feeding baby things to buy – Newborn List

1. Baby Formula (Starter) from birth to three months of age. This is very important. If you are not breastfeeding your kid well especially for career mothers, it’s very important that you invest on richer alternatives when it comes to feeding your infant at the early stage or growth and development.

There are many infant formulas and few good ones are listed below.

  • Enfamil Infant Baby Formula – 22.2 oz Powder –  Buy from Jumia
  • Earth’s Best Organic, Infant Formula with Iron – Buy from Jumia

  • Similac Advance Early Shield, Formula, Powder  – Buy from Jumia

  • Gerber Good Start Soothe Powder Infant Formula – – Buy from Jumia

  • Enfagrow Toddler Transitions Infant and Toddler Formula – – Buy from Jumia

  • Lactogen 1 Starter Formula With Gentle Start 400g (about N1,000 plus). This product is very scarce in the market thi days. You may be very lucky to see it
  • Nestle Nan Infant Formula Stage 1 400g Buy from Konga

Please Read: How to Buy Goods at Amazon and Ship to Nigeria Using Shoptomydoor

2. Nursing pillow to help you comfortably support your baby when feedings to avoid back painBuy from Jumia

3. Nursing bra(s) – for   swollen and tender breasts – Buy from Jumia

4. Breast pads for absorbing milk and to avoid spilling – Buy from Jumia

5. Feeding bottles and teats, brush for washing bottles – Buy from Jumia

6. Sterilizing equipment – Buy from Konga

7. Hot water Flask – Buy from Jumia

8. Bibs  – Buy from Jumia


1. Baby bathing Set: – Buy from Jumia

2. A soft but thick towels (big and small) – Buy from Jumia

3. Wash cloth by gerber – Buy from Jumia

4. Baby soap, lotion, oil and Powder like: pears baby, Aveeno baby is popularly known by most Nigerian mothers. – Buy from Jumia

5. Baby soft brush for hair – Buy from Jumia

6. Petroleum Jelly e.g Blue seal Vaseline – Buy from Jumia

7. Olive oil serves act as moisturizer for babies – Buy from Jumia

8. Baby nail scissors or clippers – Buy from Jumia

9. Cotton wool balls and rubbing alcohol – Buy from Jumia

10. Wardrobe Closet for storage – – Buy from Jumia

₦29,999 Buy it Here from Konga and pay on delivery nationwide


1. Baby cot or Crib – Buy from Jumia

2. Mattress: Shop for Mattress to fit your baby’s basket or cot – Buy from Jumia

3. Bed Sheets as require, baby sleeping and bag blankets. – Buy from Jumia

4. Mosquito net. – Buy from Jumia



1. A size-able box or a bag to pack baby items – Buy from Jumia

2. Clothing for newborns especially indoors and outdoor wears

3. Day clothes – Buy from Jumia

4. Mittens – Buy from Jumia

5. Sets of sleep suits – Buy from Jumia

6. Cotton Shirts – Buy from Jumia

7. Cotton pants to fit – Buy from Jumia

8. Leggings or pull-on pants – Buy from Jumia

9. Cotton sweater – Buy from Jumia

10. Knit cap – Buy from Jumia

11. Hats –

12. Sock and shoes – Buy from Jumia

Baby new Cloths here from Konga and pay on delivery nationwide


1. Soap, Toothbrush, toothpaste, comb and deodorant, body cream, – Buy from Jumia

2. Sanitary pads – Buy from Jumia

3. Disposable Pants (or Pampas) – Buy from Jumia

Health – Newborn List

1. First aid Kit – Buy from Jumia

2. Digital thermometer – Buy from Jumia

3. Baby nail scissors – Buy from Jumia

4. Humidifier – Buy from Jumia

Baby Safety

1. Safety gates –

2. Baby monitor – Buy from Jumia

Baby Entertainment

1. Pacifiers and toys – Buy from Jumia

2. Baby swing and bouncers – Buy from Jumia

3. Crawling mat – Buy from Jumia

4. Baby gym precious planet – Buy from Jumia


1. Baby carrier – Buy from Jumia

2. Baby strollers – Buy from Jumia

3. Baby Car seats – Buy from Jumia



1. Diaper changing bag – Buy from Jumia

2. Nappies – buy a few cotton nappies or cloth diaper – Buy from Jumia

3. Bucket with a secure lid for soaking before washing – Buy from Jumia

4. Wipes for cleaning your baby’s bottom during changing. – Buy from Jumia

5. Diaper cream or petroleum jelly – Buy from Jumia

6. Diaper disposal system or disposable trash bag – Buy from Jumia

7. Baby wipes – Buy from Jumia

8. Changing table

9. Changing mat – Buy from Jumia

10. Hand Sanitizer – Buy from Jumia

There you go… Happy delivering and a big Hi5!

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