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How to Start Computer Repair Business

In this guide, I will show you how to start computer repair business. This is a business that has a high success rate and high potential for growth considering the amount of computer systems we have in our country now.

The business if it is well planned and managed can grow so well to an extent it can open more avenues and areas for related businesses like selling computers for example.

The business involves fixing and repairing people’s computers that are faulty, damaged and bad and making them work again and be in condition and taking a fee for offering such services.

This is a business that seems more suited for younger people who are yet to enter tertiary institution or have graduated from school, are looking for jobs or for a particular reason have lost their jobs.

This does not mean people who are older can not start this business, actually older people who are patient and dedicated and willing to learn can also try and go into the business.

For those who are interested to set up a business of their own and be their own boss, this could actually be the business they have been looking for.

Also if you are looking for a business that is based on “hand trade” that requires you depending on your skills and knowledge this is also a business you could be interested in.

A good thing of this business is that it can be started on a small scale with little amount of money and you can save more money by starting the business from your home from where with patience and hard work you can little by little bit by bit grow the business to large successful company.

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Reasons why you should Start Computer Repair Business


There a lot of computers in the society making this a good business to do. People make use of computers a lot daily to perform various duties and activities across various sectors of the economy.

People use computers domestically in their homes, offices, various sectors of the economy like banking, health, education and a lot others, even the government is not left out as a lot of government agencies make use of computers.

Also computers serve a lot of uses and purposes they are used for entertainment, academic work, business and lot more.

With a lot of computers in the society and with a lot things they are used for, there will definitely be times and periods when they develop a fault or get damaged.

Instead of replacing them and buying a new computer, most people will first of all find out if it can be repaired and will therefore look for someone to repair it for them.


A good aspect of this business is that it can be done and practiced at any time during the year. There are businesses that thrive at particular periods of the year as they are dependent on a particular season or holiday period to make money.

With the business of repairing computers, you are not restricted to any period of the year or season to make money as this is a business that can be done on a daily basis during any period.

Considering a lot of people use computers daily, there will be a lot of repairs to be made as different people’s computers also get spoilt daily.

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Considering that a lot of people now do not have a computer and they are still going to buy in the future this is surely a business that has a high potential and does not seem like slowing down any time soon.

Requirements to Start Computer Repair Business

1. Get the Skills

Before starting this business you will need to learn how to repair a computer. So before starting, it will be good to get a training school that will teach you possible problems a computer may have and how to adequately deal , solve and fix the problem.

Ensure you find a good place where you will be well taught to excel in the business. If you can not afford the training fee, get an experienced person who knows the business well enough to teach you for less fee or even free.

After getting the training and knowledge and starting the business, you should not think it is all over. We see a lot of changes occur in technology in the world today with a lot of innovations happening and products developed.

Make sure you keep in touch with latest technology and innovations and learn them as this will help you in getting more customers and grow your business faster and better.

2. Choose a Nice Business Location

You can start from home as you will be the only one involved in the business at the start. Once the business starts growing as you get more customers, you can move to a good location and rent a shop or office space with a lot of activities going on with a lot of people around.

3. Hire Competent Staff

At this point you can decide to employ a person or two to assist you with the increased work load to aid the flow of the business.

When employing people make sure they are well experienced and can help you satisfy your customers and improve your business.

This is a good business to invest in and learn. Conduct a feasibility study to cover all areas of the business and avoid any mistakes. Register the business and make sure you meet the requirements of the business as laid down by the authorities.

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You can advertise the business by using flyers, hand bills and business cards to promote the business.

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