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Top Ten Banks in Nigeria You Can Trust

Here in this post, we are going to bring you top ten bank in Nigeria you can trust. We hope you find this article informative and invaluable.

There are ten top banks in Nigeria that have performed extremely well in all ramifications, and they are capable of being reliable and trustworthy, should anyone actually find a bank to do business with, he or she can rely on any of the top ten banks in Nigeria that I am about to discuss in this article. Nevertheless, below are the top ten banks in Nigeria.

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Top Ten Banks in Nigeria You Can Trust
Top Ten Banks in Nigeria You Can Trust – Photo Source:

1. The Central Bank of Nigeria

The Central Bank of Nigeria was actually established in the year 1958, since then the Central Bank of Nigeria has thrived to be what it is today. Although the Central Bank of Nigeria is quite popular in the country because of its functions, it is this same bank that is empowered to control the entire sectors of economy in Nigeria.

In controlling the whole Nigerian economic sector, the Central Bank of Nigeria has some main targets by it controlled, these main targets are:

– It is the function of the Central Bank of Nigeria to ensure that, there is price stability in the country;

-It is the function of the Central Bank of Nigeria to ensurr that there is sound financial system in the country.

– it is expected of the Central Bank of Nigeria to work as an advisory body or source of financial and economic advice.

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2. Diamond Bank Nigeria

Diamond bank is one of the ten top banks in Nigeria considered as popular and reliable and trustworthy for business transactions.

According to record, the Diamond bank was founded in the year, 1990. Apart from being popular, Diamond bank is among the leading financial houses in the country, and from records however too, Diamond bank’s total assets are estimated to about over N5 trillion.

The Diamond bank, whose branches are spread over United Kingdom, and Cote d’Ivore, and Benin, and Senegal, and Togo, etc, its customer deposits are estimated to over N206 million

3. Access Bank Nigeria

The Access bank is equally a popular bank in Nigeria, and it is considered a multinational commercial bank. The Access bank was licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, just like all other banks in the country.

Access bank has its corporate Headquarters in Lagos. Record had it that, the Access bank started its business right in the financial market, sometimes in the year 1989, and that was the actual year that it got its license. the Access bank has about 309 offices across Nigeria.

Over 1600 automatic cash dispensers are said to be owned by the Access bank. In fact, according to the available data, customer deposits now run into N33 trillion. Accordingly, the Access bank Nigeria ranked the 532nd position among the top 1000 banks globally.

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4. First Bank Of Nigeria

First bank is one of the longest serving banks in the country. The first bank actually entered financial industry in about 1894, and today, as we speak, the First bank has been considered as a bank that has occupied a leading position in the Nigerian banking sector.

According to record, the First bank remained one of the key creditors that makes provision for a global range of banking services, and its total assets are estimated  to about N25 trillion.

Why used the First bank of Nigeria?

-It has the easiest paperwork

-Payment in the First bank is convenience

-Its approach to its cients is business encouraging

-Its ability of using modern technologies for operations

-It has the ability to control of funds permanently

5. Ecobank Nigeria

Ecobank is a banking group, and it operates in many African countries including Nigeria. Ecobank, being an independent bank, is a leading independent banking group mostly in the Central Africa and in the Eastern Africa. The Ecobank is reputed to have over 750 offices in just 32 countries on the African continent alone.

Ecobank focus is on almost all the banking services, although it also cater for individuals. Record had it that, the total assets of Ecobank run into N1.146 trillion, with headquarters in Lomé, being the capital city of Republic of Togo.

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6. Fidelity Bank Nigeria

Fidelity bank is another popular bank in Nigeria, whose headquarters is at Lagos. Fidelity bank stepped into financial sphere in the year, 1988, then as a merchant bank.

The bank became commercial bank in 1999 and then, in 2001, Fidelity bank was transformed into a universal bank, and that was in February of that year to be precised.

And that was when it occupied position among most important banks in Nigeria. Today, Fidelity bank operates in over 150 branches in main commercial centers across the country.

According to some records, customer deposits is running into about N806 billion, with  total assets of about N8 trillion. This is quite interesting!

7. United Bank For Africa

One of the famous banks in this country is the United bank for Africa. The Bank was founded in 1949, quite a long time away from today, and today, the United bank for Africa in considerable ranked to be one of the leading banking industry in Africa. And it is about 19 countries in Africa, is the United bank for Africa in operating, with over 750 office in the continent.

8. Union Bank Of Nigeria

This is another popular bank in Nigeria, considered to be a large commercial bank. The Union bank of Nigeria entered into financial industry in about 1917, then a colonial bank.

Infact, one of the oldest bank in Nigeria is the Union bank of Nigeria, check record. Union bank of Nigeria, which occupied the number 14th position in the African continent bank ranking, has assets worth over $6.130 billion.

9. Zenith Bank Nigeria

The Zenith bank commenced its business in 1990. As we speak now, Zenith bank is believed to be among the outstanding and biggest and leading financial institutions in the African continent.

The Zenith bank total assets are estimated at about N16 trillion, even as its branches spread across African continent. You can find the Zenith bank in countries such as Gambia, and Ghana, and Sierra Leone, and South Africa and England among other counties.

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10. Keystone Bank Nigeria

Keystone bank, though not quite old is also considered one of the popular banks in Nigeria. The Bank actually came into financial business in the year, 2011, with over 200 offices. Keystone bank is owned by the Asset Management Company of Nigeria, and has total assets that exceeded 8 billion dollars.


You can now see those top ten banks in Nigeria, which are considered the top ten best banks in Nigeria, where you can choose which of the banks to do business with.

From the available records, the aforementioned top ten banks in Nigeria are considered reliance, trustworthy for business transactions.

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