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UNIBEN Post UTME Past Questions for Arts and Education pdf: 100% FREE

Are you an Arts or Education student aspirant in UNIBEN? if yes, see the 100% FREE UNIBEN Post UTME Past Questions and answers here. These past questions are suitable for LAW AND ART, INTERNATIONAL STUDIES AND DIPLOMACY, ENGLISH EDUCATION, PSYCHOLOGY, THEATER ART



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Time Allow 1 Hour 15 mins.



Read this following instruction carefully

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  1. Use HB PENCIL to shade your answers. Ensure that any shading in error is thoroughly erased.
  2. Candidate should indicate the question paper types given to them in the appropriate space in the answer sheet
  3. Write your jamb registration number on the question paper in the space provided at the top of page 1.
  4. Use the calculator and/or a similar electronic device is not allowed.



In each of question 1 to 9, choose the option nearest in meaning to the word(s) or phrase in italic.

  1. The young man who distributed political pamphlet on campus was promptly repudiated (a) disowned (b) arrested  (c) warned       (d) killed
  2. Adayi is die-hard criminal (a) hard to kill           (b) hard to arrest       (c) remorseless    (d) resent less
  3. She said boxing is in fact her pet aversion (a) something she like very much (b) something she dislike very much (c) a hobby she loves to purpose          (d)_one thing she can’t miss
  4. The gate man dose his work perfunctorily (a) without commitment (b) with speed     (c) grudgingly (c) enthusiastically
  5. If experience is anything to go by, this action will prove a political minefield (a) a source of political benefit (b) way out for political trouble        (c) a cause for political joy (d) an invitation to political problems
  6. In my view, the play didn’t come off (a) succeed (b) fail (c) attract applause           (d) take place
  7. Members of the panel were working at cross purposes (a) in harmony (d) in disunity (c) for selfish purpose           (d) for selfless purpose
  8. What will you find in the book is a bird’s eye view of the subject (a) detail account (b) a balance discussion        (c) a biased treatment          (d) a general survey
  9. Hers was a chequered career (a) an interesting successful career (b) a career full of sorrow and tears (c) a bright and memorable career (d) a career full of ups and downs

In each of the following sentences, the word that receives the emphatic stress is written in capital letters. From the options lettered A to D, choose the one to which the given sentences is the appropriate answers

  1. Nnenna loves her CHILDREN dearly (a) Does Adama love her children dearly? (b) Does Nnenna hate her children vehemently (c) Does Nnenna love her sister’s children dearly? (d) Does Nnenna lover her husband dearly?
  2. Amina’s father travel to Lagos for BUSINESS (a).Did Amina’s father to Lagos on holiday? (b) Did Aminna’s father travel to Lagos on Business?

(c) Did Amina’s father travel to Enugu on Business? (d) Did Aminna’s mother travel to Kano on Business

  1. Musa OPENLY disagrees with boss yesterday (a) did Musa secretly disagree with his boss yesterday? (b) Did Ali openly disagree with his boss yesterday? (c) Did Musa openly disagree with his boss yesterday?       (d) Did Musa openly agreed with his boss yesterday?
  2. Kemi’s watch is made up of GOLD (a) Is Ayo’s watch made up of Gold? (b) Is Sharon’s watch made up of Gold? (c) Is Kemi’s dress made up of Gold? (d) Is Kemi’s watch made up of silver?
  3. Daniel mother returned home LAST WEEK (a) Did Daniel mother returned home yesterday? (b) Did Ade’s father returned home last week

(c) Did Daniel father returned home last week?       (d) Did Kofi’s father leave homes last week?

  1. Yemi scrubs floor EVERY WEDNESDAY (a) Does Ayo scrub the floor every Wednesday? (b) Does Yemi scrub the floor every Friday? (c) Does Yemi scrub the floor wall Wednesday? (d) Does Yemi sweep the house every Wednesday?
  2. Abigail is ALWAYS late to school (a) Is Abigail always late to bed? (b) Is Olu always late to school? (c) Is Abigail seldom late to school? (d) IS Abigail always early to school?
  3. My ELDER brother was accused of committing the offence (a) was your younger brother accused on committing the offence? (b) Was Ngozi’s elder’s brother suspected of committing the offence? (c) Was your elder’s sister accused of committing the offence? (d) Was your elder’s sister suspected of committing the offence?


Those who understand the murky workings of a troubled mind will testify, on their professional oath, that a would-be arsonist or serial killer conducts himself just like any other local or neighbor, could be a loving spouse and parent, regular guy among his colleagues, a conscientious church-goers or alms-giver, predictable as clockwork in appointment, even sparkling with compliments and jokes.

Such an individual, catapulted to positions of responsibility, may actually prove second to none in the initiation and execution of laudable social schemes and projects. A madman, such experience psychiatrists will assure you, develops cunning of great subtlety that succeeds in disguising the dark, trouble interior, the seat of festering dementia until, of course, it is too late. Most nations recognize the sad fragility of the human mind, and understand that even the mind of political geniuses can break under strain, that the latent seeds of insanity in all of may actual come to bloom under the strain of existence, how much more when burdened with the enormity of power. We are no psychiatrists. So what do we possess that enable us to diagnose and counter the sign of incipient or advanced derangement? Well, there are numerous signs. When for instance, an individual substitutes himself for the totality, this is evidence of delusion, backed by the most precise of sciences, mathematics one can not substitutes to more than one. Fortunately, we can precisely identify and isolate the entity of one, and just as easily identify the rest. When that errant substitutes his will for the constitution, we are already with in the zone of questionable balance of mind and, as it happens the constitution has anticipated and offers the course of action that a people might purse when confronted with such a highly advance stage of solipsism.

Taken with other acts that build up a discernible pattern of irrationality and delusion, a case may be made of assembling the mandatory panel of experts to examine if the incumbent has indeed attained that stage of infirmity of body and mind where continuance in office poses grave danger to the well being of the totality.

  1. The word “solipsism” in the fourth paragraph most nearly means (a) an advance stage of insanity (b) an inordinate projection of oneself

(c) a course of action that promote infirmity (d) the substitution made by an errant entity

  1. “The seat of festering dementia “in the second paragraph is an example (a) metonymy (b) synecdoche         (c) Oxymoron  (d)_metaphor
  2. The central argument of this passage, is that (a) irrational acts by any leader could be a sign of derangement (b) the constitution provides a means of dealing with deranged leaders         (c) a madam is not less intelligent than people with sound mind        (d) a criminal could conduct himself likes any other fellow.
  3. According to the passage, a nation face dire consequences (a) When its leader is burdened by the enormity of power          (b) If its leader substitutes himself for the constitution    (c) If its demented leaders persist in office   (d) when its leader attains advanced stages of solipsism
  4. The tone of the writer can best be describe as (a) analytical (b) sarcastic           (c) intolerant   (d) nostalgic
  5. By the “latent seeds of sanity in all of us” the writer implies that (a) every human being is predisposed to madness (b) seeds of insanity manifest in irrational acts  (c) the stress of life can lead to sanity in us (d) Only psychiatrists can discover our level of sanity
  6. The structure, “a discernable pattern of irrationality” in the last paragraph is example (a) a complex modifier (b) an adjectival complement           (c) a nominal phrase         (d) a basic non phrase


  1. The man willed three of his house to the state…? (a) wouldn’t he (b) wasn’t he (c) didn’t he    (d) didn’t the
  2. To ensure moral rectitude in the country books and film should be properly (a) censured (b) printed and removed       (c) censored   (d) registered
  3. He said that the new car… him pretty penny. (a) costs (b) coasted     (c) will cost         (d) cost

In the following passage, missing words are indicated by numbers to option have been provided at the bottom of the passage. Choose the option from A-D which best completes the corresponding number in the passage.

It has been -28- that traditional concepts of a -29- between educations are training are no longer -30- Again; the old form of -31- is now inadequate. This is because is involved -32- for longer periods, far in access of the time -33- to learn the appropriate -34- but it gave rise to abuse because -35- became a cheap source of -36- in some -37- countries, many of the apprentices were taken on without any form of verbal or written -38- about their training.

A                            B                            C                            D

  1. observed prophesied               said                         seen
  2. level dichotomy                mixture                    unity
  3. satisfied good                       adequate                  intelligent
  4. bonding worker                     apprenticeship          trade
  5. retention study                       existence                  alive
  6. advanced of                           allowed                    needed
  7. education workers                    skills                        mechanic
  8. apprentices employers                student                    laborers
  9. syllabus labour            ideals                       skills
  10. industries working                   developing                development
  11. agreement tools                        letters                      assignment



  1. The central organizing idea which invites character, action, language and style in a drama or novel is called… (a) plot (b) diction        (c) theme      (d) story
  2. Williams Shakes pear’s play Romeo and Juliet is… (a) foot (b) blank verse

(c) meter       (d) free verse

  1. Catharsis is experience… (a) before watching a play (b) when the play is being staged (c) after writing the play (d) after watching a play
  2. A situation in which the Audience knows more than the character dose is an instance of (a) dramatic irony (b) dramatic relief (c) poetic license

(d) interior monologue

  1. The person in Marvell’s “To His Coy Mistress,” is willing to praise the lady’s eyes for… (a) a century (b) a decade (c) three decades (d) six centuries uniben post utme past questions and answers
  2. The account of experiences of an individual during the course of a journey is known as… (a) a memoir (b) a catalogue          (c) an banalogue       (d) a travelogue
  3. A system of succession to the throne where the first son inherit his father’s position and authority is knows (a) primogeniture (b) homogeniture

(c) hereditary (d) primordial authority

  1. The first Portuguese voyage to the ancient kingdom of Benin was led by

(a) Antonio Galva      (b) Ray de Sequence  (c) Affonso d’ Aveiro

(d) Prince Henry de Navigator

  1. “If any will not work, let him not eat” Paul said this to the… To emphasize the dignity of labour (a) Philippians (b) Galatians (c) Thessalonians

(d) Romans

  1. United Nation consists of how many member states? (a) 189 (b) 192           (c) 178 (d) 201
  2. Who was the vice to General Olusegun Obasanjo as military Head of state?

(a) Tunde Idiagbon    (b) Shehu Musa Yaradua                 (c) Ebitu Ukiuwe

(d) Atiku Abubakar

  1. A well knows epic in English literatures is

(a) Ozidi         (b) Zulus        (c) Paradise lost        (d) The flea

  1. Which of the following is Chancer noted for? (a) The trial of Brother Jero (b) The Canterbury Tales (c) The Sopranos (d) Macbeth
  2. “Death is not proud” illustrates… (a) Personification (b) pun (c) metaphor           (d) synecdoche
  3. Pick the odd item from the options below (a) simile (b) metaphor  (c) pun     (d) synecdoche
  4. The anxiety of the reader to know as the subsequent development is knows as (a) surprise (b) sustains     (c) supersede (d) suspense
  5. The term for the moral flaw or weakness that leads to the downfall of a major character in a drama is… (a) peak (b) harmatia   (c) chaos        (d) reversal
  6. Drama is different from poetry because it (a) involves many characters

(b) exist mainly in action       (c) uses elevated language    (d) deals with tragedy

  1. The counsel for the accused addressed the bench. The underlined is an example of___ (a) metonymy (b) quatrain    (c) personification

(d) onomatopoeia

  1. The sacred Mure (Mune) or state charm of Kanem-Borno was opened by (a) Mai Idris Alooma (c) Mai Umme Jilmi    (d) Mai Idris Katakamebe
  2. Bayajjida is repotted to have migrated from (a) Saudi Arabia (b) Iraq

(c) Iran          (d) Baghdad

  1. Who wrote the Book titled ‘The Obligation of Princes’? (a) Muhammad Ramfa (b) El-kanemi  (c) Al-magghli (d) Uthman Dan Fodio
  2. Which of the following is desert tribe that weekend the territorial boundaries of the first Kanem-Borno Empire? (a) the Yoruba (b) the Bulala  (c) the so          (d) the Kanem
  3. Uthman Dan Fodio divided the caliphates into… division for the purpose of effective administration (a) Six (b) two          (c) five           (d) eight
  4. Which organization replaced the League of Nations? (a) O.A.U (b) ECOWAS          (c) UNO         (d) NATO
  5. Which of the following was most responsible for the abolition of the 19th century transatlantic slave trade? (a) the activities of the Red Indians (b) the emergency of the industrial revolution (c) the French revolution (d) the English civil war
  6. What will you called a place where the sky and earth tend to meet? (a) horizon (b) meeting point       (c) observer point      (d) vanishing point
  7. Choose the correct word from the list below to complete the following statement. Ebony is a type of… used for sculpture (a) clay (b) wood (c) bronze          (d) metal
  8. The first British Consul for the Bights of Benin and Biafra was… (a) Lord Lugard (b) John Bereft          (c) Bouet-willumez         (d) Louis Faidherbe
  9. A piece of writing which imitates another with the intent to ridicule is known as (a) Periodic (b) Imitation   (c) Allegory               (d) Parody
  10. The Nok cultures evolved in one under-listed states in Nigeria (a) Plateau state    (b) Edo state   (c) Niger state (d) Kwara state
  11. The first political party in Nigeria is the (a) Unity Party of Nigeria (b) National Party of Nigeria         (c) Nigeria National Democratic Party          (d) Nigeria Democratic Party
  12. Which of the under listed Nationalists is associated with the activities of the West African student Union? (a) Ladipo Solanke (b) Marcus Garrey      (c) Nana Ofori      (d) Jomo Kenyatta
  13. The largest dynasty in the African recorded history is the (a) Seifewa dynasty (b) Ogiso dynasty      (c) Alafin dynasty      (d) Oduduwa dynasty
  14. Who is the first senate president of Nigeria (a) Dr. Nwafor Orizu

(b) Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe         (c) Prof. C. Soludo     (d) Pius Anyim Pius

  1. During the time of Amos the prophet,… was the priest of Bethel

(a) Jeroboam  (b) Amaziah    (c) Hosea       (d) Jethro

  1. The ‘Golden Calf’ which Aaron made for Israel was an evidence of (a) an attempt to revolt against God (b) a plot to replace Moses (c) Lack of faith in God (d) Loss of confidence in Moses
  2. Lagos because a crown in colony (a) 1800 (b) 1851  (c) 1851     (d) 1900
  3. Who is the artist who solved problem of perspectives through mathematical means? (a) Michelangelo (b) Rembrandt          (c) Raphael

(d) Leonardo

  1. One of the following was a leading voice in the activities on the national congress of British West Africa (a) Casely Hayford  (b) Marcus Garvey (c) E.W.B. DU Bois                    (d) E. W. Blyden
  2. The Berlin Conferences of 1884-1885 was called at instance of (a) Leopold of Belgium and Otto van Bismarck of Germany (b) Bouet-Williumez of Franc (c) J. S. Gallieni and Ahmadu         (d) Queen of England and the President of U.S.A.
  3. Who wrote the Book title ‘The Dual Mandate in British Tropical Africa’?

(a) Sir George Goldis  (d) Sir F. Lugard        (c) James Coleman

(d) Nnamdi Azikiwe





1.A      2.C      3.B      4.A      5.D      6.A      7.B      8.D      9.D      10.D    11.A    12.A          13.D

14.A    15.B    16.C    17.A    18.B    19.D    20.C    21.C    22.A    23.A    24.C    25.A          26.C

27.D    28.C    29.B    30.C    31.C    32.B    33.D    34.C    35.A    36.B    37.C    38.A




1.C      2.B      3.D      4.A      5.A      6.D      7.A      8.B      9.C      10.B    11.B    12.C          13.B

14.A    15.C    16.D    17.D    18.B    19.A    20.B    21.D    22.A    23.D    24.B    25.C          26.B

27.A    28.B    29.B    30.D    31.A    32.C    33.A    34.A    35.A    36.B    37.D    38.B          39.D

40.A    41.A    42.B

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