How To Start Car Paint Selling Business In Nigeria

A Brief Business Overview

Car Paint Selling is a very lucrative business that has been in existence for a very long time and will continue to be. It’s a business that requires not much efforts and small capital to startup. You stand a chance of making it big if you decided to start this line of trade.

What is a Car Paint?

This is a paint used during the finishing process of automobile manufacturing or repair process, it is basically the paint used for the decoration and protection of the body of the automobiles and its mainly based on the customers preference or the model of the car.

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How To Start Car Paint Selling Business In Nigeria
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Types of Car Paints You Can Sell In Nigeria

1. Solid Paints: Almost all the cars other than the most expensive ones – are available in a no-cost basic, solid color.

2. Metallic Paints: These are comparable with solid paints, except that they come with a some deposits of powdered metal. These particles acquire and then reflect light thrown in them (i.e., incident light) than the basic paint colors, thereby making the shine more appealing.

3. Pearlescent Paint: Pearlescent paints do not use metal particles which metallic paints are known to come with. However, they make use of ceramic crystals (i.e., Mica) which apart from reflecting incident light also refract them (incident light).

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Profitability Overview Of Car Paint Selling Business in Nigeria

Car paint business will allow you to provide car owners with the services that they need while you also benefit from the profitable market.

As long as people love to maintain their cars, this business will still be in vogue with a progressive increases in investments turn over.

The Market Demand For Car Paints Business in Nigeria: Competition and Opportunities

Inasmuch as there will always be drug and/or careless drivers plying our roads, accidents are inevitable. Some accidents though can be described as being cause by the “act of God”.

Others like the above come from unsafe acts and/or conditions. However it comes, there is hardly an accident without damage(s) to or disfiguration of a car.

Thus, a car paint will always be needed to reverse the effects of accidents or aging and restore a vehicle’s exteriors and interiors aesthetics.

In Nigeria, in which the average citizen could barely afford brand new car from the manufacturer, they tends to buy the  fairly used cars, take it to Auto Paint shop for repair and re painting, and this happens on a  daily basis, Hence, the demand for car paints  in Nigeria is high. There is, therefore, a market for it in Nigeria.

If you take a stroll down across your street, I can bet that hardly won’t you find a car paint shop, this is because the market for it is ever increasing. Coming in newly may not be so easy.

However, with proper training, information and preparation, you can beat this competition to dust. For every given competition, there lies an opportunity to do exploits.

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Steps To Starting A Successful Car Paint Selling Business in Nigeria

If you try to delve into the Car Paint Selling business without adequate planning, chances are your business may not turn out as you had hoped. Below are some crucial steps to take to start a successful car paint selling business in Nigeria:

1. Conduct a detailed Market Research

It’s during this research that you get to know the prices these paints are been sold. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the automotive industry so you will be able to identify the demands of your clients.

2. Set up your place of business

This should consist of an office and waiting room, as well as the store room for the care and preservation of the paints.

Your choice of business location should be governed by high visibility and proximity human and vehicular traffic. However, the best location to pick for this business is one near an automobile repair plants or auto paint garage. Lagos and Onitsha are of one of the best places to sight your business due to large markets these places present.

3. Choose A Selling Model

Here you could choose to either sell all brands, or types of car paints or to launch out as a franchise selling a particular brand.

4. Source for Starting capital

Personal loans and credit are the primary source of funding for many new businesses, but may not be enough if you want to have a large paint store.

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5. Establish a supply chain

If you choose to become part of a national franchise, then the franchise itself will be the supply chain because you will buy everything from them. If not, then you will need to locate wholesalers to buy paint and painting supplies from.

6. Register your business name

This entails registering to get all necessary permits with governments and local Markets association.

7. Connect with Customers

Here, the local auto paint garage and a body repair shops should be your main targets as they are the first set of people that will patronize you and help you achieve your initial aims of connecting with customers.

How To Manage Car Paints Business In Nigeria

This covers staffing and advisers for Car paint selling Business in Nigeria


Hire the staff that will work in the paint store. Cashiers and shelf stockers make up the majority of the staffing requirements. Most positions in a paint store require no experience, although prior experience operating a cash register may be helpful.


Advisers here include veterans, Suppliers, Automobile Repair Consultants, and Garage Owners. They possess expert knowledge and could help you scale through much faster in this business.

How To Market Car Paints Business In Nigeria

Let us now consider how to market and boost the Profitability and sustainability of Car Paint Selling Business in Nigeria.

Below are some of the available options you might use:

1. These businesses generally have a localized market, so local advertising in the immediate area of the paint store will yield the best results. A billboard or signpost can be erected at the front of the store.

2. The store should be decorated with catchy paints and auto art to attract attentions.

3. You may also wish to send mails to car dealers, auto paint shops and Garage owners, and others who may be in a position to make large purchases frequently.

Profitability & Sustainability Tips for Car Paint Selling Business in Nigeria

1. The sustainability and profitability of car paint store in Nigeria is a function of your marketing and advertorial strategies. But going beyond that, your relations with customers matters a lot.

2. Also, ensure that you have the best quality paints all times. Avoid delays in supply to your customers, be punctual to delivery and always make sure your store is fully equipped with trending paints.

3. Selling over the prevailing market price will only help in driving customers away from you. So, keep your prices moderate and if what you want is sustained patronage for business sustainability.

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Summary and Conclusion

These are some important things to know when starting a car paint selling business in  Nigeria,  They do not guarantee success, but will place you on the right track. See more quality business guides here

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