Challenges Faced By Educational Institution In Nigeria

Education plays a vital role in the society, It also makes Socialisation of the younger ones into the societal values, culture, and norms possible, It has been perceived by many as the key to success.

Education helps in nation building and reformation as it basically deals with the advancement of people intellectual capacity, and when there is development in the intellect of man, he is bound to create so many thing that foster development in the society.

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Challenges Faced By Educational Institution In Nigeria
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But in the case of Nigeria, Education has been posed with different challenges that need to be eliminated and mitigated. Therefore, this text aims at identifying such problems and proffering solutions to it.
Education is perceived as the process or art of imparting knowledge, skill and judgment on others. The word Education was gotten from a Latin word “educere” which means to draw or to lead, Education is one the essential process in life, as it goes a long way in shaping the lives of individuals.

It does not only make one skilful but also ensure that one becomes socially fit into any system, thus a cosmopolitan being.

The importance of education can neither be understated nor over-emphasised. In a more broad term, Education is the process of facilitating, learning or acquiring of skills, values, beliefs and habits.

It is also referred to as the social institution through which a society’s children are taught basic academic knowledge, learning skills, and cultural norms.

In other words, Education connotes the process or art of imparting knowledge, skill and judgment from a person to another.

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Education often includes storytelling, discussion, teaching, training and direct research, It is necessary to establish the fact that there is difference between education and schooling, as schooling is just a branch of education,

More so, it is not until when you go to school you will be considered to be educated. In the pre-colonial period of Nigeria, there was nothing like schools, but people were educated and there exist a number of ways people get educated, this includes which storytelling, group discussion and lots more, these existed for some years before the introduction of Western Education with the schooling method.

Education is commonly divided into three basic types, which involves the formal education, informal education, and the semi-formal education.

More importantly, Education frequently takes place under the guidance of an “Educator”, who serves as the one impact knowledge, skills, ideas and values on others.

The essentiality and necessity of an Educator in every society can never be under-emphasised, as he or she goes a long way in building, moulding and modelling an individual intellectually and socially, he defines the destiny of people and aptly refines the society.

Without the educators, the society will be in the state of disorder, and chaos will become the order of the day because people are disenchanted intellectually.

More so, Educational institution is one of the spheres that make up the society, If the educational institution is faced with any problem, Other spheres of the society will invariably share that hardship or problem.

In short, the society could be linked to a body system which is made up of different parts, when the hand is affected with an ailment, the body becomes hot, and that is the similitude of the Society, the society is made up of different parts such as the educational institution, economic institution, political institution, legal institution, health institution and so on.

When we face economic hardship invariably the cost of going to school will become high which will invariably affect our educational level.

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In Nigeria, the educational institution is posed with so many challenges in which some of them include:

1. Control Problem

2. Inadequate salary which amounts to instability of teachers

3. Inadequate teaching facilities

4. Scholarship Funding

5. Conducive Classroom

6. Lack of technological advancement

In Nigeria today, there is still problem between the federal government and the local government on the issue of who controls the primary school, and this has amounted to a very serious problem in which the federal government no longer see it as their duty and neither the local government, and this has generated some other problems like, the instability in the payment of teachers salaries which amounts to the instability of teachers themselves, the teachers should be treated like kings because they are intellectual builders, they mould the society by making other professionals in the society.

In one way or the other, the doctors, Lawyers, accountants pass through a teacher, In some other countries of the world like Cuba, America, France, the teachers are taken care of, they get the highest payment.

It is only when the salaries of teachers are made to be stable, we can have stable teachers which amounts to stability in Education.

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Also, Most school in Nigeria lack adequate teaching facilities that fosters learning process, which Invariably help the teachers and the students.

Some Laboratories are not well equipped with the needed facilities, while some other schools do not even have Laboratory, and they aim at building future scientists, doctors and engineers.  Not only when these problems are considered that we will have a developed educational sectors.

Another perceived threat to educational institutions in Nigeria is that of counter ‘conduciveness’ of the classrooms, In some Nigerian universities, the students are so populated to the extent that their classrooms won’t contain them, In this situation, some students will be standing while receiving lectures which amounts to less assimilation of the lesson.

It is either the population of the students that will be admitted should be compressed or the government should ensure the construction of more classrooms, lecture halls and so on.

Furthermore, the students in Nigeria are not well encouraged to learn because there is no way of encouraging those that performed well and excellently, the provision and grant of Scholarship to some of the best pupils should be enabled, as this will go a long way in compensating the brilliant ones and waking other from slumber.

Finally, the educational institution is part and parcel of the society, If it should collapse, this amounts to the collapse of other parts of the society, and as such the livelihood of human beings is affected.

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On this ground, the federal, state, and local governments of Nigeria are implored to do something drastic to mitigate the problems and challenges faced by our educational institutions.

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