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9 Steps to Obtain Driver’s License in Nigeria

Drivers’ license is very important to Nigerian drivers, and it is crucial as a driver to get one because driving license serves diverse purposes, but before we delve into telling you how to obtained new driving license in Nigeria, I want to inform you that Nigerian driving license is on familiar terms with the United state, and is recognized and used in about three states in the United State of America, and in the continent of Europe, about seven countries there recognize and honour Nigerian driving license.

Therefore as governments the world over are working to expand the horizon of reviewing or getting new drivers’ license, Nigeria should join the queue and work to expand the scope of making drivers’ license readily available for the users because as I said earlier, Nigeria’s drivers’ license is used for different purposes within Nigerian state, and apart from using in identifying, and as well authenticating drivers’ ability in driving, it can also be used across board within every sector of the economy. Having said that, do you care to know how to obtain drivers’ license in Nigeria? If yes, here we go.

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9 Steps to Obtain Drivers’ License in Nigeria
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Steps on How to Obtain New Drivers’ License in Nigeria:

1. Get Trained

You have to be a trained driver to be able to obtain drivers’ license in Nigeria, so the first is that you have to be trained with any of the driving schools that is accredited and qualified to train drivers.

The Federal Road Safety Commission nationwide has accredited a good number of these schools that are proficient in the art of driving, so you can identify any of these schools and avail yourself the opportunity of learning driving from the right school, and you are sure of great services at affordable price.

2. You have to be Tested

Having passed through vigorous training in the driving school, and the school authority are sure and convinced that you have gotten the necessary training in driving coupled with the knowledge that will make you fair well on the road, the next thing is to hand you over to the Vehicle Inspection Officer to test you in driving to be sure that you are capable of plying Nigerian road.

3. Proficiency Certificate

Proficiency certificate is very important to authenticate your proficiency in driving. Having got trained in one of the leading Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) accredited driving schools in Nigeria, and having been tested for proficiency by the Vehicle Inspection Officer to authenticate your driving capability, the next thing is for the vehicle inspection officer to present you with the certificate of proficiency.

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4. Application for Drivers’ License

After the test by the vehicle inspection officer, you are either due for drivers’ license or not, pending on the decision and the approval of the vehicle inspection officer.

Now at the Drivers’ License Center (DLC), the decision of the vehicle inspection officer matters, if he says no, the you have to go back to the class room for training, but if he says yes, then you have pass through the hurdle successfully, and a form will be given to you there at the drivers’ license center for you to fill and complete.

The form is called, drivers’ license application form.

5. Pay for the Drivers’ License

Having been authenticated and approved of your driving capability by the vehicle inspection officer, and having been completed the drivers’ license application form, the next thing will be to pay for the driving license.

The cost of new drivers’ license can be fluctuated, it may not be fixed amount, given the economic reality in the country, but you can always confirm the cost of new drivers’ license from the vehicle inspection officer, once that is done and you know how much it is cost, the next thing will be to go to the designated bank by the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC).

Before you pay your money to the bank, you have to print acknowledgement slip, that acknowledgement slip should contain your payment details, and as well, the transaction number that will be given to you, and pay same at the bank.

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6. Return your Application Form

You will at this time return your completed application form to the relevant authorities, this is very important; otherwise your stride will be an effort in futility. The relevant authorities to return your competed form to should be Vehicle Inspection Officer and/or (VIO), the Board of Internal Revenue (BIR) for approval.

7. Secure your License

You must secure your drivers’ license in case of theft incident. We are today, living in the information age, where technology advancement has necessitate for digital society, nevertheless, to protect and secure your drivers’ license, you therefore have to go for biometric data capture in the drivers’ license center at the Federal Road Safety Commission. This is very important and necessary.

8. Temporary Drivers’ License

Having done what you have to do to obtain your new drivers’ license in Nigeria, your drivers’ license will not be ready immediately, and to avoid embarrassment should you opt to ply Nigerian road without your drivers’ license, then you have no option than to pick a temporary drivers’ license from the drivers’ license center at the Federal Road Safety Commission, and please note that the temporary drivers’ license will only be valid for sixty days (60).

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9. Original Drivers’ License

After the expiration of the sixty days given from when you get your temporary drivers’ license, you are expected to move to one of the relevant government agencies that is in charge of the issuance of the original drivers’ license, and one of the government departments in charge of this is the Board of Internal Revenue (BIR), and your original drivers license will be issued to you.

Therefore obtaining your new drivers’ license in Nigeria is as simple as the steps numerated in this article. So if you never gotten your new Nigeria’s drivers’ license, with the steps in this article you can obtain your own today.

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