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10 Ways to Tackle Farmers and Herders Crises in Nigeria

Ways to Tackle Farmers and Herders Crises in Nigeria – In Nigeria, the farmers are those who produce food for Nigerians. The herders are those who produce the meat that Nigerians use to eat the food that the farmers produce. Ideally, these two groups of people ought to live together in peace in Nigeria, as both groups are very important in the country.Information Guide Nigeria

However, crises do not allow them peaceful coexistence in Nigeria. They behave as if they are enemies from different countries. This article suggests ten ways that we, Nigerians, can use to tackle the long farmers and herders crises in Nigeria that have claimed so many lives.

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The ten ways include:

  • Vote for good leaders
  • Disarm militias
  • Punish perpetrators
  • Enforce laws
  • Understanding
  • Protect farmers
  • Fish out sponsors
  • Educate herders
  • Appoint efficient security chiefs
  • Law-abiding herders

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Ways of Tackling Nigerian Farmers and Herders Crises

1. Vote for Good Leaders

Arguably, the worst democratic government is better than the best dictatorship government. Therefore, Nigeria, being a democratic country, is in the right direction to greatness but some Nigerians do not realize the power in their votes. By our votes, we can put whomever we like in leadership positions. By our votes, we can equally remove him if he does not serve us well.10 Ways to Tackle Farmers and Herders Crises in Nigeria

Unbelievably, Nigeria’s farmers and herders crises have lingered on for so long due to bad leadership. We have leaders who do not care about our welfare. When we die, they are happy. All that they know is their betterment. They go fat every day but we go thin daily.

If our leaders do not know what to do to stop farmer’s and herders’ crises, they are unknowledgeable bad leaders. Even when others tell them what to do, their badness would not allow them to do the right thing. Somehow, they cannot interfere because they have soiled their hands.

Therefore, to tackle the farmers and herders crises in Nigeria, Nigerians must shine their eyes and vote for good leaders who are upright, impartial, courageous, and have empathy.

We need leaders who are fearless, and who can tackle crises like this head-on. Our vote is our power in selecting such leaders. Let money not continue to blindfold us and keep us in perpetual suffering that has no end.

  1. Disarm Militias

Nigerians are yet to verify the allegation that some politicians imported militias into the country because they wanted to undo President Goodluck Jonathan. After undoing him, these militias refused to go back. Having no more work to do, they started terrorizing the country. Meaning that some people we call herders are not herders but militias.5 Best Sellotapes in Nigeria and their Prices

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If not, what does raping women has to do with grazing cattle? Being in their nature to kill, these militias are more interested in kidnapping, killing, and raping than cattle grazing. Therefore, to tackle the crises of farmers and herders in Nigeria, Nigerians should disarm these militias. Even if they are herders, herders do not need guns in grazing their cattle. Therefore, we should disarm all of them.

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3. Punish Perpetrators

Again, this is where bad leadership comes in. if some people have been caught in the act and reported to the police, what stops them from being prosecuted and punished accordingly?

One may be wrong to say that some of our leaders have what they are gaining from these crises hence they cannot stop them. They protect these perpetrators. If not, punishment for crime is as old as man is. God, Himself, punishes criminals. Without punishment, crime cannot stop. Therefore, to tackle farmers’ and herders’ crises in Nigeria, the Nigerian government must start punishing perpetrators who are involved in these crises.

  1. Enforce Laws

This is one problem that we have in Nigeria. We know how to make laws but we do not know how to enforce them. The grazing reserves that the Federal Government proposed, where are existing? Who is enforcing all the anti-grazing laws? Who is ruling if the herders can dictate to the government?

The Federal Government proposed cattle colonies. Some people objected to the proposal. It proposed ranching. Some others still objected to it.19 Best Computer Headsets in Nigeria and their Prices

Now tell them to bring the solution to the crises at hand, they have nothing to present. For this reason, a responsive government should enforce its laws irrespective of whose ox is gored.

Laws in Nigeria take a process. They do not emanate from the blue. People scrutinize them before the government signs them into law. Therefore, having become laws, all Nigerians should obey them. Failure to obey them, the laws must have their courses. Without enforcing our anti-grazing laws, the crises between our farmers and herders would continue forever.

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  1. Understanding

Nobody can deny the fact that we are brothers and sisters since we originated from Adam and Eve. As such, there is no gain in being wicked to one another. One problem with us in Nigeria is that we lack such understanding.

The truth is that true herders must migrate from the North to the South in search of fresh grass and water during the dry season due to drought and desertification in the North at this time. Therefore, the Southerners and the Easterners should understand these herders’ plight and show concern. To avoid crop damage, the government should provide ranches in those areas where the herders can safely go and graze their cattle. Doing this will go a long way in tackling farmer’s and herders’ crises in Nigeria.NYSC Portal

  1. Protect Farmers

When you look at the crises between Nigeria’s farmers and herders very critically, you would agree with me that the herders look for the trouble of the farmers. Imagine someone bringing his animals that he would sell to make money to destroy the farm that you suffered to cultivate. How would you feel?

Another question is can Nigerians feed on cattle without farm produce? If your answer is no, then we all should stand against the herders and protect our farmers because destroying our farmers’ produce is destroying us with hunger.

Moreover, some people we call herders are not herders at all. They are militias who are out to destroy this country. To protect this country from these destructive elements, all Nigerians should war against all those who call themselves herders. Herders that rape our women are not true herders but militias. Since we do not know who is who, the best thing is to war against all of them.105 Good Morning My Love Messages

Let us not leave the tackling of farmers’ and herders’ crises to the government alone. The government has already failed us. We cannot fail ourselves. The government cannot be hungry. We are the ones who would go hungry after destroying our farm produce.

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7. Fish out Sponsors

Reports have it that Yahaya Abdullahi once said, “This violence is paying some people, so they are sponsoring it.” Can you see that? He must be sure of what he has said. His only problem is how to go about it.

You can then see that some people are trading with our lives in this country. If we as humans cannot do anything to them, God Almighty can. Therefore, the best thing is to pray against such people who are ready to destroy others for their selfish gains. Thus, all Nigerians must be ready to tackle farmers’ and herders’ crises in Nigeria by fishing out these crisis sponsors and punishing them accordingly.

  1. Educate Herders

Herders protesting anti-grazing laws as inimical to their centuries-old pastoralist culture mean that they lack proper knowledge of the modern method of keeping livestock. Nigeria is not the only country where herders graze cattle. Herders outside Nigeria do not destroy other people’s farms in the name of grazing cattle.

Whoever is responsible should educate them on the modern method of keeping their livestock as it is in other countries. They should know that culture is dynamic. That, the way people lived in years past is not the same way people are living today. If olden days Fulani pastoralists have been waring with all Nigerian farmers, no one would be in Nigeria today.200 Romantic Love Message for her

They should also know that the law is not a respecter of anybody. Nigerian lawmakers cannot bend the laws to favour herders when the farmers are hurt. Negotiating with them before making our laws is barbaric. It means they are controlling the government and not the government controlling them.

They need education on the proper interpretation of our laws. Freedom of movement does not mean freedom to destroy other people’s property. The Nigerian constitution does not support a citizen’s fundamental human rights when such rights violate another citizen’s rights. They should live and let others live.

9. Appointment of Efficient Security Chiefs

Nigerian security chiefs have disappointed Nigerians in the past. This time, the Federal Government should appoint efficient security chiefs. The Federal Government should also sack any security chief that is not doing his job well.

To aid the Federal Government, communities should appoint security chiefs who are capable of tackling crises such as the ones of the farmers and the herders. When they arrest a person and the government refuses to do something about the matter, they should cry to the international community. It could be that the government is aiding the perpetrators and could be their sponsor.

While we wait for the government to protect us, we should also devise means of protecting ourselves. In this country, we cannot trust any politician, as we are yet to get genuine politicians.

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10. Law-Abiding Herders

Doubtlessly, the real way to tackle farmers and herders crises in Nigeria is for the herders to stop destroying farmlands, raping people’s wives, kidnapping farmers, and killing them. Herders should respect farmers’ means of livelihood.Jamb Portal

If our herders were law-abiding citizens, they would not possess dangerous weapons. Dangerous weapons are not aid to grazing. Possessing dangerous weapons means they have intent. Herders should respect the laws that our lawmakers make for all Nigerians. The best way to live in this country is to allow others to live also.

If Nigerian herders can stop destroying farmers’ farmlands, farmers-herders crises would stop in Nigeria. There are crises between them because the farmers are grieved. Sometimes, the farmers try to retaliate hence the crises.

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