How To Make Nigerian Gala Sausage Roll

In this post, I will show you how to make Nigerian gala sausage roll. Gala has become one of the most popularly consumed Nigerian snack which has been in existence since 1962, which equally means Gala has been in Nigeria for over 50years. They are sold along high ways during traffic mostly with lacasera, and in retail stores and outlets.

Gala is made in a very large scale at present in KM 16, Ikorodu Road, Ojota Lagos. Though many other confectionaries make it similarly and sell out as sausage rolls, but not bearing the name Gala as the food company branded it. Gala is very affordable, at present it is sold for N50 for the small size and N100 for the bigger size.

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How To Make Nigerian Gala Sausage Roll
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Little children also love to take gala to school to eat it with their fruit juice, Ribena, lucozade boost, bobo drink etc. There is usually a 10 days gap between the periods of production to the period of expiration, hence it has become a norm that people check first for the expiration date before consuming it.

Gala is a snack made with flour and sausage, baked and wrapped in transparent nylon packages. It can also be described as a snack made with sausage fillings wrapped with dough.

The commonly wrapped shapes are cylindrical. In this article I am going to be explaining how gala sausage roll is made in Nigeria.

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Materials needed for making a gala sausage roll

a. Oven

b. Rolling stick

c. Pizza cutter or kitchen knife alternatively

d. Mixing bowl

e. Egg wash brush

Ingredients for making a gala sausage roll

a. Flour

b. Baking powder

c. Pinch of salt

d. Butter

e. Powdered pepper

f. Sausage meat

g. Seasoning cube

h. Onion (optional)

i. Water

j. Spices to taste

Procedure for making the dough

a. Sieve the flour, after which you add a pinch of salt and little baking powder and mix with your fingers.

b. Add butter to the mixture and neatly use your fingers to knead the dough until a smooth consistency is observed.

c. At intervals add water bit by bit and continue kneading the dough until it is soft, completely smooth and a perfect dough has been formed.

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How to prepare the gala sausage rolls

a. Get a sausage meat and shred it or grind it into tiny sizes, add spices including grated onion and little dry pepper to taste and set it aside in a clean bowl.

b. Place a little bit of the dough on a flat board and with a rolling stick flatten the dough on a clean surface.

c. Shape out the flattened dough on the board into square shapes.

d. Add the shredded sausage to one edge of the cut out shapes and spread it downwards.

e. Using the flattened dough, cover the sausage and completely roll the dough over the sausage to form a sausage roll.

f. Repeat the same procedure for the remaining dough and sausage until it is completely used up.

g. Grease the baking tray with butter, spread a little flour on the tray, and turn the tray over to pour off the excess flour from the greased tray. (The essence of this step is to prevent the sausage roll from sticking to the pan).

h. Arrange all the sausage rolls in the tray and make sure to give a little 2 inches spacing between each rolls.

i. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and set the timer to 40mins.

j. Put the baking tray back into the preheated oven and wait for the sausage rolls to be completely done.

k. Check at intervals of 10mins and turn the rolls over in the tray to allow all the sides get don equally and avoiding one side getting too brown and crispy.

l. As soon as the timer has stopped, bring out the gala sausage rolls and allow to cool down.

m. Your gala sausage roll is ready.

n. Serve it alongside a chilled drink.

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Marketability of sausage rolls

a. Because of the love that people have for sausage rolls, selling it is not difficult, as all you have to do is advertise your snacks and people will come buy it.

b. Locate retail outlets that sell food stuff and bargain to sell to them at good discounts.

c. You can use mobile means to sell your gala sausage rolls in market places.

Profitability of selling sausage roll

a. You can be sure of making maximum profit from the snack if you decide to invest money into gala sausage roll business.

b. With 20,000 you can be sure of maximum returns. As flour and sausage rolls do not cost too much.

c. It is a business you can decide to invest in even from the comfort of your home.

d. Processing time of the sausage roll from start to finish is just a maximum of 1 hour.

Importance of eating sausage roll

a. It is a snack that is very filling.

b. It is a good source of energy.

c. Flour is a good source of carbohydrate and the sausage is a good source of proteins, irons and vitamin. You can say eating gala sausage roll is an important method of fixing a balanced meal into your diet.

d. It can serve as breakfast to be taken with tea or juice. It can be eaten in between meals to help reduce hunger and also as desert before bed.

e. It can be served to guest during special visits

f. It can be offered to friends and neighbours during festivities

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Gala sausage roll though may be made in Nigeria but is similarly been produced in other parts of the world, using different recipes.

Nigerian gala is very easy to make at home, and also very delicious. Stay at home wives can consider making it in their homes and supplying to different distributors.

With as little as N20,000 you can start a very successful sausage roll business that will definitely grow bigger with time. Gala is so popular that there is hardly any young and old that has not heard about it or even had a taste of it.

So, peradventure you have never considered trying out your own home made gala, don’t you think now is the time?

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