How Nigeria May Fail or Succeed Within the Next Few Years; the Fundamental Innovation Solution to Nigeria’s Multi-dimensional Problems

“How Nigeria May Fail or Succeed Within the Next Few Years; the Fundamental Innovation Solution to Nigeria’s Multi-dimensional Problems” This is a guest submission by IJIGBAN OKETA. The National Coordinator Arise Nigeria Global Mission. Contact detail is at the end of the article. 

Fellow Nigerians and To Whom It May Concern,

The time has come when we must make hard and uncommon choices in order to arrive at uncommon change for personal and national transformation. Choices and changes are life constants. And if we make the right uncommon choices, we shall arrive at many great uncommon changes.

I am not a politician or a government employee nor a political party apologist. I am not seeking for and have not to sort for and will not seek any government appointment or employment. And I am not campaigning for any individual or group to be appointed into any office by this. I am also not standing in for any group- religion or ethnicity let alone profession. And I am not here to call for any forceful change or revolution against constituted authority or government as the case may be.

In the old, when different nations and the world suffered different hard times and challenges negating life and nature, people like Noah, Daniel, Joseph, etc offered the solution as directives or choices and sacrifices to be made and which when complied with delivered the needed result(s).

I am here to proffer solution not to argue or quarrel; it is the right and true solution of the times now. The solution being offered is not my personal opinion but as revealed by the God of all races, whose wish always for human deliverance and prosperity. Although everyone is entitled to his or her opinion certainly such opinions should not negate sound judgment or universal principles of life and success per time.

The Times  Now

The world is going through great hard times adjudged to be the biblical ‘great tribulation’ which should precede the emerging New Millennium.  It will certainly not sound good also to say the world at large may still suffer some of the greatest hard times that many people will find very hard to qualify or quantify until 2030 if this fundamental solution is neglected. This turbulent times limiting human and economic transformation encompassed with the systematic failure of money, high social-immorality/human degeneration and environmental degradation is traced to have actually started since 2008 (11 years ago) and may last until 2030 (11 years to come).

Now you may see how lengthy it is already and how diverse and adversely the hard times has affected many people and nations who are now finding it very difficult to feed themselves talk less of feeding others. Yet it is getting worse for so many people and nations- who shall be faced with direct famine to money failure (greater financial crises), political turmoil and revolution, insurgency/terrorism and natural disasters etc. There will also be large number of national and international disintegrations. It is already happening.  And nowhere is actually safer than the other these days.

Let me repeat this: that the times will get harder for many people and nations and many economies and people will fall deeply into social, economic and political turmoil- the worst that may ever be imagined.

Although many people are yet to discover this secret and may end up being consumed by the effects of the hard times while trying to forcefully pave their ways without understanding the times.

Why the Times may Get Hard for Many People:

Everyone needs to know that not all things that are good are permitted all the times. And whatever is good or right but done at the wrong time will become wrong or produce wrong results.  Hence, the time will get hard for many people all over the world because of the fact that the solutions they will focus on are the wrong solutions: For example:

  1. The solution is not purely in technical or technological innovations; for example, there are many technologies and innovations that cannot be afforded by many people today. The world is not currently in short supply of technology. Also there are many technologies which are being tailored to destroy mankind in millions and the universe within few hours than can be made in thousands of years.
  2. The true solution is not when everyone is able to attend a formal school. There are many who are in and out of schools but do not have jobs; some have killed themselves or others; which means it does not guarantee success.
  3. The solution is not when everyone has enough money or equal amount of money to acquire all their needs they desire. Having enough money is not the prove of success and money is not always enough and certainly there will always be difference in the amount of money people hold per time and no economy can provide such equality;
  4. The solution is not just in protesting or having yourself killed because you want to create forceful change or rebelling against a constituted authority. God is not interested in your death so that our nation world will be restored;
  5. The solution is not in building more or large/beautiful religious houses for the entire world or nations to visit or when we all go to a certain place to pray;
  6. The solution is not when all those who are of age to get married are married and are bearing children; the fact is that the world is not directly in need of married people or children to become better or for the hard times to become less severe;
  7. The solution is not in having one currency; military or universal president over the entire world; that is a direct form of human tyranny and satanic oppressive tendency. It is not what the hard times need to become lightened upon mankind or human transformation


The absence of the above is not the real reason the times became so hard in the first place. And it is not the presence of any or all the above that would make the hard times lighten or lead mankind into the next phase of human and universal transformation (the Emerging New Millennium). Now you may see why the hard times will continue against many people/nations because of the kinds of effective solutions that many they will unfortunately focus on since they certainly lack the understanding of the time and times.

Therefore according the times, there is a great and urgent need not only to stay way from being focused on ineffective solutions but to be sacrificially innovative with our solutions; programs; policies and reforms.

The Fundamental-Innovative Solution and Sacrifice

Sacrifices are mandatory for growth and change. And such sacrifices must be done in relation to the needs or goal per time. Today, if my need is water, sacrificing or giving me a pair of shoe may not help the situation. And if tomorrow I need a shoe, giving me water may not help me either. We must connect sacrifices or solutions with the needs per time and that is also very innovative.

This solution will be the responsibility of everyone (the political, social, religious and economic class; everyone) who is alive and willing to succeed further; to contribute to Nigeria while profiting thereby against the odds of the times.

Consequently, having peeped into the times now with you as above, the deal is that in order for you and Nigeria to truly recover or stay out of the undeniable global crises, the times call for many kinds of great structural and innovative sacrifices for personal or national development involving government, private sector and affecting all citizens as follows:

  1. NATIONAL PAY STRIKE: Let every public worker (Civil Servants and Politicians etc) GO WITHOUT PAYMENT (wages or salaries or allowances) for between 1-2years except the Military, public school teachers, lectures and pensioners. Let every government official/worker volunteer for that one year one or two years. The monies recovered must be completely channeled towards FREE Electricity/Power Supply, Health Care and other infrastructures like road networks within the Nation. The Government of the day must swiftly implement this or find the best way to implement same. This is the sacrifice number one by those in positions of authority and the best way to raise money sacrificially. If mankind has survived without money or much money before now; then it is still possible to Sacrifice 24 months of your basic salary for national development.
  1. SUSTENANCE AGRICULTURAL: let everyone turn to agriculture within that period of 1-2years or more and let agricultural produce be majorly for sustenance/consumption NOT FOR EXPORT.
  1. LET THERE BE BIRTH STRIKE: The current population explosion in Nigeria is a big risk right and a great burden now not an asset especially if nothing is done to innovatively control it. Therefore, let everyone be COMPULSORILY advised against giving birth with THE SAME ONE OR TWO YEARS. Those who want to get married are free to do so but let everyone be advised NOT TO HAVE CHILDREN within the same period (2years) after a nine months interval of grace.  Any parent with child birth within that time-frame of birth strike must pay a huge fine. Remember it is a time of great sacrifice and uncommon choice and so let emotions be controlled. Also, the world or Nigeria is not in need of NEW CHILDREN to become better or to escape the hard times. Some people may say it infringement on personal right. Even if you say it is your right to have children; what right is it that you have against the prosperity of Nigeria or against the children you bring forth but cannot take proper care because of the hard times. After all, the birth strike is only for one-two years not forever. There are many good technologies to help you bear children later on even if you think you are out of time or age.
  1. MONTHLY ALLOWANCES: Let all Nigerians (18years -40years) be rewarded with some monetary allowances monthly to carter for some basic/business needs and through this period of 1-2years of great sacrifices.
  2. LET EVERYONE USE THE UNIVERSAL SYSTEM OF LEADERSHIP SERVICE: Let the Nigerian Government educate everyone (old or young) with use the Universal System of Leadership Service (USLS). The USLS is the greatest innovation of the time and times  with the following great attributes:
  3. It is the best system for personal emotional control against the current social dilemma and immoral filled environment and system;
  4. It is the best form of healthy living;
  5. It is the best system of interfaith and peaceful co-existence; the unity of minds by good people in Nigeria;
  6. It is the best system for national patriotic service;
  7. It is the best means of personal development;
  8. It is the best way of elimination of evil and corrupt tendencies and even to win the way against insurgency and terrorism aside from full military mechanism, which have proven less effective;
  9. It is the best forms of spiritual protest and growth in faith and love towards God and man without any condemnation of any religion.


In each and every point/category above, everyone is sacrificially involved in one way or the other and enforceable by everyone (all Nigerians and those in Nigeria) irrespective of location, religion, status, gender, ethnicity etc for good. The above systematic approach will bring us all to the great synergetic sacrifices for personal and collective development touching on:

–         Peaceful Co-existence and Interfaith Unity

–         Justice and Righteousness

–         Spiritual Protest and warfare

–         Human Capital Development

–         Good Governance

–         Morality and Character

Creativity and Innovation

Social and spiritual reformation;


If these recommendations are executed, the economy will be re-energized in less than two to three years to compete favourably with any economy in the world and also with many people seeking to come and live in Nigeria. Knowing and using the UNIVERSAL SYSTEM OF LEADERSHIP SERVICE (USLS); the Greatest Time Innovation of the 21st Century for Wealth Power will not only help everyone to willingly make these great choice and sacrifices, it will stamp out evil miraculously from the society make the universe work better in favour of Nigeria and the people. This is where the miracle truly lies because the people shall be united in mind and spirit unto God.

The Global Emergency and Threat to Life

Emergencies demand that rules are broken- as many as possible to save a life or lives. Right now Nigeria and invariable the world at large is at the greatest emergency of all sorts of human and system destructions/distortions.  Those who know or believe that life exalts those who break the rules and set new ones are correct. Rules are set or obeyed not for fun but for needs or solutions. Life is not just immersed in or with technology or availability of money; if not, nobody will die.  Life is successfully made through discovery and obedience to principles from time to time to create solutions and to establish success.

Countries are not great just because of the presence of Infrastructure or natural resources but for the presence of great people who have made great sacrifices, discoveries and choices to provide great solutions and sacrifices in times of need.

Let Nigerians be made great and prosperous by the great principle of success that is discovered and obeyed for the transformation of mankind, Nigeria and the world at large. Nigeria is not interested in your death to become better but for you to become better for a better Nigeria by the solution you offer or problems you collaborate to solve. This may be the craziest solution that you may ever be involved in. But it is real and not intended harm anyone.  It is a win-win for everyone.

It is said that if you want a result you have never got, you will have to do what you have never done.  Take it and let us use it.

Sacrifice is the language or fruit of love. Hence, if you want to get angry, get angry with your sacrifice- increase it.  And I just showed how we can all do so together and in a better form profitably.  The man who lives just for himself shall fail.

This is the time of such uncommon sacrifices and uncommon results which will eventually launch Nigeria into the powers of the Emerging New Millennium before other nation who will still walloping in and focusing on ineffective solutions against the times.

Nigeria is Africa; Africa is the world and so let the world learn from Nigeria NOW by these fundamental-Innovative solutions to the current multidimensional problems not just in Nigeria but all over the world. And many from different nations shall come to us; seek us to show them HOW or they may simple FOLLOW us. This shall be the glorification of Nigeria; the Nigerialization of Africa and Africanization of the world for human and universal transformation into the Emerging New Millennium that lies in the corner within the news 7-10years; the world shall be Nigeria; the new global destination and hiding place of many people.

Thank you for listening.


Yours in Service,


National Coordinator Arise Nigeria Global Mission



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