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Importance of Explainer Video in Ads Marketing

Explainer videos not only help you convey your core message to users effortlessly but it also helps you increase your brand outreach significantly. You can create and spread interactive explaining videos to connect with users all around the world without worrying about the language barriers or boundaries.

Here, we have discussed why you should use explainer videos to achieve marketing goals.

Helps you Reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce rate or sometimes called exit rate is the term used to analyze web traffic. Here, bounce rate is a representation of the percentage of visitors who enter your site and then leave (bounce) without continuing to view other pages or sections on the same site.

Here, bounce rate plays an important role when it comes to ranking of your site on Google. Further, if you are one of those site owners who are worried about high bounce rate on their website than explainer video could help you fix the problem immediately.

For example, if you have 70% bounce rate on your site and a user spends average 30 seconds on your site then you can try to embed an explainer video on your website home page.

Source: everwas

Here, you are trying to persuade user to click on this video and visit more sections on your site. This simple trick can help you reduce bounce rate significantly.

It will also increase the time-on-page on your website considerably. All these factors will end up high rankings on Google.

Further, high-bounce rate is also a wastage of marketing budget thus it will also help you optimize your marketing efforts.

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Get Better Visibility Through Videos

When you see things, you remember them for long time. Visuals play important role in marketing scenario as well. Here, quality explainer videos can help you gain attention of lot of users effortlessly on your site.

Further, you can create a YouTube channel of your website and upload all these interesting videos on YouTube to gain mass viewers in the least possible investment.

When you keep on uploading quality videos on your YouTube channel you will see a surge in your viewership overtime and you can utilize this platform to brand your products and services seamlessly.

Source: talkpoint

In addition to traffic from world’s #2 search engine platform (YouTube), you can also attract organic traffic from world’s #1 search engine platform Google as it also ranks video content on its first page for most of the keywords and results.

Above all, you attract this organic traffic for free which helps you optimize your marketing efforts & budget with better results. Further, you can also embed these explainer videos on your website and every other possible platform for better visibility. In addition to that, you can look for best video editors to make your videos more appealing and compelling.

Improve SEO results

As we have discussed above explainer videos help you reduce bounce rate and increase time-on-page to help you improve rankings on #1 search engine Google.

Explainer videos are also helpful to increase organize traffic as you can find Google gives space to video posts on its top rankings on the first page for most of the results.

It helps you increase exposure and reach in an organic way. Thus, you can optimize your SEO and digital marketing efforts for better results in no time. It also helps you save your marketing budget with increased traffic for your website.

Source: biznology

Increase Conversion

The next benefit of using explainer videos is that it helps you increase conversion rate. Here, when you upload a video with all the related information about your product/service it will help users to understand benefits of your product/service in much quicker way in comparison to reading a review of your product or service.

Further, videos marketing is preferred choice for most of the companies today as it offers better conversion than traditional ways.

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It is, in fact, a low-cost marketing option that yields high results and conversions. Here, you need to attract users with engaging videos to generate strong identification and better visibility.

Source: catchupdates

Widen your Social Media Reach

Next in the list is an opportunity to widen your social media reach. When a high percentage of people are on social media platform today, you can’t miss an opportunity to interact with them. And what better source could be than an explainer video for your products/services to convey your message.

Here, you can create interactive video campaigns and spread them on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and what not.

Further, you can take benefit of viral marketing & re-marketing options to target your users with better opportunities. Uploading videos on social media networks provide you an easy and user-friendly platform to spread your message to masses.

Source: simplycast

Appeal mobile users

With optimized explainer videos for mobile devices, you can increase your brand outreach to multifold. Today, there are more smartphone devices in comparison to desktops.

Further, users prefer to watch quick videos on the go. It increases the chances of better promotion, brand consideration, and awareness. When users watch these videos on their mobile devices they easily access it anytime they want and better remember the content they have seen.

Source: lesoir

It is also easy to share with anyone on social media or other platforms that increases your brand awareness. Here, we suggest you create small or medium length videos for mobile users which conveys the complete message related to your product or service.

This simple trick will help you boost your traffic effortlessly while costing much lesser than traditional marketing techniques.

Approach All Users

When you write a piece of content it may not be understandable to certain users due to language barriers of other issues. Here, come the explainer videos that help you approach all kind of users across boundaries. People may not exactly understand what you are trying to convey through your article but they get a message through an effective video. Thus, explainer videos become an easy source of information for them and increase your outreach effortlessly.



There could be immense benefits of using explainer videos for your marketing as it helps you increase your brand outreach effortlessly. Here, we have discussed some of the reasons and benefits why you should use explainer videos as a preferred choice. If you know more such benefits or reasons, feel free to comment below.


Authors bio :-  Srishti is a video editor and content writer. She has hands-on experience in creating compelling content for both blogs and YouTube. In her leisure time, she loves to explore the darker side of war movies.


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