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50 Nigerian traditional wear designs for men: trends in 2023 (photos)

To leave a lasting impression on your guests, dress in the newest Nigerian men’s fashion trends. If you enjoy attention and admiration, the greatest outfit to wear to any gathering is a local one. There are many stunning and distinctive possibilities in the most recent designs of men’s traditional Nigerian clothing.

The most recent men’s traditional Nigerian fashions are gorgeous. Nigerians are proud of their culture and combine it with contemporary fashion to produce amazing designs. For men, the dashiki and agbada are the most prominent traditional clothing patterns from Nigeria.Information Guide Nigeria

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Nigerian men’s fashion styles

An African shirt that falls to the hips or just above the knee is known as a dashiki. The pullover is a common piece of clothing in West Africa. An Agbada (Yoruba name) is a three-piece outfit worn for formal or casual occasions. It features a long-sleeved shirt, an open-stitched full gown, and Sokoto (pair of trousers that narrow towards the ankle).50 Nigerian traditional wear designs for men: trends in 2023 (photos)

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Latest designer clothes for guys: Senator styles

For Agbada, different people use different names. For instance, grand boubou (in several Francophone West African countries), boubou or mbubb (Wolof), babban riga (Hausa), k’sa or gandora (Tuareg), Darra’s Maghrebi (Arabic), and gown (English). Many of Nigeria’s stylish creations are well-known worldwide. Here are the most recent men’s senator fashions:

1. Orange and yellow Agbada

Agbada was a traditional Yoruba garment that was worn only by affluent men. The attire has changed into a universally popular unisex style, nevertheless. Agbada departed the confines of Yoruba culture, traveled the length and breadth of West Africa, and is today loved on a global scale.

2. Red Agbada

Agbada designs are worn by people of all sexes, religions, ethnicities, and socioeconomic classes. They are no longer seen as apparel for society’s powerful and wealthy. However, donning these clothes still imparts a sense of style and class to the wearer.10 best Infinix Gadgets in Nigeria and their prices

3. Green and blue Agbada

The current generation dresses in agbada for all formal and informal situations. The attire is appropriate for wearing to formal events, religious services, and traditional weddings. People mix many styles into clothing to make it a staple.10 best Mobile Phones in Nigeria and their prices

The best recent native styles for men are the green and blue agbada. Because of its loose fit and adjustable wide sleeves, an agbada does not get too hot or stuffy.

4. Black Agbada

Fashion designers from Nigeria and throughout the world keep presenting enticing Agbada trends to the industry. Additionally, African influencers and celebrities enthusiastically display and market these creations, bringing Agbada to a global audience. For men, dashikis and black and white agbada are the most popular native fashions.

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5. Striped native Agbada

The globe is currently seeing the newest Agbada fashions thanks to the West African film industry. The world and the continent are inspired to wear these outfits after seeing well-known African stars don them on set.

From the 1800s until the 20th century, Africans used the Ankara, dashiki, and agbada as a form of nonverbal communication. The populace still adores their clothing even though this no longer occurs.

6. White Agbada

The Agbada-senator design is the most inventive modification to the contemporary Agbada. Cashmere or various materials can be used to make an agbada. The Agbada-senator outfit consists of a long-sleeved blouse, a flowing robe with open stitches and wide sleeves, and a pair of pants (Sokoto).

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7. Blue Agbadas

Agbada amurode and agbada iwole are the two main types of agbada worn by Yoruba people (ceremonial outfit). The ceremonial Agbada is denser than the informal Agbada. Select hues that go well with your skin tone, and stay away from selecting poor fabrics because they will make your outfit look awful. To give an Agbada a tougher, better-looking aspect, use thick material.NYSC Portal

8. Wine-coloured Agbada

Compared to the casual one, the ceremonial Agbada is more intricately adorned and made of heavy, expensive textiles. Other names for it are Ginike and Agbada nla. Additionally, Fila is the name of the hat worn with Agbada.

9. Lavender and pink Agbada

A casual Agbada, also known as a Sulia or Sapara, is frequently constructed from simple, vividly colored, light cotton materials. Make sure the material you choose for your Fila doesn’t contrast with the color of the cloth on your Agbada.

Pink and lavender are close to peach in color. Pink has recently risen to the top of the list of trendy men’s fashion in Nigeria. However, contrary to popular belief, it was not at first a feminine color.

In the 18th century, men were the first to wear pink silk suits with flower embroidery. However, very few men nowadays are aware that this is a cool and macho color for men. Your manliness won’t be diminished by donning a pink Dashiki.

10. Blue Agbada

People have started using new materials like brocade, damask, and velvet to make agbada since the turn of the 20th century. For you to sew a beautiful and well-fitting agbada outfit, you’ll need about 4–7 yards. To make your Agbada appear firm and keep you from appearing too small inside the robe, starch it.

Latest male fashion in Nigeria: Dakishi styles

Dashikis are hippie clothes from Africa. Most of these gorgeous patterns are made entirely of cotton. Men, women, and kids can all wear some shirt designs since they are gender-neutral. For people who reside outside of the continent, these clothes are acceptable for all four seasons: summer, winter, autumn, and spring.

11. Peach and olive Dashiki

Many times, males feel they shouldn’t dress in vibrant hues. If you dress in vibrant colors like peach, women won’t assume you’re a little kid. However, wearing a peach-colored Dashiki helps males appear stronger, more confident, and more at ease with their sexuality.

12. Brown Dashiki

Because it is a delicate and graceful color, brown is linked to freshness and spring. Additionally, the color is appropriate for the summertime. White, brown, black, or grey shoes should go with your brown clothing. These shoes are the ideal complement for males wearing plain-colored clothing.

13. Checked Dashikis

Checked Dashiki is a good combination when paired with loafers to create a subtly pleasing effect. Grey is a highly versatile colour, ranging from light to darker tones. Therefore, wear it in white, black, and other plain colours.

14. White Dashiki with strips

Horizontal strips suit men with tall, slender frames. Thin strips make shorter men and those with heavier bodies more noticeable in the wrong way. Moreover, remember that the wider the stripe, the less stylish it is.

15. Dashikis with materials of different colours

Respect is earned by wearing a Prussian blue and yellow striped Dashiki. In a fawn-colored hat, chic flat shoes, and matching fawn/mocha-stripe Dashiki, the second man looks stunning.

Fawn and mocha are both colors of brown; fawn almost resembles the color of wheat. For accessorizing the ensemble, stud earrings and a gold wristwatch are ideal. The third man opted for a Dashiki in black and orange.

16. Black Dashikis

Red and black are the most attractive colours to men because someone wearing them is perceived as bold, mysterious, stylish, strong, confident, and superior. Black also tends to create a mysterious aura around a person, thus making people curious to know more about them.105 Good Morning My Love Messages

17. White Dashikis

Black and white are the ideal color combination for every occasion because contrast provides completion and opposites attract. The black-white convergence demonstrates how two dissimilar colors can communicate more effectively when used together than when used separately.

Wear these men’s stylish items on any occasion. To create the best white Dashiki design, experiment with various colors and embellishments. Even wearing clothing with blue and white stripes is advisable.

18. White Dashiki

Women find a man in plain white clothes more attractive than those in other colours. Therefore, any man wondering what to wear for a first date or any other event should consider donning a white Dashiki.

19. Pink Dashiki

Since Nigerian men’s fashion styles are highly subjective, adventurous fashion lovers find box-patterned Dashiki a great way to expand their apparel horizons. Update your style with a pink Dashiki.

20. White-checked Dashiki

Box patterns on clothes are also called checks. Checks help in adding size and making one look broader. Therefore, if you are small-framed, wear Dashiki with big checks to look bigger. On the other hand, try a medium-sized or small-print Dashiki if you want to look leaner.200 Romantic love message for her

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21. Cerulean blue Dashiki

Pair a Cerulean Dashiki with a warm chocolate brown show. They are the perfect combo if you have warm undertones. You can also complement Cerulean and keep things cool with warm golden yellow, pale grey, or white footwear.

22. Navy-blue, light-blue, and sapphire-blue Dashikis

Explore the navy-blue, light-blue, and sapphire-blue Dashiki styles to the fullest. Blue’s versatility allows it to be paired with silver, brushed gold, or gunmetal accessories. Additional colours to wear with a blue Dashiki would be black, green, red, and yellow.

23. Royal blue Dashiki

If you want to feel confident, go with royal blue Dashiki. Add some velvet material to your design to bring out the attire’s uniqueness. Neutral shades like nude, black, grey, or brown are always welcome in your closet.

24. Navy-blue and lapis-blue Dashikis

Lapis-blue and navy-blue Dashikis have the perfect masculine touch. You can wear all blue to a wedding or other formal events. Moreover, challenge the dress code by pairing a Dashiki with loafers, Oxfords, Derbys, Brogues, Monks, Sandals, Boats, and more male shoes.

25. Baby-blue Dashikis

A combination of baby blue with other blue colours creates an outstanding Dashiki. People often describe blue as calm and serene. It is also a favourite colour for many people and the most preferred by men.

26. Purple Dashikis

Men look good in a variety of hues, including purple. Therefore, pair it with universally flattering colours like true red and teal. Since purple and red are fantastic colours for men to wear, it would be great to step out of your comfort zone and incorporate them into your wardrobe.

27. Red Dashiki

Since red men’s outfits will never go out of style, buying one is an investment for the indefinite future. It is, therefore, ideal for a man to have at least one striped red Dashiki in his formalwear line-up.

28. Caramel and peach Dashiki

Dashiki elevates anyone from looking ordinary to sophisticated. However, there are rules for achieving a sophisticated look. A little mistake can spoil your overall look. For instance, wearing socks with Dashiki or Agbada is a fashion failure. Wear your caramel Dashiki with pride or even add a caramel material to your peach Dashiki.

29. Dashiki with flower patterns

Dark men should not limit themselves to specific designs because they can wear anything and still look great. Wear a flower-patterned Dashiki to any event.

30. Cider Dashiki

Cider is another beautiful hue for Nigerian men’s fashion styles. Since burgundy, navy, forest green, olive, mustard, grey, and black are complementary colours to cider, pairing this outfit with any of them works wonderfully.

31. Ultramarine-green Dashiki

Personality-wise, wearing ultramarine-green attire indicates you are a social being and not afraid to be seen. The man has matched bright and dark shades of ultramarine on his outfit. Some people call ultramarine-green the blue-green colour because they almost look the same.

32. Purple and black Dakishi

Purple exudes an inviting, enjoyable, imaginative, and cheerful vibe. Wear a silver or gold neck for better effect, but make sure that it is only visible from the sides and rear of your neck.

The overall look will be ruined if you are wearing a lengthy, heavy, metallic necklace that hangs over your chest. However, wearing a thick, lengthy, and vibrant traditional beaded necklace with a dashiki is acceptable.

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33. Pale yellow Dashiki

Pale yellow, whites, pastels, purple, pink, and orange look good with dark-skinned men. However, never wear a lace-up shoe with an Agbada or Dashiki because they look untidy and graceless. Additionally, rocking a pair of sneakers with these outfits is a big no.

34. Silk material Dashiki

The shiny blue Dashiki is beautiful. Meanwhile, the second attire has a dark Italian walnut base colour with blue patterns from top to bottom. Wear a medium-sized wristwatch instead of a heavy one since Dashiki or Agbada are bulky attires and the big wristwatch will only distract people from the outfits.

35. Dashikis with multi-coloured strips

You can wear a Dashiki in a thousand different ways if you get creative and adventurous. However, be careful when redesigning yours since Dashikis are expensive outfits. You can only redesign the attire if it is too old to wear. Otherwise, match it with different outfits like jeans, t-shirts, and sweatpants.Jamb Portal

36. Orange Dashiki

The simple patterns add beauty this orange attire and draw people’s attention In addition, shiny materials used to make the Dashiki are easier to clean. Therefore, consider mixing orange with blue, black, yellow, or brown.

37. Persian blue Dashikis

Ain’t Persian blue Dashikis the best of all the latest fashion styles for men in 2023? The attire’s color blends well with African skin tones and brings out the person’s best body and facial features. Moreover, blue is a color of nature; hence it matches all colors dominating any environment you visit.

Latest designer clothes for guys: Ankara styles

The most recent native men’s fashions are a fusion of African and Western trends. Some are easy to construct, while others require a very skilled designer. Because most Nigerian tailors are eager to learn new skills and execute them flawlessly on their first attempt, it is unusual to find someone who can create these garments.

38. The unisex Ankara coverups

An Ankara cardigan screams “unique” but only suits those who are bold enough to break social norms. If you can find these fabrics, you better ask your tailor to sew this trendy outfit. Some might argue that such coverups only suit women and can now see that men also look good in them.

39. Ankara men’s suit plus t-shirt combo

Wear your Ankara suit with a fitting plain-colored t-shirt. Ankara is reputed for its colorful prints that symbolize the rich African culture. Therefore, wearing this suit to any function is a great honor for African traditions.

40. Ankara t-shirt & trouser combo vs. Ankara-designed Dashiki suit

There is nothing better than a nice pair of Ankara-made pants and a t-shirt, or a Dashiki outfit. Choose one of these outfits to brighten your casual day, and finish it off with a pair of sandals, loafers, or sneakers. You can choose any appearance, and it will look great on you. Never pair crocs with Ankara clothing since they will destroy the mood and appearance.

41. Ankara jackets

Ankara jackets go well with casual trousers, from jeans and cargo pants to tracksuit bottoms/sweat pants. Sneakers are the best shoes to pair with this outfit. The jacket is warm enough because it is made up of heavy fabrics. The Ankara is only used as a styling and decoration material.

42. A V-neckline Ankara shirt

If you don’t want to go all Ankara or all black, here is a unique design. Pair the shirt with a cool pair of black or blue jeans, trousers, or shorts. However, whatever you choose should not grab more attention than your fashionable Ankara shirt.

43. Dashiki-style Ankara shirts

The males are dressed in Ankara shirts with tuxedo collar designs in the dashiki fashion. Long or short sleeves can be tailored out of Ankara or other solid-colored textiles. The long sleeves can be pulled up to your elbows to create a distinctive look. Additionally, wear the blouse with coordinating plain-colored pants, and round off your look with a watch and beaded bangles.

44. Black t-shirts with Ankara on sleeves and pockets

The simplest Ankara shirt design to create is this one. After creating a garment or suit, always retain the leftover Ankara fabric. Use the components to make original Ankara designs on t-shirts in solid colors. The components can be fastened to the pockets and sleeves.

45. Denim Ankara shirt

You can randomly cut out parts of your denim shirt and fit Ankara patches on it. Use different pieces of Ankara fabrics for a more creative and unique street fashion. Pair your new Ankara denim shirt with training pants or jeans.

46. Ankara men’s shorts

Men and women love shorts when summer rolls. Aim to be physically good-looking by reserving your Ankara shorts for this season. Children can also wear these unisex attires. Additionally, There is nothing wrong with men wearing very short shorts.

47. Colourful Ankara shirt

Add this unique Ankara hood to your wardrobe, for it will turn heads. A hood is warm because it covers your head, neck, and hands, thus leaving fewer places for cold to sneak through and get to your skin.

48. Ankara scarfs

A couple that loves simplicity looks good in this unique dressing style. Instead of wearing matching Ankara suits and dresses, throw Ankara scarves onto ordinary outfits. Pair this beautifully styled Ankara scarf with plain-colored dresses, jackets, shorts, jeans, or khakis, etc.

49. Ankara shirt with a V-neckline

Such a classic piece makes for an excellent choice. However, you must exercise caution when wearing such a garment because it is so simple to wear it incorrectly. To avoid ruining the entire outfit, make sure the jeans, pants, or shorts are basic; patterned or checked ones do.

50. Ankara facemask and snood scarf

Unisex items that are perfect for chilly days include an Ankara facemask and a snood scarf. Wearing a facemask or snood with complementary simple-colored clothing can keep you warm and stylish. A polo shirt, a pair of trousers, and an Ankara facemask are always good choices for a casual outfit.

What material is a dashiki made of?

Most of them are made from silk brocade and pure cotton fabrics.

How should a Dashiki fit?

Use the standard measurements for clothing sizes. For instance, a small-size Dashiki should be 42″-44″ around the chest and 27″-28″ long. A medium-sized one should be 46″-50″ chest and 28″-30″ long. Meanwhile, the large-size shirt should be 48″-52″ chest and 28″-32″ long.

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What material is used for Agbada?

Nigerian natives use brocade, damask, and velvet to make Agbada.

How many yards of material do I need for Agbada?

You need 4 to 7 yards to sew a quality Agbada. However, consult your nearest designer for the right measurements.

What is Ankara material?

Ankara is a 100% cotton fabric with eye-catching patterns. It is also known as the African print, Holland wax, Ankara wax print, or Dutch wax.

Which of these Nigerian men’s fashion trends are you planning to wear this year? By putting the name of the product, the name of the company, and the registration number of the design on the selvage, manufacturers of African fabrics, particularly Ankara, safeguard their designs and quality.

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