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How to Start Pure Water Business in Nigeria

How to Start Pure Water Business in Nigeria . The business of pure has been around for some years now. There are people that feel the business has been saturated and with a lot of competition existing, they consider the business is no longer profitable, but they are quite wrong.

When the business of pure water started in Nigeria it was easy to enter the business, but as years went on it has become a bit harder to establish the business due to more competition and more stringent rules set and established by government.

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This has led people to being skeptical and shy away from the business, people complain of the requirement and resources needed to start the business, especially when they consider the inadequate infrastructure needed to establish the business like constant power supply.

But the funny thing is that despite this perceived obstacles, the business still remains a good venture and profitable business to do if properly done and managed.

So despite all the complaints and perceived obstacles why is pure water still considered a good business to invest in.

PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS NEED AND DRINK WATER: People need water to survive and therefore will always need water especially to drink and satisfy their thirst.

TO GUARD AGAINST DISEASES: People have over the years learnt of the importance of drinking safe water to guard and prevent them from getting diseases that can cause health problems for them. Though there are those that consider pure water not truly safe, it is a better option than public water consumption or other avenues from getting water that are not so safe.

IT IS A CHEAPER SOURCE: We need safe drinking water, pure water represents a cheaper source of achieving this. There are other sources like bottled water but this is more expensive and can not be bought regularly by everyone.

IT SELLS ALL YEAR ROUND: Pure water is a product that is in demand all year round. Nigeria has two major seasons which are hot and rainy season. During the hot season the demand for water goes up due to the heat and people also need to cool off. Despite the cool weather in the rainy season, people still need to drink water and the demand does not go down too much.

INCREASED POPULATION: More people are born daily and as such will lead to an increase and purchase of pure water.




Getting a business name is very important for your business especially as the name will be on your product to enable it to be identified easily and purchased by customers, so in addition to your name a logo and design can also be added to give your business a brand feel and value.

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In order to do this business you need to rent or buy a property. When doing this try and get a place that has a lot of space and well ventilated as it will ease business operations.


For this business you will need a good and regular source of water supply, after all water is the main product of the business. A bore hole will be needed to achieve this purpose.



Equipment and materials needed include

Distillation system: This is used in the purification of the water to be used during the business. It helps in removing impurities from the water as well as bacteria and viruses and other contaminants from the water making it safe and clean for drinking. Where this is not available purification process like ultra violet sterilization can be used.


Water is stored here in order to supply water to the distillation system, it is positioned above the distillation system to be able to properly easily pump water down to the distillation system.


These are machines needed and used to close up and seal the nylons and sachets. There are some that seal up to fifty bags.


This is needed before you can fully start business and to ensure that the business and products as well as the environment are safe. Officials from the government will come around to make sure that everything is in order and okay to start business.

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Try to get those that have experience as it will help you ease into the business easily. Depending on how you start and the amount of production to be done, you may employ between 3-8 people for a start.


You need to get your products into the market and will need a means of transport to achieve it. Depending on how much product is moved it will be better if a truck or van is used to take the products to their final consumers.

As with all businesses it is advisable to get a business plan and conduct a good feasibility study especially when it comes to the cost of setting up the business. It requires a good amount of capital but with patience and a medium to long term approach this is a business that is profitable.

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