9 Steps to Start Fish Farming In Nigeria

Here in this post, we are going to bring to you 9 steps to start fish farming in Nigeria. We hope you find this article informative.

In this article, we will be discussing how to start fish farming in Nigeria, and I will be giving us some steps, by which one can follow to start fish farming. But before that, we have to look at what is fish farming;

What Is Fish Farming?

Fish farming is that aspect of farming, whereby one rears fish for sell, that is, for commercial purpose. Should one go for fish rearing, that person must have to build the earthen pond, tarpaulin pond or sometime, concrete pond.

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9 Steps to Start Fish Farming In Nigeria
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He must fertilize the pond, then stocks the fingerlings in clean water and be ready to feed the Mackerel, or the Tilapia or the catfish till they growth to market size.

Having said that, by the way, do you know how fish farming is called? It is called, pisciculture. In other word, it is about breeding, and rearing, as well as, transplantation of fish artificially.

Fishes normally live in streams and river and seas and oceans, but when fishes are breed at home particularly for commercial purposes, it is called pricisculture.

It will interest you to know that, there are hundreds of kinds of fish, and these ranged from trout, and cyprinids, and pangas catfish, and freshwater fishes, and silver seabream, and common carp, and catla, and greasy grouper, and bighead carp, and Nile tilapia, and grass carp among others.

However, among these species of fish, not all can be reared artificially in Nigeria. Reason is obvious, it could be because their nature do not permit them to be reared in Nigeria or it could be that, the demand of these fishes is low. Nevertheless, since catfish and tilapia are the common most demanded species of fish, fish farmers will love to grow them.

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What Are The Means Of Growing Fish?

There are two ways by which, fish can be reared, and these two means are extensive aquaculture and intensive aquaculture.

In external aquaculture, fish is growing in natural water, for example, in streams and in rivers, while in the intensive aquaculture, fish is breeds outside streams and rivers. In this article however, I will be discussing about the intensive aquaculture.

Choosing Fish Species That Would Be Profitable In Nigeria

If you want to start fish farming business in Nigeria, it therefore means that you want to go into fish production particularly, for commercial purpose hence, you have the choose fish species that you know will grow fast, in order to meet your business plan. Now let us get started!

Starting Fish Farming In Nigeria:

In this article, I am going to discuss with you nine good steps, should you want to start fish farming in Nigeria. Here we go!

1. Source For A Location That Is Good For Fish Farming

Before you start fish farming, you have to ask yourself if you are embarking on small scale fish farming business or whether you want to go on large scale fish farming business.

However, it is going to be a small scale fish farming business, you can start it at your backyard, but if your vision is large scale fish farming business, you can go by renting or buying fish farming facilities, which is going to be outside your house.

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2. Source For Good Water For Your Fish Farming Business

The next step would be to source for good water for your fish farming business. Why is this important, for instance, if oxygen is important to you, then water is important to fish.

So if the water is bad, you are likely to negatively affect the growth of your fish, as well as, have a decrease in your productivity, although, there are some fishes that actually survived in rough water, while others do not.

The point I am making is that you will need good water, a good source at that, for your fish. Also note that, sizes of fish ponds do determined the quantity of water needed, and do not also forget, the treated water you are drinking, could as well be poisonous to your fish. Why? The reason is that, the chemicals used in the treatment of your drinking water may not be healthy for your fish.

3. Choose Ponds That Are Right For Your Fish Farming Business

I have earlier compared oxygen with water, but this time, I will be talking about the kind of house you choose for your fish. Just like human, your fish will need a place that is comfortable to live.

Fishes need their ponds to be natural, and at the same time comfortable. Take for instance, fish ponds can either be backyard plastic or it can be tank.

Sometimes, if you are just starting your fish farming business, using plastic could be preferably especially when your fish farming business is small scale, although fish ponds are of different types and sizes, and they also vary in cost. All depend on your need and environment.

4. Choose The Right Species Of Fish You Want To Grow In Your Farm

As was said earlier, we have over hundreds of fish species, so you at this point will have to choose the fish species you intended to grow in your farm.

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5. Decides For Healthy Juveniles

Juveniles are those little fishes which you are looking for to grow in your farm. In fact, there is this one that is called Fry. It is actually the development stage of fish just after the larvae stage, that is, at an age of less than a week.

6. Decides For The Right Feeds For Your Fish In Your Farm

You must decides for quality feed for your fish. We have three ways by which, fish can be fed. For example, natural fish feed, which is naturally found in the pond, like detritus, and bacteria, etc.

The number two way is called, supplementary fish feed, which is locally cheap materials available, example, terrestrial plants. And lastly, complete feed, which is fish feed that is carefully made.

7. Begin To Market Your Fishes

Some people believed that the market is there already. You should not think that way, you have to start by yourself to market your fish.

8. Be Business Conscious While Running Your Fish Farming

The law is that, in every adventure, you have to be business consciousness or business minded for you to succeed in any business, including fish farming business.

9. Get Yourself Trained In Fish Farming Business

You have to make sure that you get yourself trained so as to be upgraded with the modern way of fish farming business for commercial purposes.

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Fish farming is that aspect of farming, whereby one rear fish for sell, that is, for commercial purpose. Should one go for fish rearing, that person must have to build the earthen pond, tarpaulin pond or sometime, concrete pond.

He must fertilize the pond, then stocks the fingerlings in clean water and be ready to feed the Mackerel, or the Tilapia or the catfish till they growth to market size.

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