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Steps Involved In Writing A Good Topic For A Blog

One quality of a good blog is a good topic.How good a topic is sometimes determine the readers durability on your blog/website. Choosing a topic to write on is the first and foremost step to take.

Try as much as possible to create a problem solving post to catch the attention of large audience. After deciding which topic to write on, you can then proceed to the following steps.

Note: The Topics you chose to write on should be related to your blog’s niche.

Steps Involved In Writing A Good Topic For A Blog
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Here are the steps involved in writing a good topic:

Researching on the topic

The topic chosen by you must be well researched on. This is an essential part of writing a good content.
The impression you are trying to make here is to let your readers see you as an expert, which is why you need research to gather your facts, ideas and examples.Research shouldn’t take much time if you know what you are looking for and how to look for it.

You can use search engines to research your blog post. Amazon can also be of help, as i heard its one of the best for researching blog post niche.

The title of the topic

The title of your topic must be very short, attractive and related to the subject matter or the content.
“keep the title short and on topic” .

Some post have a good content but the title is either off topic or too long.Using this post as an example, I can draft out at least 3 suitable titles:

a. 5 steps needed when writing a good topic
b. How to write a good topic for your blog
c. Steps involved in writing a good blog content

The content

Having found the suitable title for your article/post, and after doing enough research, the next step is to write on your subject matter based on what you have researched.

This is where the real work comes in. The subject matter (content) should be well explanatory, so your readers can understand easily.

The content should also contain images, videos or other ways of visual representation (if necessary) for better understanding.

You can also include relevant or related links at the middle of the content. Interlinking blog posts helps to boost traffic.

Remember! that you are not the first and won’t be the last that will write on that topic, which is why you have to make your content unique (different from what others have written).

Visual representation

The use of images, videos etc helps readers al ot. Some explanation are better done visually. When writing your content, don’t forget to include necessary images/screenshots related to the information you are trying to pass across to the readers.

The use of visual representation make readers quickly assimilate and recollect because some readers in our century can hardly memorize two or three lines of written text but can summarize a season film without watching it twice 🙂 .
TIP: You can also make tutorial videos(if necessary)

Proof Reading

After you’re done writing your content, you should proof read it as many timnes as possible to correct mistakes that might have occurred.

If you are not that good at proof reading, you can hire a proof reader or you can pass it to 2 or three friends of yours to proof read it for you.

TIP: Beware Of Article Ripper Disguise As A Proof-Reader

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