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UNIBEN Post UTME Past Questions for Medicine and Surgery pdf: 100% FREE

Are you a medical student aspirant in UNIBEN, if yes, see the 100% FREE UNIBEN Post UTME Past Questions and answers here. These past questions are suitable for Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Engineering, Agric, Education courses.

100% FREE UNIBEN Post UTME Past Questions and Answers for Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Engineering, Agric, Education courses.


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Friday, July 25th, 2014

COURSE: Medicine, Dentistry, Basic Medical Sciences

Pharmacy, Life Sciences, Education – Life Sciences,

Agriculture and Education Agriculture



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Read the following instructions carefully:  

  1. Use HB pencil only and shade in your names. Ensure that any shading in error is thoroughly erased.
  2. Candidates should write their full names (surname first), JAMB registration number, sex, JAMB score, course of first choice and the paper type given to them, in the appropriate spaces on the answer sheet.
  • Attempt all questions. Each candidate must submit the answer sheet with the question paper.
  1. The use of calculators and/or similar electronic devices is NOT allowed.



Each the passages below and answer the questions that follow:



I dare not lift the veil that protects our tribal marriage customs and ceremonies from the eyes of outsiders. There is already too little in this world that is sacred; and what Ngozi and I were required to go through during the next week must remain so. I was deeply in debt by the time everything was over, but I was absolutely satisfied with my mother’s choice. Ngozi was indeed, an African queen and she had the teeth and smile of a goddess. The maiden tutors had done their job well; she was a completely efficient lover and mother. I brought her home with swelling pride, and began at once to save all I could spare towards the cost of acquiring my second wife. My anti-western revoli was gaining momentum.


  1. It would appear that the marriage had turned him into
  2. a faithful husband B. a good man
  3. proud husband D. an incurable debtor


  1. Which of the following is not true of the passage?
  2. the marriage was according to native law and custom
  3. Ngozi never had an issue
  4. the author wanted another wife
  5. the marriage cost a lot of money


  1. The evidence would seem to indicate that
  2. the author thinks his wife is extravagant
  3. she had not been properly brought up
  4. he adores his wife
  5. the author regrets the cause of his debt


  1. What was the author referring to when he said “my anti-western revoli was gaining momentum in the passage?
  2. he dislikes Europeans
  3. he did not want to marry another wife
  4. he admires everything about his wife
  5. he revolted against European values


  1. ‘Swelling’ in the passage means
  2. happy B. remarkable C. growing    D. great



With the advent of projection in 1895 – 1896, motion picture became the ultimate form of mass consumption, the viewer’s relationship with the image was no longer private, as the earlier peepshow devices, such as the kinetoscope and the mutoscope, which was a similar machine that reproduced motion by means of successive images on individual photographic cards, instead of on strips of celluloid. It suddenly became public an experience that the viewer shared with dozens, scores and even hundreds of others. At the same time, the image that spectator looked at expanded from the minuscule peepshow dimensions of one or two inches (in height) to the life-size proportions of six or nine feet.


  1. Which one of the following is mentioned in the passage as one of the ways the mutoscope differed from the kinetoscope? uniben post utme past questions
  2. a different type of material was used to produce the images in the mutoscope
  3. the mutoscope was a less sophisticated earlier prototype of the kinetoscope
  4. sound and motion were simultaneously produced in the mutoscope
  5. more than one person could view the images at the same time with the mutoscope


  1. According to the passage, the images seen by viewers in the earlier peepshows. compared with the images projected on the screen, were relatively
  2. unfocused B. small in size
  3. limited in subject matter
  4. inexpensive to create


  1. The word “expanded” in the passage is closest in meaning to
  2. was varied B. was rejected
  3. was enlarged D. was changed


  1. According to the passage. motion picture became the ultimate form of mass consumption because
  2. the advent of projection
  3. viewer’s relationship with the image was no longer private
  4. the viewers were timed of other peepshow devices
  5. None of the above


  1. The word ‘it’ in the passage refers to
  2. the advent of projection
  3. the viewer’s relationship with the image
  4. celluloid D. a similar machine


In this section, a list of options is given below every sentence, and you are expected to choose, from among the options, the option nearest in meaning to the word or phrase underlined in the sentence.


  1. I am happy to stand before this august assembly
  2. undignified B. fake C. popular
  3. monthly


  1. That there is vicissitude of life makes have-not to be optimistic for a better tomorrow
  2. change B. cosy C. challenge
  3. longevity


  1. The blow given by the boxer to his opponent threw him into hallucination
  2. sterility B. obesity C. delusion
  3. depravity


  1. The counterfeit nature of the company’s products will make it to fold up
  2. laxity      B. primitive       C. fake
  3. low production


  1. The delinquent who violated the magistrate order was handed over to the police
  2. cheat B. culprit C. trickster    D. drunkard


Choose from the options lettered A – D, the one that most appropriately completes each sentence.

  1. Yawning in public without covering one’s mouth shows lack of __________
  2. etequete B. ettequete      C. etiquette
  3. etiquette


  1. Obtaining visa these days a rare __________
  2. privilege B. previlledge    C. priviledge
  3. priviledged


  1. You have to be very good at a language before you can __________ it
  2. interprete B. interpret C. intaprete
  3. intarprete


  1. A teacher who is worth his salt is never ashamed of
  2. ridicule B. poor salary      C. criticism
  3. joblessness


  1. Correct measurement is not a guarantee for perfect……………………..
  2. tailoring B. design C. sewing     D. tailor


  1. No matter how long you may have concealed an evil deed, one day, such evil deed must be………
  2. confused B. revealed C. condemned
  3. broadcasted


  1. We do not want an amateur actor but a……….one to play that role
  2. famous B. popular      C. famous
  3. professional


  1. John’s frugality contrasts with his friend’s……..
  2. kindness B. honesty       C. meanness
  3. extravagance


  1. Our economy which was depressed is now……..
  2. gloomy  B. buoyant      C. bleak
  3. unfavourable


  1. The match was not as interesting as the……..had expected.
  2. congregation B. referee C. spectators
  3. students


  1. The life of an artisan is his……………
  2. tools B. work C. money    D. family


  1. He has been away from his family for a long time. He is seriously………….
  2. depressed B. elated C. nostalgic
  3. lonely


  1. The teachers don’t teach us………………….?
  2. do they B. don’t they C. didn’t they
  3. isn’t it


  1. The teacher, as well as his students,………working very hard.
  2. were B. is     C. are        D. have


  1. The lass and the…..will get married next week.
  2. wench B. lad C. spinner     D. whore


After each of the sentences below, a list of possible interpretations of the underlined part of the sentence is given. Identify the option that best explains the underlined part.

  1. He didn’t realize it but not many of even the more experienced employees could hold a candle to him.
  2. give him light
  3. were more skilful than he was
  4. experience really helps
  5. were expert


  1. The cashier decided to alter the records in order to feather his own nest.
  2. deceive his colleagues
  3. make himself rich
  4. experience really helps
  5. were expert


  1. The chief used to dress quite expensively, but he is very down at heel
  2. is wearing sandals
  3. doesn’t bother about his appearance
  4. is very poorly dressed
  5. is much smarter than he used to be


  1. “You will soon get to know the ropes” the transport officer said to the new driver.
  2. find out how ropes are made
  3. find out how to move on ropes
  4. become acquainted with what goes on in the department
  5. become accomplished with how ropes are made


  1. It would be a shot in the dark if the conservative party wins the election
  2. only a guess B. only an attempt
  3. a piece of surprising piece of news
  4. no surprise


Fill in the blank spaces with the correction option.


  1. Ogbeide’s sympathy with the poor little boy……..a meal.
  2. gave him
  3. mover her and gave him
  4. moved her to give him
  5. she gave him


  1. I’d like this homework…….this evening, please
  2. doing B. to have done C. done     D. do


  1. The teacher stopped by the roadside……….to the boys
  2. to talk B. to have talked C. talk
  3. having to talk


  1. The teacher told the girls……to do when had finished their needlework
  2. when B. where C. whether     D. what
  3. Peter asked for permission to go home…….he didn’t feel well
  4. while   B. as       C. and       D. but



1.C    2.B   3.C    4.D  5.D   6.A   7.B     8.C     9.A

10.B   11.C  12.A  13.C  14.C   15.B   16.C  17.A

18.B  19.C  2 0.B   21.B   22.D   23.D   24.B   25.C

26.B  27.C  28.A  29.B  30.B  31.B  32.B  33.C  34.C   35.A   36.C   37.C   38.A   39.D   40.B



  1. A deficiency of vitamin B, (thiamine) in the diet of a child can lead to
  2. goiter B. beri-beri C. scurvy    D. pellagra


  1. Which of the following is not a component of guard cells?
  2. Chloroplasts B. Nucleus C. thin inner wall
  3. rough spike


  1. The enzyme of the glycolytic pathway is located in the
  2. mitochondria B. golgi apparatus
  3. cytoplasm D. nucleus


  1. Light is required in photosynthesis to
  2. oxidize water molecules
  3. split water molecules
  4. reduce carbon (IV) oxide
  5. fix carbon (IV) oxide


  1. The diploid number of chromosome in man is
  2. 46 B. 23        C. 48        D. 26


  1. The following are parts of the continental shelf of the marine habitat except
  2. splash zone B. subtidal zone
  3. intertidal zone D. benthic zone


  1. The part of the brain responsible for the coordination of involuntary actions such as heart beat, peristalsis is……………………..
  2. medulla oblongata B. cerebellum
  3. pineal D. cerebrum


  1. When a velocity-time graph is a curve, it means that we have
  2. a uniform acceleration
  3. a non-uniform acceleration
  4. a uniform velocity
  5. a non-uniform velocity


  1. A ball of mass 1kg falls from a height of 3m and rebounds to a height of 2m after striking a horizontal surface. Calculate the loss in energy due to the impact. [Take g – 10s-2]
  2. 100 J   B. 50 J        C. 10 J           D. I J


  1. A projectile attains a maximum range of 40m when g = 10m/s2. Calculate its velocity of projection.
  2. 400ms-1 B. 80ms-1 C. 20ms-1     D.  10ms-1


  1. A ball of mass 10kg strikes a wall normally with a velocity of 5ms and travels back with same velocity. Calculate its impulse on the wall.
  2. 0 B. 25ms-1 C. 50ms-1         D. 100kgms-1


  1. Calculate the velocity of the wave represented by the following wave equation y = 20sin (60πx – 0.5πx). If all the distances are in metres
  2. 30ms-1 B. 60ms-1 C. 80ms-1      D. 20ms-1


  1. The following are stringed instruments except
  2. violin B. piano C. guitar     D. xylophone


  1. If two 2mF capacitors are connected in parallel with each other and the combination is then connected in series with a 4mF capacitor, the net capacitance will be……………………….
  2. 6.0mF B. 4.0mF C. 2.0mF      D. 0.2mF


  1. The limiting frictional force on a body of mass 4kg resting on an inclined plane is 20N. What is the angle of inclination 0 on the plane?
  2. 75°   B. 60°        C. 450          D. 30°


  1. Which of the following quantities has the same unit as the product of pressure and volume of a gas?
  2. Power B. Acceleration C. Work done
  3. Force


  1. Given a body undergoing circular motion with angular velocity, rad/s, and radius r m. Suppose the body has a mass. m kg.  Then it will experience a centripetal force F of the form
  2. mr2 B. w 2r     C. m 2r2       D. m -1r2


  1. What is the efficiency of a cell with internal resistance of 3W, when it supplies current to a 7W resistor?
  2. 70% B. 30% C. 20%     D. 10%


  1. Which of the following compounds is obtained by polymerization?
  2. Plastic B. Polythene C. Petroleum
  3. Cellulose


  1. A specimen of zinc contained zinc oxide. 0.80g of this specimen reacted with acid to give 215cm3 of hydrogen collected dry at 17oC and 770mmHg. Calculate the percentage of zinc oxide in the mixture. [32.5g = Zn, 1g = H].
  2. 15% B. 25% C. 35%     D. 45%


  1. A measure of the degree of disorderliness in a chemical system is known as
  2. enthalpy B. entropy
  3. free energy D. activation energy


  1. Cr2O72- + 6Fe2+    —> 2Cr3+    + 6Fe3+   + 7H2O

In the equation above, the oxidation number of chromium changes from

  1. +7 to +3  B. +6 to +3        C. -6 to +3
  2. -2 to +6 waec timetable


  1. Which of the following metals will dissolve in aqueous sodium hydroxide?
  2. Calcium B. Copper C. Aluminum    D. Iron


  1. The component elements present in the alloy used for welding and plumbing are
  2. lead and tin B. lead and antimony
  3. iron and aluminium D. copper and tin


  1. 15cm3 of a gaseous hydrocarbon required for the complete combustion of 75cm3 of oxygen a and yielded 45cm3 of carbon (IV) oxide. Calculate the molecular formula of the hydrocarbon. s
  2. CH4 B. C2H6        C. C3H8      D. C4H10


  1. Which of the following reagents can be used to differentiate alkanals from alkanones?
  2. Hydrogen cyanide
  3. Sodium hydrogentrioxocarbonate (IV)
  4. Fehlir.g’s reagent
  5. 2,4-dinitrophenyihydrazine


  1. The products of photochlorination of ethanoic acid are………………..


  1. What are the products of the reaction between ethyl ethanoate and ammonia
  2. Aminoethane and ethanol
  3. Aminomethane and propan-1-ol
  4. Ethanamde and ethanol
  5. Methanamide and propan- 1-01


  1. Effervescence occurs when water comes in Contact with
  2. calcium B. copper C. sulphur     D. lead


  1. Charring of sugar occurs when it is
  2. reduced B. hydrolysed C. dehydrated
  3. fermented


  1. How many moles of zinc would be deposited by passing 3F of electricity through a solution of ZnSO4? [IF = 96500C]
  2. 1.5 moles B. 2.3 moles C. 3.4moles
  3. 0.15m


  1. The colours seen in a rainbow are due to
  2. Polarization B. absorption
  3. refraction D. interference


  1. Coulomb’s law for the electric force between two unlike charges each of magnitude q, separated by a distance in air of permittivity can be written as
  2. F = B. F = –


  1. F = D. F = –


  1. The operation of a moving-coil galvanometer is based on.
  2. electromagnetic induction
  3. magnetic effect of electric current
  4. force on a current-carrying conductor in a magnetic field
  5. electrochemical effect


  1. In a series R-L-C circuit, the current indicated by the ammeter is I. If XL and Xc are the inductive reactance and capacitive reactance, respectively, and R is the resistance, then the expression for the power consumed in circuit is:
  2. I2 B. I2


  1. I2 (R + ) D. I2R


  1. The following are common to anaerobic respiration EXCEPT
  2. the by-products are water and carbon dioxide
  3. Oxygen is not required for oxidation
  4. the by-products are alcohols or lactic acid
  5. It takes place in the cytoplasm


  1. Which of the following life processes does not involve meiotic meiotic cell division?
  2. Cell division in the tip of the root or cambium cells
  3. Oogenesis
  4. Spermatogenesic
  5. formation of pollens in flowering plants


  1. Which of the following organisms possesses the homodont dentition?
  2. Agamna lizard B. Rat C. Cat     D. Man


  1. The functional unit of the kidney is the
  2. Henle’s loop B. bowman’s capsule
  3. nephion D. glomerulus
  4. If the population of secondary consumers in a food web decreases what will happen to the population of the producers?
  5. They will decrease because there will be more primary consumers eating them
  6. They will decrease, then increase if the population of primary consumers change
  7. The will not be affected because the primary consumers were not affected
  8. they will attain climax population since there is no one to feed on them


  1. The development of a flower into fruit without fertilization is referred to as
  2. asexual reproduction B. sexual reproduction
  3. cloning D. parthenocarpy


  1. Which of the following eye defects can be corrected with the use of converging lenses’
  2. myopia B. hypermetropia
  3. astigmatism D. night blindness


  1. Which of the following arthropods lacks antennae?
  2. Spider B. Prawn        C. Cockroach
  3. Millipede


  1. If red blood cells are placed in hypertonic solution for some time, the cells become
  2. crenated B. plasmolysed C. haemolysed
  3. unaffected


  1. What is the hydroxide ion concentration [OH] in a solution of sodium hydroxide of pH 10.0?
  2. 10-2  B. 10-4        C. 10-3         D.10-1


  1. The reagent that removes CO2 from a mixture of CO2 and N2 is………………………….
  2. aqueous potassium hydroxide
  3. alkaline Pyrogallol
  4. concentrated H2SO4
  5. calcium oxide


  1. The group Protozoa includes the following organisms except
  2. Amoeba B. Chlamydomonas
  3. Plasmodium D. Trypanosome


  1. An example of a plant which has leaf specially modified to trap animals is…………….
  2. garlic B. cactus C. sundew     D. hibiscus


  1. Lukas belongs to blood group O while Mary belongs to blood group AB. If Mary gets married to Lukas, what is the probability that the couple c can produce an offspring with blood group O?
  2. 0% B. 50%       C. 70%        D. 100%
  3. Which of the following air pollutants can cause acid rain?
  4. carbon monoxide B. sulphur dioxide
  5. smoke and sooth D. dust particles



1.B     2.D   3.C    4.B  5.A   6.D   7.A     8.B     9.C

10.C   11.D  12.D  13.D  14.C   15.D   16.C   17.B

18.A  19.C   20.B   21.B   22.B   23.C   24.A   25.C

26.C  27.D  28.C  29.A  30.C  31.A  32.C  33.C  34.A   35.A   36.A   37.A   38.A   39.C   40.A  41.D  42.B   43.A  44.A   45.B  46.A  47.B  48.C  49.A  50.B

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