How to Best use your Giant Smartphone with one Hand

How to Best use your Giant Smartphone with one Hand. You know that in recent years, the size of our smartphones have experienced a sizeable growth. Their large size may conflict with usability and accessibility of the proposed features. Here are some tips to improve that.

Every day we are confronted with various difficulties to use our smartphones while doing other domestic of office activities. In most cases, we are on business, cling to public transport, the scenarios are multiple … and yet manufacturers continue to produce impressively large devices.

But there are some offer features to help users withstand the life pressure.  In fact,  Xiaomi Chairman, in his MIUI ROM 6 proposed to reduce the smartphone interface to better match the span of your hand.

If the ideal smartphone size mostly depends on the user, because no two persons have the same hand size. Other manufacturers have been able to design ergonomic improvements but it is also possible that you do not the one that will really fit your lifestyle.

So what alternatives will you have to enjoy the fast growing smartphone technology trend?  Check out these tips to best use your smartphone with one hand.

How to better use its PHABLET with one hand


1. Omni Swipe

Formerly known as Lazy Swipe, this application is one of the must-have if you have trouble handling your terminal Android. It will provide you with many easy shortcuts to access by simply dragging your thumb from the bottom corner of your screen. This way, a circular rotating menu will give you access to applications or common features and tools to your Android (flashlight, WiFi, etc.)

Download Omni Swipe Android App Here >> Omni Swipe


2. All in one Gestures

One of the most used keys on your smartphone or Android tablet is the so called “Back”. The paradox with it is that developers insist to include it at the bottom of the screen, a place in itself not quite logical and very accessible.

Through the application All in one Gestures, you should come to solve your problems by creating for your device gestural controls. In other words, you can ensure that a swipe to the left (or right) activates the “Back” button. Combining this application with Omni Swipe, you should access a more comfortable level of ergonomics than before.

Download >> All in One Gestures


3. Notifications panel from the screen center

When holding your giant smartphone with one hand and try to complete your activity while being careful not to drop it. A notification that pass you just incorporate your dedicated pane. You want only see here, the top of the screen is clearly not accessible to your thumb.

By installing the Nova Launcher launcher, you can enable a feature to open this pane by doing the same gesture usually performed at the top of your screen. Here, you can do it from a non-congested area of ​​your screen (eg the center)

Download >> Nova Launcher


4. Tribe – Magical Messaging

Reported a few days ago by a Twitter subscriber , a new app called Tribe will allow you to realize your messages in the most practical way possible, a long press will record what you have to say and you just have to release so the application does not perform dispatch. In fact, Tribe will become a new form of messaging like Snapchat.

Compose your messages with one hand, they will disappear automatically after a given time. When sending audio and video communication, you only have to hold down the image of your contact to start recording your audio-visual message. By releasing your finger from the screen, your message will b sent.

The interface is very nice, bright and colorful, many other features can be discovered in this application

Download >> Tribe


5. Keyboard

Even if you use the native Android keyboard, while browsing among the settings you should find a function to pass the letters one by one simply by long-pressing your thumb on the keyboard. You will have access to accents, punctuation marks and other signs necessary for the spelling and syntax.

If your native keyboard does not allow it, there are of course applications as TouchPal who will be responsible to bring you this feature. Drag continuously on each key to type your message.

Download >> TouchPal


6. Organize your icons

I cons are available everywhere, but as so often with them, we do not see them quickly whenever we find them. Thus, one of the solutions for improving the accessibility of your giant smartphone when you have only one hand is to create icon files and store them as efficiently as possible.

Preferably, grouped by theme, then package then on your home screen in the area of the screen that will be easy to access for your use your smartphone with one hand.


Hope this guide helps you. Do you know other alternatives to tips to improve the accessibility of a giant smartphone when we only have one hand free? If yes, feel free to send us your suggestions!

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