10 Best Corporate Trousers For Ladies

Dressing for the workplace can be tricky. This is because you have to strike the right balance between professional and stylish.

The freedom to wear pants to work can make striking this balance easier. However, you also have to know what pants will flatter you but still be work appropriate.

There is a huge variety of work pants for women and this could make choosing your work attire difficult.

10 Best Corporate Trousers For Ladies
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To make this easier, here is a list of our 10 best work pants for women:

1. Black straight leg trousers

When curating your work wardrobe, this should be one of the first items in it. Black straight leg pants can be worn with anything.

It is versatile and is convenient for the lady who does not need frilly trousers. This makes our list of best work pants because it is an easy wear item.

With pumps, these pants can elongate your legs and create a flattering silhouette. If you enjoy wearing brighter colors, this trouser will provide a base for a colorful outfit or a pop of color. Get this here.

2. Skinny leg pants

Skinny jeans reign supreme for casual days but right beside it is the skinny leg pants. Perfect for office use, a skinny leg trouser is tailored to enhance your figure and still ensure comfort.

These pants can be worn by almost anyone. Depending on how you wear these pants, it can provide different aesthetics, all suitable for the workplace.

Pairing skinny leg pants with a form-fitting top and heels or pumps creates a feminine yet professional look. Wearing the same pair with a looser fitting shirt, tucked in with a leather belt and loafers provides a tomboyish aesthetic. Get the look here.


3. High waist pants (straight leg)

Next on our list of best work pants is high waist trousers. This cut of pants is not as popular but is a great style for the office.

High waist pants are flattering and can hide problem areas such as a large tummy. Properly tailored, high waist trousers can provide a svelte figure to its wearer.

These pants are especially effortless to wear. However, they are particularly beautiful when worn with simple shirts that are tucked in. This helps to showcase the beauty of these work pants.

4. High waist pant (Wide leg)

Another variation of high waist pants is the wide-legged version. This cut is very fitting for the office in different colors. This is stunning on long-legged ladies.

It creates a very flattering, stylish yet professional look on tall women. It can make short ladies seem even shorter. Due to the nature of these pants, wearing them in bright colors or loud patterns are not recommended.

The use of bright patterns and colors could make these look like casual wear very quickly. When wearing this cut, stick to colors like white, blush, mauve, wine, navy blue, brown, Grey and black.


5. Cigarette Pants

This is a less tight and more structured version of skinny trousers. As described, these pants are shaped like a cigarette. These are also called pencil pants.

They are form fitting but not as tight as skinny pants. They have narrow tapered legs that are neither skinny nor straight.

These pants stop at the ankle or just above it, and they are sharp work pants. They can be worn with heels or flats and are very versatile.

Fitting most figures, these pants are dashing when properly made. The form of these pants makes it possible for it to be worn in loud colors and still be seen as work wear. For these reasons, this is one of our best work pants. Get this item here.

6. Pegged pants

Pegged pants are work appropriate trousers that have wider structured hips. Usually pleated at the waist to provide volume, these pants are skinny at the ankles.

These  pants are perfect for women who wish to create the illusion of wider hips. Also known for providing a curvier look on taller women, pegged trousers are one of the best work pants for tall women.

It is important to note that these pants are not for every figure. They may make already wide hips and waist look even wider. They look striking with fitted shirts and blouses tucked into the pants.

7. Cropped pants (Tailored)

A less popular work trouser is cropped pants. These are pants that stop a few inches below the knee. These come in numerous colors and cuts but dark shades make the best work pants.

The streamlined look of cropped pants gives an edgy yet stylish look for the working woman. Pairing beautifully with almost any choice of footwear, you can wear these pants with a variety of tops. Paired with a blazer and flats, you can get a gender-fluid look.

8. Culottes

These are wide legged cropped pants. These are not as easy to wear as their straight legged or tailored counterparts. Stopping inches below the knee, these pants are less structured and come in a flared out style.

Culottes are less form-fitting and are best on tall, svelte women. These pants could create an unflattering look on shorter and plus-size women. Also, the cut of these pants makes them a bit difficult to wear.

With the right pieces though, culottes are stylish corporate trousers hence they are one of our best work pants.

9. Striped and plaid pants

Aside from solid colored pants, striped and plaid pants make one of the best work pants. Men fashion for women is now a trend and these styles of pants provide a similar aesthetic.

Best worn as a cigarette, skinny and crop styles, striped and plaid pants make cute office wears. They are best paired with solid colored tops and jackets.

10. Straight jean pants

Some offices have casual Fridays when ladies can wear jean trousers. On such days, straight leg jeans are indispensable.

Straight leg jeans are a basic item everyone should have in their wardrobe. These pants are versatile and fit numerous body types.

It can be styled as casual work wear or even worn with a blazer for a formal look. Easy to wear, it is no wonder it makes the list of best work pants. Get this item here.

All these pants are good office wears and when paired properly are quite stylish as well.

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