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7 Steps To Start Stationery Business In Nigeria

In this post, we will share with you the 7 steps to start a stationery business in Nigeria. Stationery are basically a group of commercially manufactured writing materials, which include envelopes, letterheads, business cards, cases, invitation cards, cut papers, continuous form paper, writing implements plus other office supplies.

The above listed products are typically the examples of stationery. Interestingly these are things we need almost on a daily basis.

So, do you have any thought of starting a stationery business soon? If yes, then we are about to guide you on how to start a stationery business in Nigeria.

Sometimes having access to the right stationery may prove a bit difficult and this may make you want to start your own stationery business.

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7 Steps To Start Stationery Business In Nigeria
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Well, like any other business stationery business needs your time, passion and adequate thinking too. You may have the money but how to make it work becomes a very big problem, and trust me no matter how much money you put into any business if you don’t have the right idea as to how it works you definitely are bound to fail.

So, one cannot undermine the need for a thorough research before venturing into any business of any kind. This will enable you know the insight of exactly what you want to do, how much it will cost you and equally introduce you to the possible challenges you may face while starting and when you are in the business proper.

In this very article we will show you the various steps you need to follow while starting stationery business and carefully explain all of them as you continue reading.

We hope this will be helpful as we intend to guide you on how start a stationery business in Nigeria. Every of these steps we are going to mention below comes with its own difficulty and challenge, so you surely need some courage and passion while doing this, but the most important thing you need is a good strategy.

One may have all the passion in the world for what he/she is doing but never get to succeed because of bad strategy. The guidelines we give on this article are just the basics, so how much work you put in definitely determines the output.

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The steps to starting a stationery business in Nigeria is as follows:

1. Know what the people frequently demand

Before venturing into stationery business you have to find out the product your target customers demand the most. It is very necessary as a beginner to start with things that has a very high demand rate. That will not only bring you quick interest but the motivation to do more as well.

2. Select what you want to start with

Stationery include every other thing you think of but trust me you need to select the once you are willing to start with. Starting with so many items on sale may prove very difficult to handle especially as a novice.

You have to select a line first and after some time you add up till your business get to where you want it to. You can start with the basics like writing materials, envelopes, letterheads, business cards, cases, invitation cards, cut papers, continuous form paper, writing implements etc.

This is to help you manage them, know the demand for each and every product and also monitor the progress of your investment.

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3. Get a physical shop

Yes, this is where you need to keep (store) all your material goods. One of the main things to consider while citing a business is nearness to market. Citing your business close to your customers is what makes your business move and progress.

4. Get a reliable supplier

You sure need a company or individual to supply you with the materials you want. It could be foreign or local suppliers but whatever the case is make sure you get a reliable supplier.

There are many accredited foreign and local suppliers you can partner with who are ready to deliver your products as soon as you want them.

Most of them even run promotional packages whereby you get some added items when order for certain amount of products.

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5. Know who you are supplying

Another important thing is to know who you are supplying to, apart from the customers who may pass by and see your shop you equally need people who are readily waiting to pick up your product as soon as they arrive. This will help your business to have a steady drive (in-flow and out-flow).

6. Increase your product range

Remember we advised you to start with a minimal number of product as a beginner so you will be able to handle.

Now you can add to the list of your product as you have gathered some experience and confidence in the field. So, apart from the initial product you sold, i.e; writing materials, envelopes, letterheads, business cards, cases, invitation cards, cut papers, continuous form paper, writing implements you may also add other office supplies.

This will surely increase you customers, so you equally need to know the people who are readily waiting to pick up the new product you are intending to introduce.

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7. Get an online shop

The world is going very much digital today, so many people around the world today prefer staying back in their houses to shop for whatever they want rather than stressing themselves going outside to shop.

Apart from that, putting your business online makes it go global (people can access and order for them in any part of the world you are willing to supply).

We hope this article was helpful as we tried to look at the basic things you need to start a stationery business in Nigeria.

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