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Business Ideas

50 Good Business Ideas to Start in Nigeria

In this post, I will show you the 50 Good Business Ideas to Start in Nigeria. There are so many lucrative business ideas in Nigeria that you can start. This post will bring your interest to those ones that are very profitable.

Unemployment has been one of the major challenges in Nigeria and with our varsities producing millions of graduate every year, many of them due idleness get involved into criminal activities and in a long run get arrested or in a worst case scenario get lynched by an angry mob.

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If you are a graduate who is determine to earn a living legitimately or you are enthusiastic about starting a genuine business, often times you get confused on the kind of business that will profit from when you venture into it.

To ease you from this stress, I have carried out an extensive research on 50 good business ideas you can start in Nigeria, without further ado, let’s begin.

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50 Good Business Ideas to Start in Nigeria
50 Good Business Ideas – Photo Since: http://www.taazatadka.com

1. Chicken-rearing

This is a hot business ideas in Nigeria because Nigerians consume chicken and eggs on daily basis and most especially on festive periods.

Apart from the chicken and eggs, when you get into chicken rearing you can also make profits by selling the chicken droppings as fertilizer to farmers.

Chicken rearing is a gold mine and all you need to get started is a get a bird cage-you can do this yourself by watching DIY videos on YouTube or get it done by a carpenter in your neighbourhood.

Secondly, you will need to buy chicken feed- it ranges between 3000- 4000 and lastly, you will need to buy 80-100 growers for a start.

Rearing of chickens requires utmost attention, you will need to give the chickens clean water, vaccinate them and regularly clean their cages if you want to make huge profit from this business. Christmas is in the offing, start this business today and you will thank me later.

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2. Pastry making

Pastries is one of the emerging business opportunities in Nigeria. Pastries are light snacks we all eat one time of the day or the other.

These include, plantain chips, puff-puff, egg-roll, chin-chin, cake, meat-pie and popcorn to mention a few. I don’t intend to make a pun but snacks sells like hotcake in Nigeria.

All that is needed for this business is for you to be proficient in baking. You don’t necessarily need to own a bakery, you can start this business from the comfort of your home.

Apart from your pastries tasting delicious, location plays a key role in the success of this business, be strategic with your supply, I recommend you supply primary and secondary schools ; Children love eating snacks, universities; Undergraduates are very reluctant to cook or you can hawk it at a busy market. If you have a job already but you still want to make a side income, you can employ a sale person to help you carryout the supply.

3. Football viewing center

Football is unarguably the most loved sport in Nigeria, and every Nigerian has one football club or clubs they support in Europe.

Most of this lovers of football do get the chance to watch their darling teams in action due to the high cost of cable service and erratic power supply.

This makes a football viewing center very lucrative. All you need to set up this business is to rent a building, buy some plastic chairs, get a generator in case of power failure and subscribe to a cable service, I recommend DSTV they are second to known in broadcasting the English Premier league, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A and UEFA champions league.

This football competitions are the most watched in Nigeria. In regards to the profit, you can charge N50 to N1OO depending if you are running a generator or not.

4. Recharge card printing/sales

Take a walk down your street, you will find tons of recharge card littered on the road, this is to tell you that an Average Nigerian buys recharge card almost everyday, With that in mind, you can see the advantages of venturing into this business.

MJBut before you start daydreaming of the amount of Naira you are going to make, let me give you the steps you need to take.

First, you need to own a computer, printer and an active email address after that, you will need to purchase the pins i.e those 12-14 digits you always wonder about. You can get it by registering with a recharge card printing company after which you sell it to local retail outlets.

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5. Mobile Fruit Juice Bar

Rather than selling chemically-control drinks to people in place of fruit juice, you can actually sell fruit juice that is actually juice extracted from fruit without the addition of any external supplement.

Since most people are now conscious of their health, they would rather choose to buy your real fruit juice than the acidic and overly sugary ones sold in bottles.

6. Furniture Making

You might be thinking that you don’t know anything about making furniture, but actually, you don’t have to know how to make furniture. You can get a local furniture maker who would always make the furniture and you will deal with the marketing and sales.

7. Mobile Food Vendor

This is 2018! we live in a fast-paced world, every body is in a rush, mothers barely have time to cook for their kids or spouse before rushing to their daily jobs, everybody is caught up with and activity or the other and at a certain point ,hunger comes knocking and we resort to buying food from from vendors. This makes this business highly profitable.

The secret to success in this business is to be a good cook and look neat, no body wold want to  buy food from a shabby looking person.

Apart from the normal kitchen utensils you will need for this business, you will need to get a wheelbarrow to help you move the food from one street to another.

8. Online Tutoring

Online business is one of the best home business ideas in Nigeria. All it requires is internet connection and you are good to go.

You can reach across a lot of students all over the country and tutor them on subjects that may prove too difficult for them. You can as well help them with their assignments and projects and you get paid for the services.

9. Fitness and Beauty Consultant

By claiming you have the products and techniques that can make people slimmer, lighter, more muscular, have six packs and abs, long hair, full lashes, pink lips, tattoos and any body-enhancement skill, you will be amazed at how people will flock around you with their ready money.

10. Mini Importation

You can start by importing in a small scale. Importing items like laptops, phones, computer accessories, electronic gadgets, clothes, shoes, jewelries will fetch you huge profit.

11. Taxi Business

If you have a car at your disposal, you can easily start a taxi business which is currently on the high rise. You can register in apps like Taxify and Uber and you are in business.

12. Day care center

Parents with demanding jobs are always in six and sevens on where to put their kids when going to work. This is why setting up a Day care center is a brilliant idea.

It is very  important for your creche to be spacious, properly ventilated, neat, colourful,well-furnished and filled with children toys if you want to be patronize by busy parents.

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13. Home Lesson

Home lesson is one of the business ideas in Nigeria with low capital. There are various students in need of home tutors. If you are good at a particular subject, you can decide to start taking students either in your home or in their houses. This business requires almost no capital.

14. Phone Sales and Repair

You can join a lot of young guys making money from this kind of business. If you are skilled at repairing phones, people with faulty phones will require your service in solving their problems.

15. Home Cleaning

Home cleaning is an untapped business in Nigeria. Most people are always too busy, tired or lazy to clean their homes and they will gladly pay other people to have their apartment tidied.

You can step in and get paid for this service. Imagine cleaning about ten homes on daily basis at the rate of (at least) a thousand naira per home.

16. Hair Stylist

This is a popular business that will continue to boom. You don’t have to be a hair stylist to start this business. All you have to do is get a shop and equip it. Then you employ a professional hair stylist.

17. Catfish Business

This is a millionaire’s business that requires very little capital. Learning the basic skills of catfish farming takes just a few days.

18. Event DJ

Nigerians are fond of hosting parties and a party is not complete without a music, this makes being an event DJ a lucrative business. You need to be proficient in the act and posses good equipment like mixers, headphone, speakers etc.

19. Real Estate Agency

Real estate is a thriving businesses in Nigeria. If you connect yourself with the right kinds of people, you will make millions in this business.

You don’t have to possess land or houses. Being an agent of rentage and sales is enough to make you a millionaire in a very short time.

20. Photography

Slay queens and mama will always want their pictures taken. People generally love good pictures, and if you can take perfect pictures then you are on your way to making a lot of money from photography. All you need is a good camera and a good idea of shooting.

21. E-commerce

It’s simply a way of determining what buyers need online and getting the products from the sellers and delivering such product to the buyer with your own added commission. It’s a very lucrative business.

22. Employment Agency

Millions of Nigerians are seeking employment. You can make your money from these by checking available employment opportunities in the papers or on the internet and publicizing these jobs to other people for a fee.

23. Travel Consultancy26

Most traveller are always in search of the best travel prices and travel agents that can solve their travel problems. You can come in here if you have the skills. However, you will have to take some training courses that will make you a certified travel agent.

24. Bakery Business

You can start baking bread in your neighbourhood. Bread sells as fast as garri these days. You can make different varieties for your customers to keep patronising you.

25. Computer School

We are in the computer age. The world has become so technologically savvy that being computer literate is compulsory for every person. You can start training people on how to use the computer.

26. Sachet Water Business

The rate at which people consume sachet water daily is amazing. This is a business that has always been thriving for years. You don’t even have to start manufacturing sachet water before you can engage in the business. You can simply be a wholesaler.

27. Pharmacy Store

It’s the right business for pharmacists. Most people cannot afford to always go to the hospital whenever they are ill; they instead prefer buying drugs and treating themselves, which is considerably cheaper. These people will always patronise you.

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28. Pet Breeding

People love rare breeds of pets, especially dogs. If you can breed dogs that are different from the normal local dog breeds, then you will make cool hard cash. Such breeds like Alsatian, Rottweiler and Chihuahua are lovable breeds.

29. Bead making

Bead making is another good business you can easily start with little capital. Nigerians love looking good and are always ready to supplement their dressing with accessories. Beads can be used in making rings, necklace, bracelet and even bags.

30. Painting

You can choose to pain people’s apartment and get paid for your service. This is a business that almost require no capital except for brushes.

31. Catering Service

The service of a caterer is always needed at such parties like wedding, birthday, naming, burial and so on.

32. Driving School

You can start this business with your own car. All you need is a valid driver’s license and you can start teaching people how to drive and get paid for your service.

33. Laundry Business

Working class people hardly have time to do their own laundry. You can volunteer to do these jobs for them and get paid for your service.

34. Soap Making

Making soap is an easy skill to learn, and it is always a welcome product in the market.

35. Web designing

In this modern age, it is rare to see an orginzation without a funtioning webswite. Schools, churches, banks etc are willing to pay you good amount of money if you can create and design a website for their brand. Website desgning can be challenginng but very lucrative

36. Fashion Designing

This business is no longer exclusive to local apprentices. Young school leavers and university graduates are now delving into it with style and making good money.

37. Blogging

Linda Ikeji has made billions of naira from blogging. Others are making their money too. You could become very rich from blogging, too.

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38. Freelance Writing

Various freelance writing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Fivesquid has given many Nigerian writers a good source of making good money. You can become a freelance writer too and start building your wealth.

39. Plumbing Service

If you are very good at your job, you will make serious money from plumbing. There are few good plumbers around, and if you fall among the good ones, your services will always be sought.

40. Building Contractor

You gain a contract to build a certain structure and you use local bricklayers to do the job under you. You get paid by the client and you in turn pay the bricklayers. The remaining amount is yours to keep.

41. Electrical Service

No new building being constructed will not require electrical fittings. Your services will be required to run the electrical cables and lights around the house. Good electricians are usually paid well.

42. Nursery and Primary School

Another gold-mine is setting up a school. Proprietors and proprietresses will always tell you there is no money in the business, but they lie. They say this because they don’t want competitors. Good money is made from setting up a school.

43. Hotel Business

Although this business requires huge capital to set up but it rakes in much more profit. People travel almost every time and they will always need some place to lay their heads and relax.

44. Food Export

You can make good money by exporting our local food to other countries. However, doing this business will require that you get an exportation permit before you can start taking food out of the country.

45. Online Advertising

Take courses on online advertising and digital marketing and start helping people to market their goods online. You get paid handsomely for your service.

46. Retail Business

Retailing is very lucrative. Almost any business can be retailed. You get goods in small quantities and sell to users.

47. Snail Farming

Snails are expensive. You can start a snail farm in your neighbourhood and sell to people. Snails are a great source of protein; that is why they are always demanded very highly.

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48. Wholesale Business

Although this will require more capital than retailing, but it brings in a lot more income. If you know your way, you can get products on credit, sell them out, pay your debt and keep the profit.

49. Sales of Provision

Selling such things like beverage, confectionery and so on bring in good money. All you need is a good market location and people will patronise you well.

50. POS Business

This is an alternative to ATM and you can make good money from it. However, it requires a considerable large sum of money at hand. With your machine, go to ATM spots that have long queue and let them know about your business, you will be surprised at how people will be leaving the queue to get money from you at a certain interest for you.

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