9 Tips To Improve The Speed Of Your Android Phone

Here in Nigeria, android phones have been most welcomed by phone users, this is because it is quite affordable, easy to use, provides a wide variety of apps and even supports third party apps. Other features that have caused the increase in the patronage and adoption of android phones are long lasting battery life, high RAM and ROM, fast charging and turbo charging abilities.

Our android phones have become a very important part of our daily lives and these days we can barely spend an hour without checking our smartphones out.

This is because they perform many functions that makes life easy for us. Our android phones provides us a smart way of connecting with family and friends within the country and all over the world.

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9 Tips To Improve The Speed Of Your Android Phone
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Android phones supports a lot of high quality games and media players compatible with almost every media format. A very accurate GPS navigation and map.

Android phones can also support a whole lot of third party apps, including social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and a host of others.

With all these eye popping features, an android phone is able to perform those tasks we were only able to perform with the computer back some years back.

On a personal note, one thing I enjoy most is the multitasking ability of Android phones.  Android phones also has the ability to edit office documents, high speed internet browsing, anti-theft, water resistance, higher RAM and ROM, more colorful display, very high resolution camera and lots more.

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Considering these wonderful features and services available for use in our android phones, a good number of us spend a significant part of each day using these gadgets.

It can be really frustrating when a device begins to slow down, unable to respond to touches or processes information on time. This issue has been discovered to affect both the high end phones and mid-range phones in terms of prices.

There are many reasons as to why an android’s phone processing speed may begin to slow down, it may be because it is a low end phone or because it is getting older, either ways, this problem can be solved.

To help you make your phone faster again, I will be giving you possible reasons as to why your phone could be slow and also some tips to get your phone working fine again.

How To Speed Up Your Phone Again

1. Uninstall bloatware and unused apps

Android phones are preloaded with lots of app, some of which are usually unnecessary. These apps may not be harmful to your device, but they definitely use up space that may have been useful for other important apps.

More bloatware apps on your phone means your phone’s speed is likely to reduce after a while because these apps use up a significant part of RAM available.

Some of these bloatware apps run in the background and are even able to download and install apps without your knowledge.

The best solution to this problem is to uninstall every bloatware apps. Uninstall option may not be allowed in some, in this case, I’ll advice you use the disable option.

You can also extend this exercise to apps you have installed but no longer use. There is really no use keeping them if they interfere with your phone’s speed.

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2. Disable apps that aren’t frequently used

In order to speed up your phone, you may need to disable some apps you need, but don’t use frequently. This is to avoid their competition for RAM with frequently used apps.

These app use up RAM too, even when they aren’t launched. It is best to disable them now and enable only when needed. This simple trick is known to improve a phone’s speed as well.

3. Install lite version of some heavy apps

Some very heavy apps take its toll on the phones RAM, thereby reducing the phone’s speed. You might consider uninstalling these apps and installing a lite version of the app.

Apps like Facebook have a lite version developed for this purpose. It is lightweight, meaning it doesn’t eat up much of your storage and RAM.

Other popular apps have developed a lite version too. For instance, Instagram now has a lite version, messenger and even YouTube.

You can check your app list to see which of the apps consume much storage space to see which apps need replacements with lighter versions.

If lite version aren’t available, you can opt to download older versions of the apps as newer versions of any app are always bloated due to updates and new features.

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4. Check software update or root status

Sometimes the slow speed of your android device may have been caused by rooting your phone or installing a newer system update.

Your Android operating system may not be optimized for the new updates or the new features that comes with rooting your phone, when this is the case, this updates slow down your phone.

Sometimes, your manufacturer may have added additional bloatware apps in an update which runs in the background, slowing processes down.

Newer software updates are optimized for newer device, and normally always perform bad on newer device. So it is advisable to undo your software update if your phone lags after an update.

5. Remove live wallpapers

Live wallpapers and animations are also known to slow your phones processing speed. Removing them. You really don’t need these things if they interfere with your phone’s speed. I’ll advice you remove them and keep your home screen simple and your phone sharp.

6. Try a different launcher

If you notice your phone is slow, your apps take eternity to load and they also close abruptly, your phone’s launcher might just be the culprit, you might consider downloading a different launcher to see if it sharpens things up.

7. Free up storage

The amount of free storage available also contributes to a phones speed, if your phone is slow, it is best you take time to go through storage and delete files that are not in use.

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8. Free up RAM

Another simple trick you can always perform to boost the speed up your phone is to always clear background processes, close apps that are not in use, and always clear cache and residual files as often as possible.

9. Factory reset

If all of the above doesn’t work, the last resort is to back up your files and run a factory reset. Running a factory reset means every form of data in the phone is wiped off. This method also helps speed up a slow phone.

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