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20 Best Air Conditioners in Nigeria and their Prices

Air Conditioners in Nigeria – In this article, you will see the top 20 Air Conditioners in Nigeria, their pictures, and prices. Air conditioners are machines that cool and dehumidify the air in a room or building. They work by drawing in hot air from the outside, cooling it, and circulating it back into the room. Air conditioners can also filter the air, removing dust, pollen, and other airborne particles. Modern air conditioners are energy efficient and can maintain a comfortable temperature in any space.Information Guide Nigeria

Features of Air Conditioners in Nigeria – Air conditioners in Nigeria are designed to provide efficient cooling and dehumidification in hot and humid climates. They feature advanced technology, such as inverter technology, which helps to reduce energy consumption and noise levels. Many air conditioners in Nigeria also come with air filters to help remove dust, pollen, and other airborne particles. Additionally, many air conditioners in Nigeria come with remote controls, allowing users to adjust the temperature and fan speed from a distance.

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Cost of Air Conditioners in Nigeria – The cost of air conditioners in Nigeria varies depending on the unit’s type, size, and features. Essential window air conditioners can cost as little as $100, while more advanced splitsystem air conditioners can cost up to $1,000 or more. Additionally, installation costs can vary depending on the complexity of the job.Best Air Conditioners

20 Best Air Conditioners in Nigeria and their Prices

Here are the 20 Best Air Conditioners in Nigeria and their Prices

1. Arctic Ultra Mini Portable AC/Cooler

product_image_name-Arctic-Ultra Mini Portable AC/Cooler-1
Portable air conditioner Arctic air cooler. It is a powerful, lightweight, portable air cooler that can be used anywhere. Also, it cools, moisturizes, and cleans the warm air around you, creating a breeze of fresh, calm, and clean air. It draws warm air from the area, passing through the evaporation water filter, resulting in excellent, clean, and comfortable air. Power efficient, high quality, low noise, compact and portable, you can travel with it but make sure to position it in a stable place to purify, humidify, and cool the air around you.



  • Arctic air cooler portable air conditioner. It’s powerful,
  • A light weighted and compatible air cooler that you can take anywhere.
  • It cools, moisturizes, and cleans the warm air around you to make
  • It is a breeze of fresh, cool, and clean air. It works by pulling warm
  • Air from the area then passes through the evaporation of water

Price:  ₦ 25,000

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2. Beldray 4-in-1 Orbit Air Circulator + Humidifier

product_image_name-Beldray-4-in-1 Orbit Air Circulator + Humidifier-1

The compact Beldray Orbit Air Circulator is ideal for keeping the ideal temperature in homes and personal workspaces, whatever the season. In the spring and summer, use the cool air control to beat the heat; in the autumn and winter, use the heater to combat the cold.

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  • Heating Mode
  • Fan Mode
  • Humidifier Mode
  • 12 levels of wind selection
  • 4 wind modes; standard, natural, sleep, and eco
  • 350ml water tank
  • Adjustable Temperature Control (12 – 27ºC)
  • 7.5 Hour timer
  • 1800W Heating Power
  • 28W Fan Power
  • Oscillation Function
  • Aroma Diffuser

Price: ₦ 49,000

3. Mini USB Air Conditioner Cooling Fan With Fragrance

product_image_name-Generic-Mini USB Air Conditioner Cooling Fan With Fragrance-2

Powered by USB cable or batteries – you can charge it with your power bank, laptop, or 3 AA batteries. The leaf fan blades are rotatable. There are strong leaves to provide you with a robust soft wind. An efficient motor, strong breeze, quiet operation, and long life.Elections: I support candidates, not political parties – Dogara


  • Easy to adjust to different angles
  • Water cooled
  • Efficient motor, strong breeze, noiseless, durable
  • USB cable length:1.2m (comes with USB
  • Battery capacity: Uses 3 by 1.5v AA Batteries or USB Powered
  • Port:USB2.0/3.0
  • Not Rechargeable
  • Do Not Use Batteries and USBs at the same time

Price: ₦ 5,000

4. Portable Air Cooler, Humidifier Purifier, USB Conditioner

product_image_name-Generic-Portable Air Cooler Humidifier Purifier USB Conditioner-4

This portable air conditioner can cool, purify, and warm the air in your room. Compared to other air coolers, our evaporative cooler coolers allow you to cool the air inside while maintaining humidity, allowing you to enjoy a clean and personal environment.
  • Fine spray
  • Direct current
  • Turbine motor
  • And filtration
  • Add water
  • Light tone
  • Silent motor
  • Turbine blade

Price: ₦ 8,640

5. Honeywell Evaporative Air Cooler

product_image_name-Honeywell-Evaporative Air Cooler-1

Mimic the comfort of a calm lake breeze in your home with the slim Honeywell 194 CFM indoor evaporative air cooler, built to cool your immediate area up to 120 square feet. Couch, bed, workspace, breakfast nook – the unit is compact and easily portable for personal evaporative cooling. The tower design with oscillating louvers allows the airflow to be evenly distributed, while the slim design makes it convenient to fit comfortably into compact spaces.Woman sues UK school for making son participate in LGBT parade


  • MIMIC THE COMFORT OF A COOL LAKE BREEZE IN YOUR HOME with this tight spot cooler, built to cool your immediate area. Couch, bed, workspace, dining table – the unit is compact and easily portable for personal evaporative cooling.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE AND OPERATION: A low water alarm, easy-access water fill door, washable dust filter, and Honeycomb Cooling media make for simple operation and maintenance.

Price: ₦ 78,000

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6. Scanfrost Air Cooler SFAC 4000

product_image_name-Scanfrost-Air Cooler SFAC 4000-1

The Scanfrost Air cooler SFAC 4000 provides the necessary fresh air. It provides both high cooling and easy mobility. To maximize efficiency, the SFAC 4000 has a large water tank that can hold up to 45 liters.


  • High cooling capacity – 50 cu mt. for 16.67 sq. mt.
  • Longer air throw – 11 mt/ 37 feet
  • works on Inverter
  • It comes with Remote Control
  • 3-speed control – low, medium, high
  • Low power consumption – 140 W
  • High efficiency 180 mm dia. blower for strong air blast
  • Large water tank cap – 45 liters
  • High-efficiency Honeycomb cooling pad for long last cooling
  • Powered by i-Pure technology with 5 filters – Allergy, Bacteria, Odour, PM 2.5, and Dust
  • Dura Pump technology for sturdier electro-mechanical pump
  • Multi-directional wheels for easy mobility
  • 1 year Pan Nigeria warranty
  • It is not an Air Conditioner

Price: ₦ 104,500

7. Challenge 6 Litre Portable Air Cooler

product_image_name-Challenge-6 Litre Portable Air Cooler//-1

This handy 6L portable air cooler will keep you calm and relaxed in any weather. This device is ideal for hot summer days because it can be a cooler, purifier, or humidifier. With three speed settings and an oscillation function, your space will stay cool even on the hottest nights. With the castor wheels, you can quickly move it from room to room, ensuring it is where you need it most. You can also load water from the top or bottom units, making this ideal for your home.Dollar to Naira


  • 3 speed settings.
  • 6 liter tank.
  • Cooler-only function.
  • 65 watts.
  • Noise level 60dB.
  • Size H60, W27, D30cm.
  • Manufacturer’s 1 year guarantee.
  • EAN: 5054061293753.

Price: ₦ 70,000

8. Arctic Cooler, mini AC With USB Cord

product_image_name-Arctic-Cooler,mini AC With USB Cord-1

Arctic Air is a new and trendy mini air conditioner that performs three main functions: refrigeration, humidification, and air purification. As needed, the built-in wind speed can be adjusted in three gears. There are seven built-in color LED atmosphere lamps that can be used as a nightlight or while sleeping.


  • Refrigeration
  • humidification
  • Air purification
  • Portable
  • LED lamps
  • Adjustable gear

Price: ₦ 13,500

9. Hisense 2HP Floor Standing Super Cooling Air Conditioner-100%Copper

product_image_name-Hisense-2HP Floor Standing Super Cooling Air Conditioner-100%Copper-1

Designed to provide powerful cooling while remaining comfortable. Its distinctive triangular design allows for a larger intake of air. The increased width and angle of its outlet, additional v-blades, and larger fan also ensure that air is cooled and expelled faster and further, reaching every corner of your room without missing a beat.


  • 2TONS
  • 10 Meters Air Flow
  • Gold Fin
  • Copper Coil
  • Turbo Operation
  • LED display on the front panel
  • 12-hour on/off timer
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Super distance remote

Price: ₦ 375,000

10. Beldray Exotic 6 Litre Air Cooler, Purifies & Ionises

product_image_name-Beldray-Exotic 6 Litre Air Cooler, Purifies & Ionises-1

With this easy-to-use air cooler from Beldray, you can bring a refreshing breeze into your bedroom, office, or living room. It has a generous 6 L water tank, three convenient power settings, and an automatic oscillation function to concentrate the cold air where you need it the most. The 65 W cooler is built to last, with a sleek white and grey finish, a hard-wearing all-copper motor, and heavy-duty ABS plastic housing for maximum durability.


  • Beat the summer heat with this superb Beldray Air Cooler, featuring a 6 L tank and additional ionizer function.
  • The high-performance cooler has three speed settings, a swing, and an ionizer function to clean and purify cool air.
  • Select the ionizer function to purify and cleanse the cool air, providing cleaner and fresher airflow around the room.
  • With a water level indicator, you can see when the unit needs topping up. The cooler is also supplied with two ice packs.
  •  This compact oscillating air cooler can be placed anywhere around the room without taking up too much space.
  • 65w
  • 3 speed settings
  • ionizer function
  • swing function
  • 220v/240v 50Hz

Price: ₦ 68,000

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11. Polystar 1HP Split Air Conditioner + Installation Kit


You can bring a refreshing breeze into your bedroom, office, or living room with this simple-to-use air cooler from Beldray. It has a large 6 L water tank, three convenient power settings, and an automatic oscillation function to direct cold air where it most needs. The 65 W cooler is built to last, with a sleek white and grey finish, a long-lasting all-copper motor, and heavy-duty ABS plastic housing.JAMB Result 


  • Polystar Power cooling
  • Split unit air-conditioner
  • 100% anti-rust
  • Auto protection
  • Chord response
  • Strong cool

Price: ₦ 164,499

12. Electrolux Split Unit Air Conditioner

product_image_name-Electrolux-Split Unit Air Conditioner-1

Every day at Electrolux, they work hard to improve people’s lives. With this in mind, their air conditioners are designed and manufactured to provide customers comfort and well-being. Their air conditioners are inspired by our Scandinavian roots and are long-lasting, energy-efficient, and high-performing.
  • Auto Fan: Yes
  • Turbo Fan: Yes
  • Follow Me: Yes
  • Light: Yes
  • Sleep Mode: Yes
  • Low Pressure Indicator(Switch): Yes(Software)
  • 24 HourTimer ON and Timer OFF: Yes
  • Air Direction Control – Horizontal Swing: Yes
  • Air Direction Control – Vertical Swing: Yes
  • Auto Cleaning(X-FAN): Yes
  • Delicate Dust Filter: Yes
  • Self-diagnose: Yes

Price: ₦ 149,500 – ₦ 233,100

13. Midea Midea 1HP Split Unit AC + Installation Kit

product_image_name-Midea-Mideal 1HP Split Unit AC + Installation Kit-1

This Midea AC is designed to keep your space as calm and welcoming as possible by including an ionizer that filters pollutants from the air. Because it is very effective at circulating filtered air free of dirt, dust, particles, and smoke, you will breathe in the clean, fresh air. It can be used in theaters, hospitals, banks, offices, reception areas, and homes.NYSC Portal


  • 1HP Capacity
  • Streamlined Design
  • Comfort: Faster Cooling
  • High-Density Filter
  • Auto Restart
  • Turbo
  • Sleep Mode
  • 2-way draining
  • Louvre Position Memory
  • Refrigerant Leakage Detect
  • Fire Proof Electric Box

Price: ₦ 166,000

14.  BLACK+DECKER 7 Liter 2 In 1 Air Cooler

product_image_name-BLACK+DECKER-7 Liter 2 In 1 Air Cooler-1

His versatile air cooler can be used as a cooler and a fan all year. Select high, medium, or low-speed airflow settings to maximize your comfort, and adjust the vertical louver to redirect cool air across a 90-degree angle around the room. The simple controls allow quick changes to the desired speed settings and operating functions for flexible and efficient cooling.


  • 65W
  • 220V-240V 50/60Hz

Price: ₦ 84,500

15. Samsung 1HP Split Copper Air Conditioner

product_image_name-Samsung-1HP Split Copper Air Conditioner--1

With digital inverter technology, you can save money every day. It keeps the desired temperature without frequently turning on and off, resulting in less fluctuation. And because it employs solid magnets and a Muffler, it is quieter, lasts much longer, and consumes less energy.Good Morning my love Messages


  • Cool you faster
  • Pure air
  • Copper Coil
  • Turbo Operation
  • LED display on the front panel
  • 12-hour on/off timer
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Super cooling gold fin

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16. Air Conditioner Mini Fan Humidifier System Wireless Ooler For Home Offi E-Black-UK

product_image_name-Generic-Air Onditioner Mini Fan Humidifier System Wireless Ooler For Home Offi E-Black-UK-1

Air: This product contains an evaporative water filter that effectively purifies the air in the home and office, providing a clean air environment.
Humidification: This product increases the humidity of the air while you cool, so you don’t have to worry about the air being too dry and causing discomfort.
Fast cooling: As long as you fill the tank with water, this product can produce ultra-cool air quickly.
Dustproof: This product is made of ABS material, which is dustproof, durable, and simple to use.
Noise-free design: Because this product is noise-free, it will not wake you up while you sleep, providing you with a comfortable sleeping environment.
  • Air
  • Humidification
  •  Fast Cooling:
  • Dustproof
  • Noise-free design

Price: ₦ 20,630

17.  Hisense 240 Litres Top Mount Refrigerator

product_image_name-Hisense-240 Litres Top Mount Refrigerator-1

Hisense is an outstanding manufacturer in the Nigerian electronics and home appliances market. Also, Hisense has carved a niche in the highly dynamic and competitive electronics and home appliances market through superior quality and affordability. Sales and service centers and a one-year warranty support Hisense products. Their philosophy is to ensure that almost all Hisense products are dependable, innovative, and reasonably priced.


  • Capacity 240 L
  • No Frost
  • Energy Saving
  • Gas Type R600
  • Low Noise

Price: ₦ 219,000



With a lifetime guarantee, the DUAL Inverter CompressorTM LG’s DUAL Inverter CompressorTM solves inefficient, ineffective, and noisy problems, resulting in a cooler, longer-lasting, and quieter air conditioner. Users can enjoy the benefits of an LG air conditioner for a more extended period thanks to the compressor’s 10-year warranty. With a 10-year warranty, the DUAL Inverter CompressorTM LG’s DUAL Inverter CompressorTM solves inefficient, ineffective, and noisy problems, resulting in a cooler, longer-lasting, and quieter air conditioner.

  • R410 GAS
  • HVS
  • LVS

Price: ₦ 219,000


The FAIRY Inverter Type air conditioner is designed to reduce power consumption by 60%. The AC has a soft starter and operates over a wide voltage range of 150v to 264v. A NORMAL ROOM HAS 15-17 SQUARE METRES OF SPACE. THE EVAPORATOR AND THE CONDENSER ARE MADE OF COPPER AND WORK ON R410 GAS (ECO-FRIENDLY).Romantic Love Messages for her


  • It saves 60% in power consumption.
  • The AC is equipped with a soft starter.
  • It has 360 degrees turbo cooling and R410 gas.
  • It has a copper tube condenser and evaporator, aluminum fins
  • Clock display, lock, led display, auto restart, sleep mode
  • Automatic operation, auto clean, timer, self-diagnosis, quiet operation
  • Multi fan speed, low voltage inverter start-up.

Price:  ₦ 280,00

20.  Syinix 2HP Split A/C + Free Kit

product_image_name-Syinix-2HP Split A/C + Free Kit-1

Uninterrupted cooling, as it should be. This extraordinary air conditioner provides convenience at a low cost with minimal interventions and complications. Make hot weather bearable with one of our energy-efficient cooling system options, a dependable solution for your home’s air cleaning and cooling requirements. Syinix provides high-quality, low-cost air conditioners, the ideal climate-control solution for cooling any room. Syinix air conditioners, with their sleek contemporary designs, blend in with any room, providing coolness while removing heat.


  • Easy to use
  • Turbo-Cool Mode
  • Low Voltage Start-Up
  • Auto Restart
  • Anti-Corrosion Blue Fin
  • Fire-proof Electric Box
  • High-Efficiency Compressor
  • Large Copper Heater Exchange
  • Anti-water leakage

Price: ₦ 265,860

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Air conditioners are a great way to keep your home or office cool and comfortable in hot and humid climates. They come in various sizes and styles and can be tailored to your needs. Air conditioners in Nigeria are generally affordable and energy efficient, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to stay cool.

These are the bestselling 20 Air conditioners in Nigeria to meet a select number of your unique requirements if you’d rather take the wheel and perform your brand analysis. Use this handy checklist to zero in on the best option for you.JAMB Portal


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