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10 Best Blog Niches that Make Money in Nigeria

Blogging is one of the popular ways you can make money in Nigeria if you chose the right Blog niche. There are many Blog Niches just as we have many bloggers on the internet. But only a few, mostly niche bloggers can make money blogging in Nigeria. Many Nigerians are emerging as top earners on the internet through blogging consistently about specific topics otherwise known as niche. Information guides Nigeria

12 Ways to Earn Money from Blogging in Nigeria

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What is a Blog Niche:

A blog niche refers to a particular topic or specific subject area a blogger has chosen to blog about consistently. Once a Blogger has chosen a blog niche and post content consistently, he can dominate the niche and become a thought leader in the subject. Aside from becoming a thought leader, the Blogger will also make money on his blog. In this article, we have taken time to explain in details, the 10 best blog Niches to make money in Nigeria.

1. Politics: 

The prevalent situation of the country’s polity makes politics the most popular issues under discussion by Nigerian citizens from market women in their stalls to children in their classrooms, illiterates in the street and the educated citizens. Politics is invariably, one of the most popular topics of discussion. If you can be current and prompt in posting political news, policy analyses, you will make money.  However, you have to pay the dues through discipline, consistency and hard work. jamb result 

2. Entrepreneurship: 

Another lucrative niche to blog about and make money in Nigeria is entrepreneurship, given the way things are tough in the country. In Nigeria right now, jobs are scarce and unemployed individuals are directing their focus toward entrepreneurship. Therefore, if you can research topics and post helpful contents that proffer entrepreneurial solutions, you can funnel large traffic to your blog. As your audience keeps increasing, your chances will grow to make money through your blog. So, if you are still thinking of the best blog niche to choose, entrepreneurship is one of them. Best Blog Niches that Make Money 

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3. Make Money Online: 

Since traditional jobs are scarce, thus increasing the rate of unemployment in the country, many Nigerians are exploring ways to make money online. Therefore, how to make money online is the most popular blog niche you can choose to make money in Nigeria. NNPC recruitment

4. SEO: 

As more and more Nigerians are venturing into online or internet business, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming an indispensable factor that determines the success or failure of bloggers or online advertisers. If online content does not align with best SEO practices, it will be difficult for such websites to rank on the search engines. Thus the chances of making money from whatever activities such sites might be engaged in would be very narrow. That makes SEO one of the best blog Niches to make money in Nigeria.

5. Agriculture: 

The growing food insecurity in the country makes agriculture one of the most profitable enterprises. As a result, a blogger that focuses on the agriculture or agrobusiness niche will be successful and make money in Nigeria. There are many areas in the agricultural sector in Nigeria you can blog about. 10 Best Legitimate Apps That Make You Money in Nigeria

An area like rice cultivation is particularly gaining more attention given the staple status of the food. Thus, if you venture into the agriculture niche or narrow your blogging interest to any of the sub-niches in agriculture, you will smile to the bank as agriculture is currently one of the best blog Niches in Nigeria now.

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6. Comedy: 

The choking things of life and many pressures facing citizens in Nigeria makes those who can manufacture smiles upon people’s faces are seen as demigods. That is what makes the comedy niche one of the best blog niches you can venture into and make money in Nigeria. You can narrow your blog niche down to celebrity comedians, too comedy series and TV programmes in Nigeria or happening events. In fact, comedy appears to be the next source of relief for the pressure the citizens are facing after religion.

7. Technology: 

The technology industry in Nigeria is waxing stronger growing larger by the day. Thus, a blog niche of technology solutions like computers, GSM phone and Accessories, networking gadgets, internet equipment and installations.

8. Blogging/Vlogging Tips: 

Blogging and vlogging are fast growing business sector in the internet. Thus, many Nigerians are venturing into them in order to make money for themselves. However, only a few people who start blogging or vlogging business ever succeed and make money from them. Therefore, you can seize the opportunity and corner the market by focusing on a niche that provides solutions to blogging and vlogging success. If you tailor your content to offer helpful tips to the numerous bloggers and vloggers emerging in Nigeria, you can make money from it. dollar to Naira rate

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9. Mobile Apps Use: 

As thousands upon thousands of mobile apps are emerging in the technology world on daily basis, a lot of people are even more confused than understand how to use them. Most people only know how to use the apps they make calls with, snap photos, and send messages, while many other apps lie dormant on their menu. This creates a potential opportunity for a profitable blog niche, where you can review mobile apps and post tips on how to use them. The more people visit your site to get this information, the popular your blog will be and the chances you will have to make money as a blogger. FUOYE Part-time Admission List 2020/2021 is Out

10. Sports: 

Sports, especially football is a popular pass time in Nigeria. Majority of Nigerian men and boys can not do without watching football league matches every week. That is a great opportunity and profitable blog niche where you can post updates to upcoming matches, offer matches previews and football analyses. You can also narrow your niche to blog about popular or star players, richest club sides, happenings in the transfer market etc. You can explore other sports such as boxing, tennis, basketball, handball and other sports. Whatever sport niche you choose to blog about in Nigeria, you will still make money. JAMB CAPS

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Wrapping Up

In the above article, we have been able to show you the 10 best blog Niches to make money in Nigeria. You can actually make money in Nigeria through blog Niches like politics, entrepreneurship, Make Money Online, Agriculture, SEO, Comedy, Blogging/Vlogging, Technology, Mobile Apps Use and sport. If you do the right thing and put in the right time, you will surely make money through the above explained blog Niches in Nigeria.

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