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20 Best Cloth Hangers in Nigeria and their Prices

Cloth Hangers Prices in Nigeria – In this article, you will see the top Cloth Hangers in Nigeria, their pictures, and prices. In order to simplify the hanging of a coat, jacket, sweater, shirt, blouse, dress, or other items of clothing without wrinkling it, cloth hangers are hanging devices designed to resemble human shoulders. They also have a lower bar for hanging pants or skirts.Information Guide Nigeria

Features of Cloth Hangers in Nigeria – Good cloth hangers will keep your wardrobe organized and your items neat and damage-free. After evaluating a variety of garments on dozens of racks for more than seven months. The article’s evaluation of cloth hangers focuses on their low cost, timeless design, and adaptability. It stands out from the rival models we examined because of its consistently flawless edge finishing, hooks for vertical chain-linking cloth hangers, and durable construction. The features of our favorite all-purpose wooden hanger include: It can support items with delicate straps while also supporting larger winter coats and even suits.

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Best of Cloth Hangers in Nigeria – Your closet likely contains a variety of hangers, but do you have the appropriate ones to hold each item? Every one of your prized pieces of clothing needs the appropriate accessory, one that complements its particular design. There are numerous variations, including straight cloth hangers, concave cloth hangers, and contour cloth hangers. Which hanger types ought you include in your closet, then? Here are the best cloth hangers in Nigeria along with their costs.Best Cloth Hangers

20 Best Cloth Hangers in Nigeria and their Prices

Below are some popular Cloth Hangers and how much they currently go for in the market.

1. Wooden Hanger – Set Of 5

product_image_name-Generic-Wooden Hanger - Set Of 5-1


Cloth hangers made from natural hardwood are light and very robust, making quick work of hanging heavy winter coats, suits, and jackets. The flat body of these space-saving hangers makes them ideal for storing garments of varying sizes, shapes, and fabrics. It is an easy-to-use notch along the hanger’s shoulder making it ideal for hanging tops and dresses.


  • Set of 5 natural wood suit hangers
  • Set of 5 natural wood suit hangers featuring anti-rust chrome 360-degree swivel hook.
  • Lightweight, yet incredibly strong natural hardwood clothes hangers efficiently hang winter coats, suits, and jackets with ease.
  • These space-saving hangers’ flat body accommodates clothing of all shapes and styles ensuring these are the best hangers for maximizing closet storage space.
  • Convenient, perfectly-cut notches along the hanger shoulder allow you to effortlessly hang shirts, blouses, and dresses.
  • The wooden bar is grooved making these non-slip hangers the perfect solution to hanging pants without the worry of falling off the pant hangers or creasing.

Price: ₦ 5,000

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2. Collapsible Multifunctional Wooden Hanger

product_image_name-Generic-Collapsible Multifunctional Wooden Hanger-1

The most beneficial and efficient addition to your life. These are all handmade, which is great because it promotes the art of people in rural areas. Favorite Party or Occasion Gift Home Useful Product. Having your handbags neatly hung from polished wood hooks creates an elegant visual effect and makes the rest of your space feel more open and airy. It is one of the best cloth hangers in Nigeria.


  • The best and most effective product for your life,
  • it encourages rural artisans’ art as these are handcrafted.
  • Best Home utility product as
  • Use as a mount factor for one or double-end bags.
  • Can be fixed on a wall or the back of a doo

Price: ₦ 8,900

3. Plastic Hanger Set Of 12-black

product_image_name-Generic-Plastic Hanger Set Of 12-black-1
Stylish and long-lasting, this hanger set is a must-have. It does a great job of drying clothing and is a good buy for the price. These cloth hangers are the finest option for maximizing closet space because their flat body can hold garments of varying sizes, shapes, and designs. Notches along the hanger’s shoulder make it simple to hang tops, dresses, and skirts. These cloth hangers will last for a long time and look great in any closet. This clothes dryer is an excellent buy and does a great job of drying clothes.


  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Affordable
  • Perfect clothes hanger
  • Unique

Price: ₦ 9,000


product_image_name-Generic-DOUBLE POLE CLOTHING HANGER-1

 Laundry drying can be difficult if you’re short on room. Not drying your clothes thoroughly can cause unpleasant odors, necessitating additional washing. This problem can be avoided with the help of the Double-Pole Clothes Rack that you can construct on your own. These portable cloth hangers are built to last and can be relied upon in any situation. Would work well for both indoor and outdoor garment drying. When not in use, it can be easily removed, so it doesn’t take up any room at all.Super Eagles forward named player of the month for November in Serie A club


  • Chromed steel hanging bar
  • Heavy duty wheels
  • Adjustable height & width
  • Sturdy tubular bottom shelf
  • Quality casters- easy to move
  • Material: Stainless steel, engineering plastic
  • Assemble in minutes – no tools necessary
  • Stable and can support a lot of clothes
  • Adjustable for finding a suitable height
  • Stores clothes, towels, and curtains

Price:  ₦ 13,500

5. Coat /cloth Hanger And Shoe Rack

product_image_name-Generic-Coat /cloth Hanger And Shoe Rack-1

When you invest in a display suit cloth hangers and shoe rack, you can stop cramming your closet and over-the-door racks full of garments and shoes. This rack is ideal for the kitchen or utility room because of its spacious design and simple holding mechanism. This rust-proof steel indoor shoe airier rack is a must-have. When not in use, it collapses to take up very little room when stowed away.Ekiti burglar jailed four years for stealing, others


  • Superior Quality
  • Durable
  • Efficient & Reliable
  • Water & Rust Proof
  • Collapsable
  • Spacious
Price: ₦ 22,000

6. Set Of 10 Solid Wooden Suit Hanger With Clip – Brown

product_image_name-Generic-Set Of 10 Solid Wooden Suit Hanger With Clip - Brown-1

These sturdy wooden cloth hangers are finished to a smooth finish, making them ideal for hanging suits. It’s easy to carry around and looks great while doing it. A silver iron hook is included for easy display. It maintains your garments’ original form. Superb in all respects. Anti-rust chrome 360-degree swivel hook on each of these 10 natural wood suit hangers.


  • Material: Wood.
  • Color: Brown.
  • Universal
  • High quality
  • durable
  • Unique

Price: ₦ 10,980

7. Non-Slip Unbreakable Hange – Black

product_image_name-Generic-Non Slip Unbreakable Hange - Black-1
These clothes hangers keep clothes from drifting around. The notched shoulder design and non-slip surface hold your clothes in place without wrinkling or stretching them out of shape. Fits a wide variety of garments, including but not limited to coats, suits, jackets, shirts, pants, trousers, dresses, blouses, and blouses.


  • Prevent Clothing From Falling – Non-slip surface with notched shoulder keeps clothes in position, is gentle on garments & prevents slipping & creasing.
  • Multi-purpose – Heavy Duty Enough for Coat, Suits, Jackets, Shirts, Pants, Trousers, Dresses, Blouses, and other Clothes.
  • Protect Your Clothes – Smooth & Delicate Surface No sharp edges, well protect your clothes and your hands.
  • Saving Space – Made of stainless steel, Ultra slim profile to maximize space in your closet and tidying up your closet, Ultra slim metal hangers keep your closet in order and maximize your storage room
  • Elegant Design: Gunmetal Black finish brings a beautiful and elegant solution to your closet space, shuffle through your wardrobe to have a peaceful tone. You will absolutely adore hearing the jangling sound when they hit, just like chimes. Not only do they look great, but they sound great as well.
  • SLIMLINE SPACE SAVING DESIGN; Lightweight ultra-narrow, but still strong. The thin profile of these metal coat hangers ensures that you are maximizing your hanging storage space in wardrobes, clothes rails, and closets. Unlike some velvet and wooden designs

Price: ₦ 5,000 – ₦ 10,000

8. Hanger/ Pegs For Baby Clothes & Undies

product_image_name-Generic-Hanger/ Pegs For Baby Clothes & Undies-1

Baby clothes and underwears will not wilt or fade on these sturdy plastic cloth hangers with pegs. It is available in a rainbow of attractive colors. We no longer have to follow in our parent’s footsteps and dry their laundry by spreading it out on the floor, where it would be vulnerable to spills and stains.


  • 1 Multi-Purpose Hanger+24 Clips
  • You can give it out at the wedding, naming, birthday, etc as a gift to your guest as everyone need and use it.
  • You can buy and sell at your store or shop
  • Occupies limited space
  • For hanging baby clothes and underwears
  • Leaves enough room for each cloth to dry
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • item comes in different colors pattern, color combinations, shapes, and sizes
  • item will be served randomly
Price: ₦ 2,920

9. Baby And Adult Cloth Hanger / Dryer Foldableproduct_image_name-Generic-Baby And Adult Cloth Hanger / Dryer Foldable-1

You can stop using your shower rods and over-the-door racks to dry clothes in the air thanks to the Tier Indoor & Outdoor Cloth Hangers Rack. You won’t have to struggle to set this dryer up and take it down, and its generous drying space makes it ideal for the bathroom, utility room, kitchen, or balcony. The horizontal rods can be folded down to make room for your long dresses, pants, and skirts.

  • Superior Quality
  • Durable
  • Efficient & Reliable
  • Water & Rust Proof
  • Collapsable
  • Maximum utility

Price: ₦ 12,999

10.  Baby Clothes Hanger And Dryer

product_image_name-Fashion-Baby Clothes Hanger And Dryer-1

You can stop using your shower rods and over-the-door racks to dry clothes in the air thanks to the Tier Indoor & Outdoor Clothes Hanger Rack. You won’t have to fight to set this dryer up and take it down, and its wide drying space makes it ideal for the bathroom, utility room, kitchen, or balcony. The horizontal rods may be folded down to provide a place for your long dresses, pants, and skirts.


  • Superior Quality
  • Durable
  • Efficient & Reliable
  • Water & Rust Proof
  • Collapsable
  • Maximum utility
Price: ₦ 12,999

11. Cloth Hanger Rack With Double Pole-Stand – 3 Tier

product_image_name-Generic-Cloth Hanger Rack With Double Pole-Stand - 3 Tier-1

The double-pole, three-tier cloth rack is an efficient space-saver. This high-quality steel clothing rack provides extra hanging space without taking up too much floor room. And getting from one place to another is a breeze. Durable and simple to relocate. It is one of the best cloth hangers in Nigeria.


  • High Quality
  • Durable
  • Maximum Utility

Price: ₦ 17,499

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12.  Double Pole Indoor And Outdoor Clothes Rack

product_image_name-Generic-Double Pole Indoor And Outdoor Clothes Rack-1

The clothes rack has two separate hanging rails, one at 130cm and the other at 155cm in order to accommodate garments of varying lengths. This durable garment rack can hold as many boxes, folded garments, pairs of shoes, or whatever else you need to store.JAMB Result


  • Portable Clothes Rack: Easy to set up and disassembly, for compact storage when not using it.
  • Double Poles:  The clothes stand is with 2 hanging rails, one is 130cm height, another one is 155cm height, and can meet the needs of different lengths of clothes. The bottom storage shelf, makes this clothing hanger more sturdy and provides more space for storage boxes, folded clothes, shoes, or other things you want.
  • Sturdy & Durable: the clothing rack is made of thicker Stainless steel pipe with multiple paintings, which made the clothes rail rustproof and durable for daily usage. The four side rails and bottom larger tube make it more stable.
  • Simple and General: Clothes Dry Stand Rack suitable for both indoors and outdoors.A perfect solution for students, guest bedrooms, and temporary hang as it is lightweight.
  • Size:Length: 77cm/30.0inch Width: 43cm/16.8inch Height: 92-156cm/35.9-60.8inch Capacity Weight: 20-25kg

Price: ₦ 75,000

13. Wonder home Horizontal Baby Cloth Hanger / Dryer Drying Or Spreading

product_image_name-Wonder home-Horizontal Baby Cloth Hanger / Dryer Drying Or Spreading-1

Using the Wonder Home Indoor & Outdoor Cloth Hangers Rack, you can put an end to using your shower rods and over-the-door hooks to dry your laundry. You won’t have to fight to set this dryer up and take it down, and its wide drying space makes it ideal for the bathroom, utility room, kitchen, or balcony.

  • Superior
  • Quality
  • Durable
  • Efficient & Reliable
Price: ₦ 20,000

14. Home & Office Rack For Coat, Jacket, Handbag, And Belt

product_image_name-Generic-Home & Office Rack For Coat, Jacket, Handbag And Belt-1

This bag and purse floor rack is freestanding and therefore ideal for your floor. As many as seven bags can be stored in the rack, and you can adjust the height of the waterfall arms to get to any of them quickly. Tote bags fit inside. The number of buttons on each arm increases. It is one of the most popular cloth hangers in Nigeria.NYSC Portal


  • Stylish freestanding metal
  • Ball tipped hooks
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ideal for home
  • office use
  • item comes in different pattern shapes and sizes
  • item will be served randomly

Price: ₦ 9,000

15. 10 Pcs Golden Metallic Premium Luxurious Hangers

product_image_name-Generic-10 Pcs Golden Metallic Premium Luxurious Hangers-1

Using only the finest materials, these fashionable accessories are sure to impress. It is crafted from high-quality metal to ensure long use and give its owners a refined appearance. Boutiques and department stores alike use it to display their high-end wares to customers. Most articles of clothing can be carried thanks to their strength. On the other hand, its high-end status makes it a popular purchase.


  • Golden hangers

Price: ₦ 22,500

16. 30 Pieces of Stainless Steel Cloth Hangers

product_image_name-Generic-30 Pieces Stainless Steel Clothes Hanger-1

Hang your clothing with pride using this stunning set of 30 stainless steel cloth hangers. You can hang all of your garments with confidence using this set of 30 stunning stainless steel hangers. Hangers for Clothes, Stainless Steel, 30 Pack. Clothing can be hung to dry, stored securely, or displayed for sale. Silver-colored, corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction.


  • 10 Pieces Stainless Steel Clothes Hanger.
  • Can be used for drying clothes, the safety of clothes, to display clothes for sale.
  • Comes with lasting stainless steel with silver color.
  • Firm and does not easily break.
  • Can be given as a gift

Price: ₦ 25,000

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14. Children’s Cloth Hangers – 5 Pcs

product_image_name-Generic-Children Clothing Hanger-- 5 Pcs-1

Five-Pack of Multipurpose Hooks Size: 30cm (approx.) A perfect hanger for kids’ garments. Extremely sturdy and sleek plastic that can endure a long time. Side apertures for straps, skirt and trouser loops, and other hanging options make this a versatile piece of furniture. The bar for hanging belts, scarves, and ties. Turnbuckle hook made of brightly colored plastic. For the sake of a well-arranged closet!


  • 5 pcs in a set
  • Multicolored
  • Approximately 30cm
  • Long-lasting
  • Wear resistant
  • Best used for Children’s Wardrobe
  • The price listed is for a set of 5 Pcs
Price: ₦ 2,600

15. Transparent White Plastic Display Hangers

product_image_name-Fashion-Transparent White Plastic Display Hangers-1
The first clothes hangers were made so that people could quickly get to their clothes and find a place in their homes to store them. It was also used to keep clothes dry and free of wrinkles. These cheap plastic shipping hangers are 13 inches wide and are the perfect top hanger for lighter-weight clothes.
  • Lightweight hanger
  • Perfect for displays
  • Perfect for shirts and tops
  • Flexible
  • Easy to use
Price: ₦ 6,00

16.  Wardrobe Simple Cloth Single Steel Storage Cabinet’

product_image_name-Generic-Wardrobe Simple Cloth Single Steel Storage Cabinet-1

One great way to store more clothes around the house is to buy a portable wardrobe that can be used to store clothes anywhere you need them to. Because these freestanding portable closets are mobile, they are easy to move over short distances with the help of a caster base.Good Morning my love Messages


  •  Perfect for storing clothes, books, toys, shoes, absolutely anything.
  •  Dust-proof, Waterproof, Mildew Proofing,
  •  Antibacterial * Free Combination,
  • Easy To Assemble And Detach
  • Good size for different storage needs, with super bearing capacity.
  •  Portable and movable

Price: ₦ 48,900

17. 1pc Mini Stand Doll House Hanger Storage Rack Miniature

product_image_name-Generic-1pc Mini Stand Doll House Hanger Storage Rack Miniature-1

Description Are you looking for small decorations for a doll house you made yourself? This item might be the best one for you. It is a unique and safe mini display stand model made of material. Also, it will give your dollhouse a new look because it is a stylish and one-of-a-kind doll house decoration. It is one of the greatest cloth hangers in Nigeria.
  • Color: Golden.
  • Material: . – Size: 15.00X12.00X5.50 cm/ 5.89X4.72X2.16inch. –
  • Because these racks are small, they are easy to move around and are portable and light. – Its usefulness and popularity can be assured by its fine craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Price: ₦ 47,191

18. 6 Pcs Pants/Coats/Shirt Multipurpose Hangers

product_image_name-Generic-6 Pcs Pants/Coats/Shirt Multipurpose Hangers-1

There are many bright colors to choose from. It won’t wear down, won’t slip, and will last. Most of the time, it’s used to store pants, shirts, towels, underwear, socks, and so on. It gives you more vertical space to hang things in your closet so that your room stays neat. Made of high-quality plastic, it can be used for many things and won’t slip. It is one of the finest cloth hangers in Nigeria.Romantic Love Messages for her 


  • Clothes Hanger
  • Material: Plastic and metal
  • Multipurpose
  • High quality
  • 6 pieces
Price: ₦ 7,500

19. Underwear Drying Hanger / Rack

product_image_name-Generic-Underwear Drying Hanger / Rack-1

Rotatable clip hangers can be turned to any angle you want, making it easy to dry clothes from all directions. Clips on cloth hangers are perfectly spaced to make the most of airflow.

  • Plastic Laundry Clip and Drip Drying Hanger for Socks, Bras, Lingerie, Clothes
  • The drying hanger with clips is strong, lightweight, and easy to carry.
  • It is ideal for households! Try it today and buy with confidence! Absolutely love it
  • Saving Place: Its unique design helps save space while drying clothes.
  • Adjustable hook allows you to hang it anywhere-clothesline, shower curtain rod, garment rack, or shelf
  • Perfect for dorms, hanging indoors and outdoors, bathrooms, porches, laundry rooms, camping, boating, and more!

Price: ₦ 5,500

20. Baby Crib Mesh Storage Bag With Buckles, Size: 50x60cm(White)

product_image_name-Generic-Baby Crib Mesh Storage Bag With Buckles, Size: 50x60cm(White)-1

These cloth hangers are easy to see and breathe through, and easy to hang on a baby crib. Just right for baby clothes, diapers, etc. The size of the items are 50x60cm. They are made of polyester and weighs about 0.2kg.


  • Cloth Hook
  • Storage Rack Home & Garden Household Articles Hangers & Racks

Price: ₦ 6,414

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