Business Education Programme in Nigeria

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Business education is all about teaching students the very essentials, and rudiments, and assumptions, as well as, methods of doing business.
Education in this aspect of discipline is carried out at different stages, it can even start from the post-primary education up to the institutions of higher learning, and even university education.
Business Education Programme In Nigeria
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However, about 40 percent of students normally register for either one or many courses on business education at the post-primary school level.
Nevertheless, quite a large percentage of students normally at the university level do take on business interconnected major.
It is this major that actually prepared students for a profession in business and other business interconnected field, as well as, a career in the teaching field.

Undergraduate (University) Level Of Business Education:

At this level of business education, that is, at the university level, students usually have the chances of enrolling for business courses, or they can even enrol for a particular degree in business studies at the college.
The courses accessible at this level varies by schools and colleges, but characteristically, they must include essential and fundamental selections, such as:
-Accounting, and
-Marketing, and
-Finance, and
-Business Management.
Here, the definite school curricula and that of degree-granting happenings do differ to some extent by courses and by states or by schools.

Business Education Programmes:

Under this subsection, I am going to discuss business education programmes, and courses a degree offered in business education in Nigeria.
What Are The Bachelor’s Degrees Offered In Business Education?
-Bachelor of Accountancy. This is a specialized degree in accountancy
-Bachelor of Business. This is a Bachelor degree in Business
-Bachelor of Business Administration BBA. This is a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration
-Bachelor of Science in Business Education. This is an undergraduate degree that qualifies recipient to teach business courses
-Bachelor in Business Teacher Education BBTE. This is a quantitative alternative on the BSBE
-Bachelor of Business Science BBusSc. This is a business degree which focuses on supervision hypothesis and it is also a quantitative buttress
-Bachelor of Commerce BComm or BCom. This is a Bachelor’s degree in commerce
-Bachelor of Commerce and Administration BCA. This is an alternating title for the BComm
-Bachelor of Public Administration BPA. This is a Bachelor’s degree in public administration
-Bachelor of Science in Business Administration BSBA.This is an undergraduate degree, a quantitative alternative to the BBA.

The Goals Of The Department Of Business Education:

In Nigerian tertiary institutions, there are departments of business education, and this department is consequently projected for the purpose of improving some specific goals in the interest of Nigerians. Below are these goals among others:
-Inculcating the correct kind of significance and the correct type of attitudes for the continuation of existence of the individual and Nigerian society at large.
-Training the mind of the recipient to understand and comprehend the world of business around him.
-Acquiring the right knowledge and the right skills, and the right aptitudes and the right capabilities, in terms of both psychological and physically, for the purpose of preparing the entrepreneurs so that they can be able to add value with a view to improve the Nigerian society when they might have graduated.
-Inculcating national awareness and also inculcating national unity in the life of all the students and the recipients.
-Enhancing the sense of respect for self-respect of labour and helping the emotional, and the physical and the psychological health of the students and recipients

The Objectives Of The Business Education Department:

 In Nigerian tertiary institutions, there are departments of business education, and this department is consequently projected for the purpose of improving some specific objectives in the interest of Nigerians. Below are these objectives among others:
-Providing Nigeria with graduate business man and business woman who will take the Nigerian business world by storm, and and graduate teachers who will teach business education courses at both secondary and tertiary level respectively.
-Imparting the minds of the graduates with the need to be self-reliant in the country, and this will definitely assist the graduates to turn into Nigeria’s future entrepreneurs who will be able to set up both their own businesses and their own business schools respectively.
-Carrying out research works as well as introducing new ideas with a view to guide graduate teachers of business education in Nigerian business schools and universities.
-Making available various opportunities for teachers of business education for them to enhance their knowledge and skills as well as keeping their professional capacities and capabilities up-to-date and in line with the current trend of business education.
Please note, do not confuse yourself with the goals and the objectives of the department of business education, they are one and the same thing, or you can say that, the latter is the continuation of the former.
Business Education has actually assumed its place of pride especially in the Nigerian education sphere. The Department of Business Education came to be was in accordance with the implementation of the National Policy on Education.
The purpose of the formation of the department of business education was to afford Nigerian graduates the necessary training in the world of business.
Since when the department of business education was established, the department has consistently graduated students of business education massively in about four field of specialization, like:
-Accountancy, and
-Management, and
-Marketing and
-Secretarial education.
The courses offered were designed with the aim of exposing students to core areas of the curriculum, for example:
-General education, and
-Skill development, and
-Professional education, and
-General business ie Marketing and Management, and
-Accounting, and
-Teaching Methodology and
-Industrial Work Experience.


Business education is a segment of vocational education and technical education, and it is a specialized programme designed for the purpose of providing students with knowledge, and skills as well as, attitudes with a view to leading the recipients to employability and also advancement in office occupations. Besides this, the purpose was also to leading recipients towards teaching business subjects in schools.

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