50 Emerging Business Opportunities in Nigeria

Here in this post, we are going to bring to you 50 emerging business opportunities in Nigeria. We hope you find this article informative and inspiring.

When it comes to business in Nigeria, we are always striving to make it in the business world. Because of how the country lacks jobs, so we all look for business opportunities to invest in.

Many people are looking for various business opportunities that will bring real income and profits. Some choose to go into already existing businesses, some like to start up a business that no one has ever stepped foot in. But whatsoever the case may be, we Nigerians love to do business, no matter how small it is.

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50 Emerging Business Opportunities in Nigeria
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There is a lot of promising business ideas which are emerging daily or monthly or yearly. In this article we will be listing the various emerging and upcoming business opportunities which will sweep in to the business world.

Over the years, doing business has always proved to be worth it. As there are various businesses you can step into with low capital or with big enough capital and still the business will bring in a lot of profit in good time. It is also important that most businesses are the type to bring in profits at the long run and some bring in profits at the short run. The main similarity for all businesses is that they bring profits.

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This is a list of emerging business opportunities in Nigeria:

1. Small Chops Business

The sale of small chops just got prominent at events, especially receptions and birthday parties.  Some folks have gotten into this business offering servings of small chops in occasions for a reasonable amount. This business goes well in busy areas like Lagos and Port-Harcourt.

2. Chin-Chin Production

In case you do not know, this snack is always loved by Nigerians, you can tell by the way minimee entered the market and gained acceptance. I myself always gets 2 or 3 packs of minimee chin-chin to eat just to keep my mouth busy when they newly came into the market.

3. Mobile Food Vendor

Many may underrate this business but this business brings a lot of money daily. You can bring in a bit of class and posh in your business to cause people to see your worth. As many folks would love a nicely prepared meal just brought to their office desk or directly to their doorsteps.

4. Digital Marketing

Marketing just got digital. Since 2017, this business has generated a lot of followers silently. The business is evolving now as people now pay to learn the business and offer their services to those who need it.

5. E-Commerce

Taking another direction for online businesses is e-commerce. Jumia, and Konga have taken over and holding sway over the business.

If only a new face can be introduced and better services rendered, then such a business will become as big as Konga or Jumia in few years to come. Soon people will prefer to purchase things online, so getting into this business on time will be profitable to you in years to come.

6. Freelance Writing

This is another emerging business people do not recognise yet. Many people are in need of writers to help them with their various needs in writing. Especially in foreign countries, freelance jobs pay as good as a normal job

7. Recruitment/Employment Agency

Due to the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria and the ability of young graduates or the unemployed to locate jobs around them, the need of an employment agency comes in handy in this case. It saves the stress of walking up and down the streets looking for where to locate jobs.

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8. Ready-To-Wear Clothes

Having all readymade or sewn clothes waiting for a client is a good business which gives you the chance to purchase the materials at your own price, sew and charge your client at will. This business is an emerging business right now in Nigeria.

9. Mini-Importation

This is one business which helps people get goods into the country which are hand to get in Nigeria but cheap outside Nigeria. Some people are into the business already. You can import watches, phones, wears, and jewelleries.

10. Animal Feed Production

Ever since the rearing of livestock, especially chicken became popular and prominent, people have sought after getting feed to give to their livestock, hence making feed production a top business to go into.

11. Day-Care Centre

People are waking up to the idea of having a day-care centre for little kids whose parents have a busy schedule at work.

From the hours of 8am to 5pm, the business is operational. If you have a flair for kids and good at looking after kids, then the business can pay you handsomely.

12. Software Development

Lots of companies or organisations are going into software, this business however is prominent outside the country, but recently it is gaining acceptance in Nigeria. Now we develop our own software.

13. House Cleaning Services

You can start a company that cleans houses for a fee; many people are buying into the idea of getting house cleaners to help them with the house chores of the house. I have heard of a lady that cleans a house for #5000, imagine if she does this for 3 houses in a day that is 15,000naira daily with consistency.

14. Travel Agency

People travel every time, some may not have the time of making their travelling arrangements and documents and they depend on a travel agency to help them with the work. For each travelling arrangement, you get to be paid very well for your stress and time.

15. Personal Fitness Trainer

Lots of ladies are sure to patronise such business outfit, as the main target ia the ladies. Most of them add up weight easily, so they are looking for ways to slim down and have a perfect body and shape. You can endeavour to be a trainer and help them get a fit body and shape.

16. Mobile Car Wash

There is a new technology which helps you carry your car wash business anywhere. It is movable and easy to operate.

Starting such a business is a sure way to beat all the other car wash businesses around you. Cause even if it means meeting your clients in their homes, you v=can do it, this is what other car wash owners that are immobile cannot do.

17. Branding/Monogramming Business

The business of printing on items, no matter what you want, they can print on it. This business is sure to be a gold mine with time, as it will overtake the normal method of printing on clothes using paints.

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18. Dry-Cleaning Business

Dry cleaning business is another business which is somehow upcoming because people have not maximised the potential of the business based on services.

Doing this business with exceptional services can give you an edge over others. That is why I say rendering of service is the key to making it big in this business.

19. Event Ushering

This another business making waves on a low key, places like Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt have agencies that are into getting event ushers; ladies especially.

Most are paid 10,000 per outing. You can imagine how much the owner of the job gets to be able to pay its workers such an amount.

20. Painting Business

Painting has just been done like a normal labourer job, despite its ability to bring in hundreds of thousands monthly. As a lot of buildings come up every day, so does a painting job come up every month.

Other emerging business opportunities are;

  1. Ogbono Seed Production
  2. SEO Consultants
  3. Dating Sites
  4. Manicure And Pedicure
  5. Videography
  6. Photography
  7. Haulage Services
  8. SME Blogging
  9. Short Courses Business Training
  10. Pet Breeding
  11. Waste Management Services
  12. Sports Viewing Centres
  13. Natural Fruit Juice Production
  14. Virtual Assistant
  15. Pest Control Services
  16. Solar Energy Services
  17. Office Supply Business
  18. Real Estate Agency
  19. Modelling Agency
  20. Vlogging
  21. T-Shirt Packaging
  22. Record Label Business
  23. Event Planning Company
  24. Event Place Hiring
  25. Palm Oil Exportation
  26. Cryptocurrency Trading And Mining
  27. Bakery
  28. Pig Farming
  29. Home Tutoring
  30. Online Advertisement Agency

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Here are the best emerging business opportunities in Nigeria, you can take a quick grab at any of them and become fulfilled business wise.

Other businesses not listed here does not mean they are not good, it means they have already established themselves or we must have not noticed it, feel free to enlighten us better so we can include it.

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