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10 Ways To Get Customers To Your Business

It’s one thing to set up a business and it another thing entirely to get the right customers to come and patronise you.

This has affected a lot of small businesses overtime hence making it difficult for some businesses to grow, unlike the larger enterprises that have all the resources at their disposal to help grow their enterprises.

One of the major setback for small businesses is fund, because you need to pay huge amount of money to buy time on air to advertise your products and the services you render.

In this jet times a lot of messages are easily sent across to a great number of people through television broadcast, radio services and social media.

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10 Ways To Get Customers To Your Business
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Hence small businesses have to use alternative cheaper measures to still pass the message to their customers, some of which I will explain in this article.

 The ways of getting customers to your businesses are:

1. Adverts through social media

Because of the development over the years technology has made it easy to get in touch with celebrities, friends and family that stay far away from us or live overseas and still feel like we are very close to them or at least help us to have updates about their daily activities, some of which are Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. it has become one of the fastest means of getting customers attention and advertising how your products can be of benefit to your customers.

A lot of buying and selling takes place on social media. A lot of celebrities also help small business grow by referring their fans to the Instagram handle of this business tycoons or growing business. So just one celebrity can help you make the difference.

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2. Adverts through Billboards, signboards, posters and fliers

Another way to send a message across to customers is by giving full details of your business, address, contact details, explaining what you can offer, sample proofs (pictures) of what you offer especially using very attractive picture, people especially women and children get attracted to colourful pictures, so if your signboard, fliers, posters etc have all these then you can be sure of drawing their attention towards your business, for instance if you are a fashion designer or hair stylist make sure to show pictures of fabrics you design and sell, or hair styles you have done for other customers in the past.

3. Adverts through bulk SMS

Some businesses go through registered network services and advertise their business by sending a short detailed message to a huge number of individuals whose numbers have been registered under their network, and also by tracking their numbers through social network and sending a message to new customers.

4. By offering discount sales

A lot of customers will naturally want to buy products that are cheap and hence once they get to know your offer is cheaper they will want to save more money and buy from you instead of the general price at which same product or services offered is being sold.

People will naturally buy more products from you in order to avoid spending money in the future and buy at a more expensive rate. 10 -20% discount will surely draw attention.

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5. By giving out some of your products for free trial

Most people love free things hence they will naturally come to you. This also makes it easy for them to help advertise about the quality of products to their friends and family.

They will definitely draw the crowd you need to your business because people will believe more in them since they have tested your products, and there was no disappointment.

6. Adverts through speakers in cars and other special sounds

This might seem like an archaic and local method but it does actually work, in some satellite areas and also market places we see people in vehicles using loud speakers to draw the attention of customers to their products.

As virtually every one can hear, so the seller tells people about what his product is all about, how beneficial it can be to the customers and the price at which it can be sold.

A primitive but popular way the mobile shoe cobblers and tailors draw attention of customers is by using their box equipment set to make certain noises and this will send a message to people around that they are passing by, which will make anyone that has any amendments that needs to be done to call on them.

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7. By marketing your products in person

We see marketers going from place to place speaking to potential customers about a particular product or the services a particular business can offer to its clients, the benefits and at what cost it can be acquired.

This is also another popular method and has worked for many businesses for ages. It’s easier to convince a potential customer when you have one on one communication with them, making it less of a hard nut to crack as you will try your best to persuade them.

8. By representing and advertising your brand

Most times you tend to draw the attention of people when they see your products in use. It’s always much easier to win their trust when they see that you actually use your own products.

An example is if you as a fashion designer wear your own shoes and clothes, when the customers see your products on you and fall in love with them, they will want something similar for themselves or refer someone to you.

That’s because they can see the practical evidence of you products on you. Or a hair stylist who makes sure to have her hair done in her salon will naturally draw the attention of customers who will be attracted to her hair.

9. Paying for time to air your products through short adverts

We see on the television broadcast a lot of companies advertising their goods and making a few minutes video explaining how their products and services can benefit potential clients.

Though they cost a lot and it’s mostly the mega enterprises that can afford them but another alternative is through radio adverts, as a whole lot of people listen to the radio, either in their homes or on their way to work.

10. Adverts through special gatherings, concerts, training centres, seminars etc.

These are some of the ways you can get customers to your business. It will usually involve you taking permission from the authorities in charge of hosting such events, but it sure is a good opportunity for you to talk about your business, convince potential customers to trust your products and sometimes give out some of the products to few individuals to try and see.

You can tell them about other offers like special discount offers and incentives attached to buying certain amount of goods from your company. Since a lot of people want the extra attached to certain products they will definitely come around.

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It is important to know that weather small or large scale business if you sell quality products you will naturally attract the right customers, if your business is not offering what the customers need then no matter how much you advertise you will eventually run at a loss as customers will try your products and help spread the news of how awful your services are and vice –versa.

Its optimum that for any successful business to grow with a large customer profile you need to have a good business plan, capital, and quality products.

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