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200 Happy Birthday Messages For Her

Celebrate the special person in your life on their special day. Here are birthday messages for her.

  1. Happy Birthday! Looking at you, I must say that you don’t look that old. Even at that, you don’t look that young, either.
  2.  Permit me to bring to your notice that our age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying us. Happy birthday beauty!
  3. It’s funny that you can be immature for a lifetime, while you are only young once. Happy birthday!
  4. To someone who is forever young, Happy birthday!Information Guide Nigeria
  5. Hello sweetheart! I just wanted to be the first one to wish you happy birthday so I can feel superior to your other well-wishers. So, happy birthday!
  6. Happy birthday! Again, I must say congratulations on being even more experienced. What you learned this year is what I’m not sure, but every experience transforms us into the people we are today.
  7. At first, I thought of giving you the cutest gift in the world, but I then realized that is not possible because you yourself are the cutest gift in the world. Happy birthday dear!
  8. A beautiful day with good health and happiness forever is what I Wish you. Happy birthday!
  9. I just want to bring to your notice that I am sending you a birthday wish wrapped with all my love. Have a very happy birthday my love!
  10. Wishing happy birthday to someone is always a treat so sweet
  11. Behold, I raise a toast to you and your life, on this special day, Happy birthday!
  12. Today, I hope that your party, you dance and others sing as you celebrate with joy your best birthday
  13. You have been totally freaking awesome, I hope that your birthday is just like you. Happy birthday sweetheart!
  14. At this juncture, I must say that I am blessed to have a darling like you. Happy birthday!
  15. Hello my dear friend, may your special day be loaded with happiness and love. Happy birthday to you!
  16. Happy birthday! This day has been dedicated to you, just live it like you are the king of the world and don’t mind what others say, this day is just for you.
  17. Happy birthday! May you have maximum fun today, and minimum hangover tomorrow.
  18. You seem to get better with age, Just like a fine wine. Happy birthday love!
  19. With all of the wonderful desires of your heart, may God bless you and bless you to keep the many blessings that you already have. Happy Birthday, dear!
  20.  All colors have become clearer, since you came into my life. For light and colors, you brought in my dark life. Happy birthday, my love!
  21. On this your birthday, I wish you all the best  and I promise that I will do everything to make you remain happy. Happy birthday!
  22. I believe today is the perfect day I have been waiting for to tell you that you are a wonderful girlfriend. Happy birthday!
  23. This exceptional day, I wish you all the best on this day and throughout the year. Happy birthday!
  24. On this day, my soulmate,  the love of my life, my best friend, was born into this world,  and I’m celebrating this day together with you my love.
  25. This beautiful day, I want you to forget all the bad and the things that made you sad. All best wishes from someone who loves you immensely. Happy birthday to you.
  26. With you every day is one great celebration and filled only with beautiful moments. Happy birthday sweetheart!Happy Birthday Messages
  27. Ever year, I must say that I always long for your birthday as I long for my next meal, that is  because it’s a special day to me just as it is to you. Merry Birthday, Dearest!
  28. May this special day of your life be filled with very special things that life can offer, because you are so special. Happy birthday, sweetheart!
  29. I certainly realize that there is no better way to say happy birthday than to say you mean very much to me. Happy birthday love!
  30. Age is nothing but  just a number, for me you are a year younger today and will always be for the rest of your birthdays.
  31. I pray that you will never grow old in my eyes and in my heart. Happy Birthday, Dearie!
  32. I  must say that you surpass all the special people I have met in my life. I just realize that there is no better day to let you know this than on a special day like this. Happy Birthday!
  33. Happy birthday my love! No matter how old you become my fondness for you will not grow old, that’s a firm promise to you.
  34. Best Birthday Wishes, to you dear, you are a friend indeed and I’m proud to let the whole world know it’s your birthday today!
  35. Happy birthday dearie! I just want to bring to you notice that your past is blessed, your present is guaranteed and your future is secured.
  36. My heart-felt prayer for you this day is that you will be bless like your future.
  37. After looking at my left and right, I must say that you are a friend indeed and I’m proud to let the whole world know it’s your birthday today!
  38. Happy birthday my love! I must say that in spite of all you have achieved, the best is yet to come for you.
  39. Happy Birthday darling!  To a dearest one, I must say that I’m so happy that you are celebrating yet another birthday with you by my side.
  40. Happy Birthday, my angel eye! Will you be able to blow away the candles on the cake or should we call the fire department?
  41. Happy birthday! A lot of people envy our relationship, but that’s only because they don’t know how crazy you are! Have a special birthday!
  42. Hello sweetheart, please don’t blow off the candles on your birthday cake, let them keep burning please, for it serve as a symbol of our love that will burn forever. Happy Birthday!
  43. On this special day, Please let’s not go to the cinema, because you are the only movie I desire to watch all day long. Happy Birthday, my finest!
  44. On this your special birthday, I pray that you get whatever your heart desires. Happy birthday my love!
  45. My prayers for you is that this special day of yours shall bring with it God’s blessings and love into your life. Happy birthday, my love!
  46. Hello sweetheart, I just want you to ask me for a special birthday gift and you will have it! Oooooops, lest I forgot, please don’t ask for a car, I can’t afford it yet. Happy Birthday, my lady!
  47. Please my love, allow me be the one to put a birthday wish in your heart, just ask me what the wish is; that you will never leave my side ever.  Now, I also want you to hear my own birthday wish for you – my love for you will keep shining like the brightness of the sun. Happy birthday dearie!
  48. It is somehow funny how someone can be all the best and at the same time all the worst in my life. Happy birthday sweetheart!
  49. Your past has come and gone and the best years are yet to come! I am only Wishing you a long, happy, and healthy life!
  50. Happy Birthday my love! Wish you nothing but blue skies, warm sunshine and bright smiles on your special day!
  51. Happy Birthday love! I must say that you are the most wonderful person that I have in my life.
  52. I certainly hope that your special day is the beginning of another amazing year. Happy birthday dear!
  53. I hope that your birthday day be the most delightful one yet, From start to finish. Happy Birthday baby!
  54. Hello pretty! I want to bring to your notice that you brought color to my black and white world. Happy Birthday!
  55. Sweetheart! thank you for your love, I wish you happy birthday today and forever on.
  56. Happy Birthday my love! I must confess that you always brighten my day and chase away the clouds.
  57. Hi angel, I pray may your day be airy, bright and filled with the light of love. Happy birthday dear!
  58. Hello pretty, you illuminate my heart and I wish you the very best on your birthday. Happy Birthday baby!
  59. Seeds like Dandelion will carry your dreams far and make them come true. Happy Birthday my love!
  60. Happy Birthday pretty! I wake to your dawn, to the opening of your eyes and blooming of your smile.
  61. Hello pretty, you’re the love of my life and I wish you the best birthday possible.
  62. Each new dawn I see you, I’m always overwhelmed by the fact I have you in my life. Happy Birthday baby girl!
  63. I must say that you’re the sweetest woman in the world and I am so blessed to share my life with you. Happy Birthday dear!
  64. Happy Birthday sweet girl! Don’t be like a baby today, just get wild and have a cake-smashing good time.
  65. Happy Birthday to someone who makes any age look good.
  66. Hello, my magic world, I want to let you know that you belong in the spotlight today. Happy Birthday!
  67. Behold, today is the day to celebrate everything, for there is to love about you. Happy Birthday!
  68. My angel, Happy Birthday to you ! I must say that you have a colorful spirit, the brightest and smile warm heart.
  69. Hello sweetheart, I wish that you enjoy all the love and wishes coming your way today. Happy Birthday darling!
  70. Happy Birthday to you! It come once in a year, and it’s here again, I am sending you the brightest wishes for a wonderful year ahead.
  71. Happy Birthday! Indeed, it’s time to celebrate, because somebody who is generally loved by everybody is turning another year fabulous.Npower Recruitment
  72. Every time I think of all the special people I know, I must say that you are at the very top of the list. Happy Birthday dear!
  73. Happy Birthday! Today, I pray that you have a wonderful celebration, filled with lots of beautiful surprises.
  74. It’s your birthday again, and Wish you a day that’s blooming with sweet wishes and beautiful sentiments. Happy Birthday to my life partner.
  75. My ideology let me know that to know you is to love you. Happy Birthday baby!
  76. On this day, I certainly hope that it is filled with all your favorite things. Happy Birthday my love!
  77. Hello pretty, may this next year of life bring all your hopes and dreams to fruition!
  78. Happy Birthday to my lovely princess, I just want you to know that your prince is willing to do anything to make you happy on this happy day and every other day of our life.
  79. Enjoy all the most amazing wishes from someone who is deeply in love with you.
  80. It is a beautiful day, and I pray that all the things that can upset or make you sad be gone forever. Happy Birthday!
  81. Happy Birthday to my sweet baby! Hello sweetheart, it is a new dawn, and I wish your day today turns into impressive celebrations.
  82. Hello sweetheart, it is you birthday again, an I want it to be filled with positive and lovely moments. Happy birthday!
  83. Happy Birthday darling! I must say that I am so happy to write this message to you today because you are the most beautiful queen of my life.
  84. Sweetheart, I want to bring to your notice that you are my best friend, and I am extremely proud to let everyone know that today is my queen’s birthday!JAMB Form
  85. Happy Birthday my lady! Your day is here again, and I want to let you know that you are the main treasure of my life, the joy of my heart and the gift of my destiny.
  86. My lady, it is your birthday today! This wonderful morning, may you enjoy the most brilliant Birthday today!
  87. Hello Birthday angel, my sweetheart, my pretty damsel, behold my lovely lady is blooming in my precious garden where only true feelings grow.
  88. Hello darling, this your birthday, I know that you’re expecting to see the poetic expression of feelings. But at this juncture, my poor self is only capable of saying, Happy Birthday!
  89. Happy birthday honey! That is all I can say to you, though you may be expecting an artistic expression. Once again, ‘Happy Birthday to my lovely girl!’
  90. Hello and Happy Birthday my dear! Heaven is on the Earth because my angel, (you) is by my side. I must say that you are the most magnificent woman in the world.
  91. Today, I join you to celebrate your birthday as the most lovely and emotional day of your life. Happy Birthday!
  92. Behold today is special, just like you are. Happy Birthday sweetheart!JAMB Result
  93. Happy Birthday to the most wonderful lady! I must say that you have enriched my real life with unforgettable emotions and amazing feelings.
  94. Hello darling, I want to wish you a Happy Birthday! You make the most delicious honey aka feelings that feed me emotionally on this and every other day of our happy life together.
  95. Happy Birthday! I must say that your grace and beauty increase with each passing year.
  96. That special day is here again, and I can’t wait to see what new changes you make in this next chapter of life. Happy Birthday baby!
  97. Happy Birthday baby! Each time I set my eyes on you, the thought you’re just swell and I’m so thankful to have you in my life.
  98. This world is not by any means a beautiful place without you in it. Happy Birthday sweetheart!
  99. Happy Birthday to a woman who lights up every room she enters, especially in my life. Happy Birthday baby!
  100. Happy Birthday baby! On this beautiful day, I pray that God bless you with all of the wonderful desires of your heart.
  101. Happy Birthday sweetheart! I wish that the Heavenly Father bless you to keep the many blessings that you already have.
  102. Happy Birthday, dear! Indeed I must say that since you came into my life, all colors have become clearer.
  103. Since I met you, you brought light and colors in my dark life. Happy Birthday dear!
  104. Hello pretty, I wish you all the best for your birthday and I promise that I will do everything to make you happy.
  105. Happy Birthday baby! Behold, on this day, one of the beautiful Princess was born.
  106. Happy Birthday darling! It’s fortunately you fell in love with me and made me feel like the luckiest guy in the world.
  107. Today, I wish to do everything for her majesty. Happy birthday, my princess!
  108. Hello sweetheart, because you are so special to me, I pray that this special day of your life be filled with very special things that life can offer. Happy birthday!
  109. I just realized that there is no better way to say happy birthday than to say you mean very much to me.
  110. Happy Birthday pretty! Because this day is extra-special, I celebrate you in a very special way with this special note.
  111. Happy Birthday my princess! I give you something that will never wither nor fade – my undying love.
  112. If I Presenting to you a rose on this special day, it will eventually wither and die, so I give you my heart. Happy Birthday honey!
  113. Happy Birthday dear! I must say that without you and your amazing energy, my life would not be the same.
  114. Hello sweetheart, on this special day, may your path ahead be filled with all the love and success you deserve.
  115. Happy Birthday! I must confess that you are one of a kind, I wish you happiness today.
  116. What is worth a million birthday spoils and more is the impact you have made on me.
  117. Hello my angel eye, I pray that may you be blessed with fulfilled dreams and happy thoughts. Happy Birthday baby.200 Sweet love messages for her
  118. Happy Birthday to you sweetheart, I want to appreciate you for knowing me like no one else does.
  119. All the memories we had was awesome, behold I couldn’t imagine a better friend. Happy birthday!
  120. Sweetheart, without your friendship, I would be a lot less happy. Happy birthday to you!
  121. Darling, may your day be filled with lots of love and happiness. Happy Birthday!
  122. The day is here again, and I it will be filled with fun, merry and laughter. Happy Birthday bestie!
  123. Forget about all your worries, I want you to stay bubbly and as bright as the morning sun.
  124. I want to specially appreciate you for always being there for me, I adore you so much my love. Happy birthday dear!
  125. Happy Birthday darling! You have been my source of inspiration, I want to thank you for continually inspiring me.
  126. Happy birthday! Since your arrival to my life, you always have my best interests at heart and it means the world.
  127. Happy Birthday sweetheart! I pray that you have a truly magical day.
  128. Sweetheart, without your love, I must say that life would be meaningless. Happy Birthday!
  129. Honey, deep down in my heart, I celebrating this very special day with you Happy birthday to you!
  130. I wish that your dreams come true on this beautiful day. Happy Birthday baby!
  131. Happy Birthday darling! May your limit be above the sky.
  132. I wish that joy and happiness will surprise you to the fullest this year. Happy birthday!
  133. Happy Birthday! Behold I know that great things are yet to come this year.
  134. In all ramifications, I wish that may this day be special as you are. Happy birthday dear!
  135. You are currently younger than tomorrow, but don’t forget that older than yesterday. Happy birthday!
  136. On this beautiful day, I wish you all the best. Happy Birthday dear!
  137. Hello sweetheart, I have been thinking of you all throughout the night. Happy Birthday to you!
  138. Many blessings and happy returns is what I wish you on your special day. Happy Birthday!
  139. I must confess that I truly miss you! I just hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration.
  140. According to Statistics, people who celebrate birthdays most, live the longest. Happy Birthday!
  141. All I want you to understand is that age is not of year, it’s a matter of feeling.
  142. Today, I’m wishing you a wonderful birthday and a fantastic year ahead.
  143. To my crazy, fun, fabulous lover, happy birthday to you dearie!
  144. Travelling to the moon I love, and back to the earth, I remain stable. Happy Birthday baby!
  145. My love, I want to thank you for all the fun times we’ve shared this year. Happy birthday darling!
  146. Happy Birthday to you! Behold I must say that you are such a generous, kind, fabulous person and I’m so lucky to have you in my life.
  147. Permit me to say that you are an amazing person and the sweetest lover a person could hope for. Happy Birthday baby!
  148. Today, I want you to have nothing but a fantastic birthday and a great year ahead.
  149. This past years I definitely know that you have had some tough times but I hope that the coming year brings you the good fortune you deserve. Happy Birthday beloved!
  150. You are indeed the best thing that has ever happened to me in this world. Happy Birthday sweetheart.
  151. All I want to get you, is something truly amazing and inspiring for your birthday. And that’s my love.
  152. Each time I want to get you something special, all I remembered us that you already have me. Happy birthday darling!
  153. This days, it’s too hard to get up, so do not allow aging get you down. Happy birthday dear!
  154. Worry not dear, for those white strands are not gray hairs, they are wisdom-highlights. Happy Birthday!
  155. As your age move higher, so will your beauty. Happy Birthday baby!
  156. Happy Birthday sweetheart! I must say that I am always pleased to hear you’re over the hill.
  157. Happy Birthday! I blissful day, I can’t say you are old, but the fact is that you’ve just been young for longer than most of us.
  158. You are just more distinguished, and not getting older. Happy Birthday dear!
  159. How to know that you are getting old is when you can’t walk past a bathroom without thinking, “I may as well pee while I’m here.”
  160. Turning down the lights to be economical instead of romantic, is the sign of knowing that you are old. Happy birthday to you!
  161. All I wish you is that you is to have a fabulous day, and be sure to eat an extra slice of cake for me. Happy birthday!
  162. Happy Birthday sweetheart! I just hope that you have a great day and wish you all the best for the coming year.
  163. Happy Birthday dear! Today, I am sending you my love and good wishes all the way from the bottom of my heart.
  164. Happy Birthday baby! I’m sending you the best wishes for an exciting and fun-filled year ahead.
  165. Pretty, may your birthday be sprinkled with fun and laughter. Happy Birthday!
  166. You have seen another day of your birth, congratulations and happy birthday dear.
  167. Wishing my love a wonderful day filled with happiness. Happy Birthday!
  168. For the fact that you are my number one priority, the year ahead is full of many blessings. Happy Birthday baby!
  169. Hello beauty, I wish that the year ahead is full of fun and adventure. Happy Birthday!
  170. Happy Birthday! May this your precious day be filled with beautiful things and many blessings for the year ahead.
  171. Hello darling, I wish many happy returns to you on your birthday!
  172. Happy Birthday to my life partner! I also wish you have a wonderful day full of friends, family, and cake.
  173. Happy Birthday pretty! I will rather be quarantined with my love on this beautiful day, than going to work.
  174. I will be singing happy birthday twice every moment I set my eyes on the love of my life.
  175. All I want you to do is relax, Sit back, and celebrate how wonderful and beautiful you are. Happy birthday!
  176. Each time I wash my hands, I’ll be sending lots of birthday love to your way. Happy birthday my love!
  177. Because I’m here with you, you don’t have to share your birthday cake with anyone else this year. Happy birthday dear!
  178. A whole lots of love and a big virus-free hug is coming your way from me on your birthday.
  179. I must say that I miss you enormously, and at this juncture, I can’t wait to take you out to party properly. Happy Birthday baby!
  180. Since the day I met you, I realize that you are my soul mate and my partner. Happy Birthday baby!
  181. Happy Birthday to my most trusted friend. Sometimes I can’t imagine how my life would be without you.
  182. Dearly beloved, I want to appreciate you for all the good moments that you brought into my life. Happy birthday!
  183. My treasure, my greatest gift of life, my joy, you are more than a enough to me. Happy birthday, baby!
  184. This special day, I send the most loving wishes to the one that makes my life complete. Happy Birthday sweetheart!List of things to Buy for Pregnant Wife in Nigeria
  185. Happy Birthday pretty! Ever since you came into my life, I realize that you are a wonderful bloom in a beautiful garden where only true love grows.
  186. On the day you were born, good things happen to a lot of people. As for me, you enrich my life, and I must say that I love you more than you might know. Happy Birthday to you sweetheart!
  187. Happy Birthday! Where I find the most joy is when the doors are close on the world so we can be together.
  188. Today being your special day, I want you to Love as though you have never loved before. Happy Birthday dear!
  189. Happy Birthday! I just want you to know that each day I spend with you is absolutely the great celebration and filled only with beautiful moments.
  190. sweetheart, all I want to wish you today is a day as brighter as your smile, again, as shining as your eyes, and as beautiful as you are. Happy birthday dear!
  191. Each time I set my eyes on you, I always proud to say that I am the luckiest person on this planet because I have the most wonderful girl by my side. Happy birthday!
  192. Sometimes I don’t know what life would be like without you by my side. Happy birthday dearie!
  193. On such a beautiful day, I want to wish a Happy Birthday to the only person I can imagine building a future full of love with.
  194. Hello pretty, the light tap on your shoulder this midnight wasn’t Santa Claus, it was me wishing you a very Happy Birthday!
  195. What should last forever is falling in love. All I want you to do is forget all the bad and the things that made you sad. Happy Birthday my angel eye!WAEC Result 
  196. Happy birthday darling, What I want you to expect this day is all best wishes from someone who loves you immensely.
  197. On a beautiful day like this, my prayers for you is that may life bring you everything that you are dreaming about. Happy birthday honey!
  198. Each time your birthday comes, what comes into my mind is that you are the most wonderful thing that has ever happen to me in life. Happy birthday!
  199.  Happiness, success and the most beautiful love in the world is all you deserve. However, I want you to free your mind, and let’s celebrate this special day of your life together. Happy birthday my love!
  200. May Your social media wall shall be filled with messages from people you never talk to. Happy birthday!

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