How to Improve Local Breed of Livestock in Nigeria

Here in this post, we are going to give you ways on how to improve local breed of livestock in Nigeria. We hope you find this article informative.

Livestock Farming is one aspect of farming that began some time ago in Nigeria. It has actually stood the test of time in Nigeria, and it is that aspect of farming which ensures the availability of meat used for human consumption.

There is no way the need for food by human can be taken lightly, and besides, as long as man continue to live on planet earth, man will be in need of food.

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How to Improve Locally Breed of Livestock in Nigeria
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Rearing of animals is one of the most common method of producing food for human consumption from animals. Livestock farming can either be in small scale or for commercial purposes. What are the popular animals reared in Nigeria? Someone may ask.

The most popular animals reared in Nigeria, for human consumption are animals such as, cattle, and goats, and pigs, and chickens, and fish among others.

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Why It Is Necessary To Improve Livestock Farming In Nigeria?

It is no news that, at present, Nigeria imports milk at high rate to the tunes of million dollars daily.

Going by this, one can say that Nigeria is failing in the aspect of ensuring that, it satisfy the demand for dairy product as a nation. Having said that, I think the reason is obvious.

What is the major reasons why a country like Nigeria is failing to satisfy the demand for dairy product, such as milk is because, there is this hesitance on the part of those who supposed to invest in this sector. They are considered to be overwhelmed by indecision.

Finding has however, revealed that they are suffering from fear of failure and that, they are not certain about what exactly they want to do.

They are not to be blamed. Why, it is because the problems lies in lack of enlightenment, including dwindling economy experienced in the country. Investors are also worried about the time taken before they can make profit in livestock business.

Looking at other reason why Nigeria fails in livestock business, one will discover that, livestock owners have also failed to embrace modern techniques and other innovations available for rearing animals.

In Nigeria for example, one can see that, it is cattle that accounts for 50 percent of the Nigeria’s meat supply, seconded by goats which account for 20 percent, and then thirdly, it is the sheep which account for 5 percent.

However, cattle is considered to produced total of 90 percent of milk in annual output, while sheep and goats account for about, say 10 percent of milk annual output.

From the statistics however, one can see that cattle is the most sought after animal that produces protein. Nevertheless, about 90 percent of cattle reared in Nigeria are owned by nomadic pastorals farmers who do not embraced or incorporate the modern techniques and innovations in rearing their animals.

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What Are The Ways To Improve Local Breed Livestock In Nigeria?

Having giving us some reasons why there is need to improve livestock farming in Nigeria, now I will be discussing on how best to improve livestock farming in Nigeria. Below are some of those ways:

1. There Should Be Enlightenment Programmes For Livestock Farmers

Persons in livestock business and other prospective farmers in the business of livestock need to be enlightened on possible ways and latest modern techniques in order to help them improve their livestock farming business.

More so, these farmers need empowerment with all the skills and the knowledge of new innovations in animals rearing business.

The government at any level has a duty of meeting this need for livestock farmers in Nigeria. In fact, organizations, such as non-governmental organizations as well as, financial institutions can also help in organizing enlightenment programmes for livestock farmers in Nigeria.

2. Government Has A Responsibility To Support Livestock Farmers In Nigeria

Government support is needed, and this is necessary to improve livestock farming in Nigeria. Such adequate support from government can served as instrumental to developing livestock farming in Nigeria.

Adequate infrastructures is needed to be put in place to help in the development of livestock farming business. These infrastructure could be good road network, and good railway system including electricity in order to boost reasonable level of productivity.

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3. There Is Need To Adopt Modern Methods Of Livestock Farming In Nigeria

This remained the duty of the government to make sure that efforts are being put in place in order to persuade local livestock farmers and those Fulani rearing animals to embrace latest technology and adopt modern innovations, such that have already been tested, that will boost livestock farming business in Nigeria.

Nigeria cannot continue to rely on traditional way of rearing animals, since this way of rearing animals has made Nigeria inability to attain the animal protein needs of its citizens.

Because of this backdrop, there is therefore reason to encourage livestock farmers in Nigeria by making them adopt or embrace biotechnology methods in order to improve livestock farming in the country.

4. Nomads In The Nation Need To Be Settled

One of the most important ways of improving livestock farming business in Nigeria is to make sure that, nomads in the country are settled.

This is very important and necessary, why? It is because the Fulani nomads are the tribe that holds and as well controls over 90 percent of the total cattle reared in the country.

And the right person to settle these Fulani nomads is the government. So government has a vital role to play in its quest to improve livestock farming in Nigeria through the settlement of the nomads in the country.

5. There Should Be Provision For Livestock Feeds And Nutrition

In line with government quest to improve livestock farming in Nigeria, the government, and even the interest based organizations in Nigeria should make sure that they encourage the improvement of livestock farming in Nigeria by investing more in this sector particularly, in the area of animal feeds production.

It is a known fact that, poor quality of livestock feed has indeed helped crippling the improvement of livestock farming business in Nigeria.

For example, according to record, natural grass and natural herbage found in the northern part of Nigeria, which is eaten by the bulk of animals reared in that part of the country, produces inadequate protein of say, 6 percent, and this is less than the minimum percentage.

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Rearing of animals is one of the most common method of producing food for human consumption from animals. Livestock farming can either be in small scale or for commercial purposes.

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