How to Improve Public Procurement in Nigeria

Here in this post, we are going to discuss ways on how to improve public procurement in Nigeria. We hope you find this article informative.

Any time we talk about public procurement, we are actually referring to a very sensitive dealing of government and for government to attain its goals, by delivering quality dividends to its citizens, certain factors have to come to play, and one of such factors, is in the area of bringing in efficiency in public procurement.

According to government procurement professionals, efficiency, they say, is key. Therefore, to improve public procurement in Nigeria, then bringing in efficiency into the public procurement is inevitable.

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How to Improve Public Procurement in Nigeria
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Why Is Efficiency So Important In Public Procurement?

Those in procurement profession are quite busy. They busy between juggling a good numbers and multiple projects and also communicating across units and departments.

Going on this, there are some factors that will make it necessary and important to make sure that processes are streamlined to maximize efficiency in public procurement.

Nevertheless, in this article, I am going to discuss some of the ways by which, public procurement in Nigeria can be improved.

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Ways To Improve Public Procurement In Nigeria

I have said earlier that, public procurement can be improved in Nigeria, and for that to happen, there are somethings that must be taken into consideration. Here I am going to discuss those things. Below are some of the ways to improve public procurement in Nigeria:

1. Before Making Purchase, One Has To Think Carefully

Actually one needs to think before purchasing anything. Procurement, for the most part, reduces costs, even as the items procured is obtained for the organization that needs those procured items.

However, it is worthy of note that, to simply create a purchase order for anything an organization wants or all requests that comes into the organization never mean that the cost of those items will automatically be reduced, in fact, in most cased, it actually means the opposite.

Nevertheless, if there is continuous surveying of whatever is being used in the organization and as well, communicate with whoever is making use of these items, it will help keep the organization to keep running perhaps, faster and smarter.

More so, in the case of contracts, which are of such a huge aspect of a purchasing process, it will be fair and important, if a comprehensive, but simply system be put in place so that, orders can be created and reviewed. This will however, helps purchasing process to move smoothly, whenever there are orders.

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2. Virtuous Supplier Relationships Must Be Built

Building virtuous supplier relationships, in an attempt to improve public procurement is very vital and important. One of the major components that indicate that one is a public procurement professional is that, he will surround himself with group of suppliers, who are trustworthy.

The art of  building and as well, maintaining good supplier relationships is what actually help in  streamlining the process of procurement and also help in eliminating every need of starting from the beginning on all the requests.

Please note, what increases efficiency, as well as, cause suppliers to be happy, in public procurement is nothing, but fair, and detailed, as well as straightforward negotiations.

3. Your Network Needs To Be Expanded

Expanding your network will help in improving public procurement. It may seems to you very easy, if you decide to take responsibility and take charge of every project, without involving other of your team members. However, to work efficiently, you have to make sure that you involved other key stakeholders in the project.

In fact, it is input from every department within the team is what actually help in widening the perspective on good suppliers and quality. It also helps in pushing in making sure that projects are pushed to completion faster than expected.

It is a known knowledge that, if a team  builds close relationships, within and throughout the organization, it will help speeds up processes in the organization, it will help builds trust, and help increases efficiency.

With the various new modern tools for communication, which have to involving other persons in the organization is actually easier than ever before.

And so the internal and the external parties will have reasons to access to contracts that are due or created for orders.

Besides, if there is a platform put in place that will allow all to communicate particularly in a single source that will help in speeding up processes as well as, ensuring that all the right people are included.

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4. Make Right Decisions Via Your Analytical Skills

Taking the right decisions can always help in improving public procurement. For example, beginning from project planning, and vetting of vendors and bids, as well as, negotiating for the best deals, succeeding in public procurement, means you have to make sure that you possessed a top-notch analytical skills.

When you understand the full perspective of what you are doing on every part, as far as procurement is process is concern, that help keeps the projects on track and then finances in check.

That is why, you will see many modern contract with management platforms having extensive analytics machinery that helps gather metrics and also give effective feedback.

5. Integration Of Technology In Your Business Helps Improve Public Procurement

Applying technology or working digitally remained the fastest way, you can increase your efficiency and not only being successful, but also improve public procurement.

Again, moving of contracts and also moving of documents to the cloud is considered a very vital instrument to helping in speeding up the processes of procurement.

It helps making your organization, a forward-thinking firm also. Please note, to ensure credible contract creation, and real time negotiations, plus automatic reminder to boost your compliance, including signature, then you must put ‘automated contract lifecycle management platform’ in place.

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Therefore, to improve public procurement in Nigeria, then bringing in efficiency into the public procurement is inevitable.

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