How to Improve Teaching Profession in Nigeria

Here in this post, we are going to bring to you ways on how to improve teaching profession in Nigeria. We hope you find this interesting and informative.

Education is very important in life, and any Nation that want to advance and grow must take the education of its citizenry very important.

If such nation must give its citizens quality education, then the teaching profession must be improved. Therefore, for the teaching profession to be improved in Nigeria, the federal government of Nigeria must make sure that, it map out some important strategies that will help in improving, as well as enhancing teaching profession in Nigeria and make it more attractive to Nigerians.

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How to Improve Teaching Profession in Nigeria
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The government of Nigeria should see to it that, it raises Nigeria’s bar in education, as well as take it to an enviable height.

Ways to Improve Nigeria’s Education

There are some strategies, if put in place, by the Nigerian government, the teaching profession in the country will improve, and in this article, I will discussing few ways by which, Nigeria’s education can be improved.

1. Launching And Proper Implementation The National Teacher Education Policy

The teaching profession in Nigeria can be improved by launching of the National Teacher Education policy. The Federal government of Nigeria through the Federal Ministry of Education has a responsibility of improving and enhancing the status of the teaching profession in the country, such that will make the teaching profession attractive to the best brains in the country.

This is possible only if Nigeria will be willing to sincerely launch the National Teacher Education Policy, and as well implement the National Teacher Education Policy properly with a view to improve the teaching profession in Nigeria.

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2. The National Universities Commission (NUC) Should Conduct Accreditation To Programmes In Universities

This responsibility on the part of the National Universities Commission can help in improving teaching profession in the country.

It is an area of responsibility that only the National Universities Commission can assist in improving the teaching profession in Nigeria.

The Federal government of Nigeria can always assist in this area, since accreditation of many programmes will give Nigerians access and privilege of studying these courses or disciplines in Nigerian universities.

Therefore, when once many of these programmes earned full accreditation status in Nigerian universities, subsequently this will served as the contributions of National Universities Commission towards enhancing and improving teaching profession in the.

3. National Universities Commission’s Benchmark Minimum Academic Standard Must Be Fully Implemented

Yes, this is another area that can help in contributing towards improvement of teaching profession in the country. It is no news that already the National Universities Commission has developed about eight Benchmark Minimum Academic Standard, therefore, in my own opinion, since benchmark Minimum Academic Standard was developed by the National Universities Commission, it is expected of the NUC to make sure that these benchmark minimum academic standard is being implement adequately and accordingly.

The documents for Gender and Transformative Leadership, and Software Engineering, and Agricultural Extension, and Forensic Science, and Cyber Security, and Information Technology, and Geriatrics and Gerontology as well as, Autism should be encouraged, and as well implement.

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4. Teachers Should Be Encouraged So That They Can Put In More Of Their Efforts

Teachers need to be encouraged so that they can put more of their time, more of their reservoirs of knowledge into the professional practice.

Teachers are those professionals, who impart knowledge. Every successful individual, whether he or she is the President of a country, state Governor, or local government Chairmen, whether they are business Executives, these individuals were taught by teachers. And these individuals are the same persons, who contribute outstandingly to nation building.

But for the duties of teachers, which is all about knowledge importation, these individuals would not have become who they have become let alone to contribute towards the nation building.

Therefore, teachers must be encouraged to put more into their services. Teachers should be given accolades for their services, teachers, in fact, deserved all the encouragements to spur them to carry out their professional duties and responsibilities to the nation.

Teachers, as the matter of fact, are the set of individuals, who determine how effectiveness is the educational policies. They are also, those professionals, who have to implement school curriculum hence, there is need for them to be encouraged.

5. Assurance For Learning Atmosphere That Is Free From Threat And Chaos Should Be Created And Encouraged:

No learning can take place in an environment that is chaos and where there is threat to lives. That is just the bitter truth.

For teaching profession to be improved, schools and colleges cultism must be discouraged, because the truth remains that there is nowhere quality learning can actually take place if the art of teaching is being done in a place where there is chaos and violence, and atmosphere where there is threat to lives.

When teaching is carried out in a peaceful environment, the likelihood would be that learning would be enhanced, and teaching profession will also be improved.

More so, when such teaching atmosphere is achieved, there would be that assurance, where teachers’ ability would be enhanced, hence, teachers will be spurred to deliver quality education.

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6. Teachers Should Be Empowered

Teachers need empowerment therefore, if teaching profession must be improved, then practicing teachers need to be empowered.

Teacher empowerment simply means that teachers should be equipped with the capacity and the ability to carry out their statutory duties, which is to deliver quality education to Nigerian citizenry.

The federal government has a duty to this regard. The government should work with all sense of honesty towards empowering Nigerian teachers.

The government must take strategic steps with a view to develop an institutional framework that will cater for teacher education in Nigeria.

The institutions, such as, the National Teachers’ Institute, NTI, and Teachers’ Registration Council of Nigeria, TRCN, and National Commission for Colleges of Education, and Universal Basic Education Commission, UBEC, and Institutes and Faculties of Education of Universities as well as Colleges of Education must be developed so that these institutions can attain the purpose for which, they were established, which of course, was to help in improving the teaching profession in the country.

This however, will also help in ensuring that there is production of teachers who are qualified as well as, developing the teachers continuously, and also building the teachers’ capacity so that they can meet the global best practices in teaching and in competiveness.

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Therefore, for the teaching profession to be improved in Nigeria, the federal government of Nigeria must make sure that, it map out some important strategies that will help in improving, as well as enhancing teaching profession in Nigeria.

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