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How To Make Cake Fondant

If you’re looking for a fondant recipe or just plain curious on how to make fondant, here is a recipe I have for you

a. For 1 kg of Icing Sugar

b. 20 ml /4 teaspoons/1 sachet of gelatine

c. 60ml /4 tablespoons of water

d. 1kg /2¼ pounds of Icing sugar

e. 125 ml of Liquid glucose

f. 15 ml /1 table spoon of glycerine

g. Cornflour, Crisco or Vegetable oil for rolling.

How To Make Cake Fondant
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Preparation Method

a. Get a small bowl and pour in the water then sprinkle the gelatine in and allow to soak until soft

b. Place the bowl into a pot with hot water (not boiling water) then use a spoon and start stirring the gelatin until it is well dissolved

c. Then add the liquid glucose and glycerine and continue stirring until they are properly mixed and the content has turned liquid

d. You will notice that the glucose is thick and sticky that you may find it difficult removing it from it container. To make it loosen a little bit, use a hot metal spoon to scoop it . you can place the spoon in the water in the saucepan to get it warm

e. Shift the icing sugar into a large bowl. Make a hole in the middle of the icing sugar , then slowly pour in the liquid ingredients and mix thoroughly.

For mixing it, make sure you use a large a large bowl so that there will be enough space to blend the ingredients. If the icing sugar is more than 1kg, do them in batch in order not to over-stress yourself because it’s a strenuous tasks but if you feel its okay by you, you can go ahead and mix all at once

f. Spread the mixture on a clean flat surface and begin to knead until its smooth. If it turns out too sticky, add more sugar and if it turns out too strong, add a little quantity of water or Crisco.

The paste can be used immediately or it can be stored tightly wrapped in a plastic bag until its needed. A weel stored fondant can stay longer even for weeks but i love using mine immediately.

Like i will always tell people, don’t use suzan icing sugar for this. The first time i decided to use suzan icing sugar, i was angry with the whole process. Kneading took much longer than i expected before the it was able to stick together.

g. Spread some Crisco or vegetable oil on the work table. if you don’t have Crisco or vegetable oil, you can use cornflour or icing sugar but i will rather go for oil any day because it works better for covering but flour works best for the modelling paste. Modelling paste is used to make shapes and flowers

h. Also apply the oil on the rolling pin. Measure the size of the cake and note the diameter of the top and the length of the sides. I make use of my eyes to do this but i believe there are professional ways to get that

i. Smoothly roll out the fondant and make sure everything is equal in thickness and width. Get the cake close then lift the fondant and cover the cake with it and gently smoothen any roughness and bulging

j. It will be absolutely okay to have someone around to help with lifting the fondant in order not to get a mess. Cover the cake with butter icing first before going ahead with the fondant.

To make the icing tastier, add flavour and milk to it, making it smooth and leave to dry before covering with the fondant. The smoothing effect helps to hold the crumbs together so it doesn’t stain the fondant

Measure the length of the cake and then add it to the circumference of the pan

I hope you find this article very interesting




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